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Props to /u/derickjthompson for posting this a few months ago in /r/lastimages.

>Bob Berdella, a serial killer who preferred male victims, kept 23-year-old Todd Stoops for two months, torturing him daily with electric shocks, anal penetration and other abuse. Berdella didn’t ...



brassninja 07/03/2013

Christ that poor man. Torture is my ultimate fear. Go ahead and rob me and shoot me in the head or something. But slowly torturing me for an agonizingly long death? Nope, I would probably find a way to kill myself to stop the pain.

lavendercoffee 07/10/2013

Where did this photo come from?

Lionzlove 07/05/2013

Stoops is actually alive in this picture. He's being electrocuted through the node attached to his arm.

JrodaTx 08/08/2013

Poor guy.

unnoved 07/06/2013

The look in his eyes speaks volumes.

SgtSlotterOK 07/09/2013