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This is news to me, I never knew they were based off of real people. It's almost eery to see them in reality.

MyPhantomile 08/20/2012

Valve has stated that they use real people as their player models to make their characters believable as well as to appeal to the "average joe". Here's an example from Half-Life 2. Also they used people of the street in their [iconic splash ...

IHeartmyshihtzu 08/20/2012

That painting did not do Caroline justice.

HerrShaun 08/20/2012

What are their real names? Cave Johnson is who and Caroline is who? Also have an upvote.

IcyFeather 08/20/2012

who are they?

sstevesstrong 08/20/2012

I thought you were saying all four people in the photo are actually real. Then I wondered why you would say that. Then I realized my stupidity. Now I continue my stupidity by letting you know I am stupid.

treein303 08/20/2012

Sorry, but they look like Stannis Baratheon and the red priestess Melisandre.

Whiskey087 08/20/2012

More important - is that a lemon on the table?

Fazer2 08/20/2012

this is surreal

Darierl 08/20/2012

Cave Johnson's appearance is based of that of Bill Fletcher, pictured in the photo. Bill Fletcher is the lead animator for Portal 2. Im not sure who Caroline is.

starktor 08/20/2012

Science isn't about why, it's about why not. You ask: why is so much of our science dangerous? I say: why not marry safe science if you love it so much. In fact, why not invent a special safety door that won't hit you in the butt on the way out, because you are fired.

pawsick 08/20/2012

Oh hey, it's Karen Prell! The woman standing to the left is Karen Prell: the lead animator for Wheatley in Portal 2, and is also known for being the voice and puppeteer for Red in Fraggle Rock.

Chiparoo 08/20/2012

I literally did a double take after clicking on this. That photo is....SO...COOL.

Bitrayahl 08/20/2012

I saw this dude walking around at SDCC and was like ''man that is some good cosplay.''

bloodflart 08/20/2012

The kid on the right seems very awkward. At least he's not hoverhanding.

AfroKona 08/20/2012

who is the person farthest to the right?

XxStonkeyxX 08/20/2012

This is my Son Josh with Cave Johnson, Karen Prell and Laura Dubuk at the NECA booth during 2012 San Diego Comic-Con. We own the store known as Superbad Action Figures in Redlands CA. Josh was getting our Portal guns signed to sell in our store and on eBay. We are on Facebook so look us up. No SGI here. These are real people.

BaronessIX 08/20/2012

So, that's Bradley Wiggins. Olympic gold medalist from GB! Who would have thought....

zlam 08/20/2012

Only one I recognize is Cave

hwarming 08/20/2012

a new way to farm karma on r/gaming huh

downvotemaster 08/20/2012

After my husband played portal #1, we were listening to the commentary and within the first sentence of Ellen McLain talking, we both looked at eachother like o_O to say "uh... is it just me, or does that sound just like Illy?" (Illy being a woman on our WoW raid team). We listened to it a bit more and mostly just laughed off how weird it was.

Later on, he's is talking to a friend on the raid ...

Cantras 08/20/2012

"Cave Johnson, we're done here"

trackkid31 08/20/2012

I feel so dumb. I really thought that Cave Johnson was modeled after James Cromwell.

snatchamike 08/20/2012

Here's a photo I just took from the Half Life 2: Raising the Bar book showing a few of the real people they used to model faces in the game.

Yes, Judith's model is pretty

lawlshane 08/20/2012

oh god D: i didn't know too!!

Macrat 08/20/2012