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Would have sworn this was photoshop but it is actually not a mutation but an apparent case of tetragametic chimerism a different theory than the one Zahdia poses. This link suggests two fraternal/non-identical zygotes fuse, so there's one individual made up of the tissues/DNA of both. Apparently this has happened to humans as well, where a mother, for instance, has DNA that does not match her ...

Mrs_Fonebone 02/13/2013

A video of him:

Very beautiful!

BirdNerd28 02/13/2013

This isnt real is it?

BadgerPuncher_Work 02/13/2013

I hope you named him Harvey

IforgedthisPhoenix 02/13/2013

I had a budgie but it died,

woah a woah..

no_special_character 02/13/2013

I miss my budgie :(

furnelladeville 02/13/2013

Nature strikes again

iwastetomuchtime 02/13/2013

We had a budgie/bird club at my middle school where we could pick two birds, breed em and bring them to show. Ah, the memories.

weta_10 02/13/2013

is this similar to the half hen half rooster?

pic: article: http://news.nationalgeographic...

beyondwithin 02/13/2013

Her name is Dawn Budgie.

Cawrin 02/13/2013

pffffft you can't fool me.

Clearly you bought a green and blue budgie, then cut them both in half. Only to stick them together to reap in that sweet delicious karma.

Dreamin- 02/13/2013

Photoshop parakeet.

YippieKiAy 02/13/2013

Aww, someone left him in the sun too long!

TheOriginalGalatea 02/13/2013

Hello, friend!

Ninja_Budgie 02/13/2013


Littleguineapigs 02/13/2013

Did you smuggle him?

AGentAmongSlime 02/13/2013

double the cuteness <3

mange_tout 02/13/2013

Its also got white, that'll be three mana

Otiac 02/13/2013

He's adorable!! Random fact: The bridge of the nose is how you tell their genders apart. Blue is a male, pink is female. It can be hard to tell sexes apart in the first year before the color really sets in.

nightspark_ 02/13/2013

Handsome chap!

Lord_Zachariah 02/13/2013

Must have had a rough time in high school.

Cobbrabubbles 02/13/2013's only half a shiny?

ActivateAngel 02/13/2013

Can it waterski?

[deleted] 02/13/2013

"I'll flip a coin, if it's heads I shit on some newspaper, if it's tails I shit on some newspaper..."

tehgreyghost 02/14/2013

I had a blue and green budgie when I was a kid I would play with them everyday, they liked me so much they would fly on my hand and give me kisses. We would sometimes put their cage outside so they could get air but of course leave the cage locked. One day we all went to the beach and left them outside, when we got back the door was open and they were gone. I spent hours looking around the forest ...

sallybranch 02/13/2013

I had a budgie, but it died.


lhwang0320 02/14/2013

The best of both :)

Elegaunt 02/13/2013

blue wingist/left wingist

bluetailmonitor 02/13/2013

Tis is the demacrkeet!

bluetailmonitor 02/13/2013

I wonder if that bird knows what it looks like, or if it thinks the colors on each side of its body are the same

truthinlies 02/13/2013

I would teach it to say nice things and horrible things.

"You are pretty!"


phx-au 02/13/2013

wow this is really cool. i followed seeing this up with research. glad its not photo shopped its so neat if I'm ever in Oklahoma city ill visit with him.

mrsully1981 02/13/2013

Hey! I know that bird!

lmtiller 02/13/2013

Ah, the very sight of that guy brings back the pungent smell of ammonia.

ElGuano 02/13/2013

Oh, pretty, pretty bird!

skynolongerblue 02/13/2013

What a stunning bird!

lyleeleigh 02/13/2013

Looks like his left side was dipped in highlighter ink.

SuperStingray 02/13/2013

Blue and green should not be seen, unless a colour inbetween.

adam_wr 02/13/2013

Chaos is fair! Yesh, yesh it is!

Fooshbeard 02/13/2013

Stop hoarding nuts, budgie. You don't even like them!

Stamitos 02/13/2013

Would have been perfect if one of his/her nostrils was pink/light tan.

I fucking love budgies, used to have 4 but 2 of them died (one of them was green) :( Now we have a blue one and a white one, most adorable birds ever

killertomatog 02/13/2013

I believe in Harvey Dent!

Sacchryn 02/13/2013

teach me how to budgie.

thursday0384 02/13/2013

You are such a two face.

bluetailmonitor 02/13/2013

why are they called budgies? I always thought they were called parakeets

pwnyoface 02/13/2013

Who's a pretty boy then? :3

rocket_grunt 02/13/2013

If you told this bird to move, he wouldn't budgie.

CopiousConcept 02/13/2013

My brother put my parakeet in the microwave when I was young. He was green and his name was pickle :(

tcg420 02/13/2013

ooooo such a pretty little boy!

ikeda1 02/13/2013

the icon makes it look more like 2 different coloured echidna's hugging

Smyris 02/13/2013

Ah genetics. Genetic mosaic perhaps? Although the bird has the same genes, early in embryo development each cell made a choice: green allele or blue. Once decided all progeny daughter cells had to be that color. I'm sure this isn't what happened, as this is simplified and genetic event are much more complex. But this genetic mosaic is the reason female calico cats look as they do. But this ...

CaliGolden_bear 02/13/2013

so cute, i want one!

strawberry_blonde 02/13/2013

One side is green and the other is also blue.

[deleted] 02/14/2013

When I was last in North America, it seemed no one had heard them called budgerigars, everyone just knows them as budgies...just thought I'd share that

mrsdrat 02/14/2013

Woah, so beautiful.

gerina 02/14/2013

I really hope that you were at the pet store with a friend/parent/whatever, and that it was standing still and the two of you approached it from opposite sides. Then one of you was like "Oooo, look at the pretty blue one" "what blue one? you mean the green one?" "No, the blue on standing near the top of the cage, it's so majestic" "Which bird are you talking about, there is no blue one" "What do ...

Sinnombre124 02/14/2013

Looks like a blue budgie that fell into Mtn Dew. What gorgeous coloring!

Somizi 02/14/2013

my budgie is depressive, got some advice ?

gabrielleXIV 02/14/2013

I had a budgie but it died (whoa oh whoa)...

JediMasterEvan5 02/13/2013

Looks like a non-rare photoshop job

PackinIt 02/13/2013

it's a hermaphrodite

blacktim 02/13/2013

A redditor goes insane and spices the genes of a blue and green parrot, all for that hybridization karma.

BoozeoisPig 02/13/2013

i had a budgie, but it died..

Jorion 02/13/2013