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My friEnt and I got so stoned we went to subway, got footlongs, obviously ate them there without talking. On the way out the door, we look at each other and I say: "yo, I'm mad hungry. When was the last time we ate?" He replies: "No idea, want to go get chinese food?" ....we walked across the street and split 3 apps/ 3 entrees at Ollie's (chinese food in NY). Needless to say, we were not prepared ...

Malignant_Mallard 08/05/2012

I told my friend the first time he ate wed brownies that he had to eat a bunch or he wouldn't get high. He was high well into the next day

damnBcanilive 08/05/2012

Me and my friends just smoked a J after thinking they wouldn't work. Much later, I was the highest man on earth. And that was the greatest concert I've ever been to.

MtOrange 08/05/2012


theENTofDAZE 08/05/2012

I made the mistake of, "Oh, it's been been like 30 minutes and this brownie isn't working. Better start dabbing hash oil"

goatsonaboat 08/05/2012

they shouldn't taste bad if you make them right...

GoPro 08/05/2012

Haha yes dude! In my sophomore year of high school I was in a band. Our bassist's string broke so we took a trip to Guitarcenter on the bus and it wasn't a short ride. We figured we'd eat an edible for the trip. Holy shit, we were baked. We were looking at each other and he said, "Sandwiches," with a straight face. I laughed so hard I thought we were gonna get kicked off. Good times. Good times. ...

troostorybro 08/06/2012

I had heard enough anecdotal evidence to know to only eat one brownie and wait. The first time we had term, though, my friend warned us it was pretty potent so he suggested to only try half if one... took like 3 hours but it was worth it.

A few days later my brother shared a brownie with his friend and meant to share the same advice, just eat 1 half, but screwed up and suggested eating 1 of the ...

four13dream 08/05/2012

My first edible was popcorn i made myself. Little cannabis in the olive oil i used to pop the corn. Barely any taste and went from 10 am till about 7pm. Pretty awesome day off

Slammed_Droid 08/05/2012

edibles were my first experience, and it was during my second period (in a 7 period day) my sophomore year of high school. it was a weird day.

easthastingss 08/05/2012

My first time was this summer, and mind you I'm new to weed in general after getting out of the military (honorably). After 30 mins of not feeling anything I decided to eat another. Then I got too high to function as a human being and just passed out.

SimianControl 08/05/2012

This just happened to me I made some brownies and ate 5, after an hour I didn't feel much and thought they don't work, after maybe another hour or two they really kicked in, it was awesome I could hardly stand, walking down a hallway felt like a cruise ship rocking

WafflesX10 08/05/2012

First time I tried it, my buddy and I we put an ounce into a pound of butter and then made brownies w/ it. We had a bunch of butter left over, though, and we had a dozen doughnuts, so we just started dipping them. I made it to class the next day, but I don't really remember much. He ended up sleeping for over 20 hours. Pretty great.

He told me that he had to crawl to the bathroom b/c he was too ...

grate314 08/06/2012

Ehhhh. Yes, but it never actually worked, so unfortunately I wasn't then insanely high :(

[deleted] 08/05/2012

ya know i never got high off of edibles because i drank and smoked (and sometimes vicodin) while waiting for them to kick in. I can't wait to try them by themselves in the future.

Painkiller1117 08/06/2012

Edibles are sneaky like that.... lika NINJA

Denyala 08/05/2012

I love the taste of edibles!!!!

4_twENTy 08/05/2012

The first 3 times I tried edibles, I spent the next hour waiting for it to kick in. Then I ate more, and waited another hour. Then I smoked a couple bowls, waited another hour, gave up and went to bed. I haven't wasted my time and weed eating pot since. Somehow, I thought eating a 3.5g brownie would get me at least 3.5 grams worth of stonedness, but I wasn't high at all until I smoked, and then I ...

froop 08/05/2012


songbook 08/06/2012

YUUUP. two hours later I'm curled up in my friend's bed singing to Don't Stop Believing to myself.

spidergirlaaah 08/06/2012

Me and my friend were specifically told that one brownie would be enough and that it'd be a bad idea to eat more. I only ate one brownie, my friend decided to eat more.

The results were hilarious...I think. Honestly, I spent that night lost in my own thoughts so now that I think about it...I don't remember what any of my friends did.

thebadguyy 08/06/2012