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He dreamed the dream, and wished to reach the skies just like Space Bat

Shadow_Ent 09/09/2013

Upvote because I laughed out loud from the toilet and am now embarrassed.

elliface 09/09/2013

Jebediah Kerman IRL.

Veps 09/10/2013

LADEE was the payload, the launch vehicle was a Minotaur V.

RockItGuyDC 09/10/2013

If legit that belongs in the news - sell them the image yo! Made me burst out laughing, then feel a little sorry for the little guy, then laugh again :)

trickyli13 09/09/2013

Makes sense that it would be a frog..the launch pads have water pools at the base, to absorb the heat from the blastoff.

akmarksman 09/10/2013

Not sure if shopped or...

Nerdfighter1174 09/09/2013

No one tell PETA about this post.

Cboyles22 09/10/2013

frog: "spaAaaAAAaAaAaace"

wildwolfay5 09/10/2013

"Hi ho, Kermit the Frog here.... and here.... and here..."

RichLather 09/10/2013

This is the first thing in r/funny to actually make me laugh...and not just expell a lot of air from my nose

YoureNotAGenius 09/10/2013

He clearly wanted to find his friend spacebat.

ArsenicAndRoses 09/09/2013

You live on the Eastern Shore in Accomack County, VA?

I'm so sorry...

need_my_amphetamines 09/10/2013

I guess you could call that... sunglasses on one giant leap.

raethron 09/10/2013

I watched this all the way from my front yard in northern New England!

I downloaded the Google Earth file that showed the trajectory, set it to surface view from my house, and noted where it would be on the horizon.

Then I streamed the launch from my ipad so I knew it took off. The ISS is always on time, but rockets are sometimes delayed.

It appeared as a bright orange star that rose from the ...

SAMO1415 09/10/2013

The scottish scientist said to the frog, "Fly LADEE, fly!".

PardonmyMember 09/10/2013

Reminds me of the whale scene from Hitchhiker's Guide.

kill3rfurby 09/10/2013

In frog heaven, when all the frogs swap stories about cruel kids and firecrackers, this frog will win.

Shawnagain 09/10/2013

Omg, I pissed my pants laughing!

demon8rix 09/10/2013

I see quite a few unhappy twigs as well.

jrummer 09/10/2013

You must be mistaken.

This frog was in the capsule that came with superman.

The launching of the rocket must have brought out the inner super frog in him.

He's just flying.

Let the frog be free and high.

Kind of like my screen name

MrBojanglesIsHi 09/10/2013


Translation: Fly me to the Moooooooon!

LoudMusic 09/10/2013

Just wait, a week from today they'll be launching something even larger from Wallops. An Antares rocket on a mission to resupply the ISS.

CmdrVimes42 09/10/2013

The perspective is making me think it is a tinier rocket.

mylilponyranger 09/10/2013

♪♫ I wish I could fly, Right up to the sky! But i can't :( ♪♫

BoboDarge 09/10/2013

That's todelly cool

jtho2g 09/10/2013

LADEE was just the payload. it's an atmospheric data collection satellite that will be orbiting the moon. It was launched using Minotaur rockets

thepony88 09/10/2013

When asked for comment the frog replied "I believe I can flyyyyyy"

SuperfluousShark 09/10/2013