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Repost.. Don't do that. Don't do that and act like you didn't want people to think this was original content

iDirtyDianaX 06/01/2013


[deleted] 06/01/2013

How dare you forget Crespo.

lookuppage7 06/01/2013

I think the "Arturito" thing is universal across spanish speaking places

FloydRosita 06/01/2013

It's not because you're Mexican. It's because you're a fucking retard.

Naddo1137 06/01/2013

The only Mexican robot I know of is: Bender Bending Rodriguez.

Chelesuarez 06/01/2013

My friend actualy used to nick Artuditu on so many games because of this :D

K1B 06/01/2013

R2D2 in Spanish would be pronounced as "ere dos de dos" which sounds like you're saying "Inhereted Fingers". That is why "R2D2" would sound absolutely horrible in Spanish.

Qwashawn12 06/01/2013

I have a cousin named who's name is Arturito and I always called him R2D2!

LooksLegit 06/01/2013


tryabrother 06/01/2013

did you also think "Chewie" was really Jesus?

EastisRed 06/01/2013

Im chilean, and i thought the same.

nulleureka 06/01/2013

Little Arthur for the non-Mexican.

Mecha_Sheva 06/01/2013

In some Spanish subtitled releases, R2-D2 name appears subtitled as "Arturito" or "little Arthur" in Spanish, since the pronunciation is very closed resembled, this is also the case with C3-PO whose name is subtitled as "Citripio", but that does not resembles anything in Spanish.


skd89 06/01/2013

Arturito y Citripio.

Thankfully my spanish now sounds like any other mexican's would, and my english sounds like any yorkshire englishman's would.

KrunoS 06/01/2013

Wouldn't it be Artudito?

Also, in Star Wars books (yes they exist,) droid names are always spelled phonetically, like Threepio or Artoo.

dylanrush 06/01/2013

In spanish dubbed versions of Star Wars he is called Arturito.

elbostonian 06/01/2013


coolstrybro 06/01/2013


[deleted] 06/01/2013

In my subtitles it says "artoodeetoo" and "seethreepio"

bierglaasje 06/01/2013

Make a fool out of r/funny will you ?!

HollymRussell 06/01/2013

erredos y cetrespeo

Netzaj 06/01/2013

thought the same thing!

Also, C3PO = citripio

celbertin 06/01/2013

and that his panels are made of flour tortilla?

jrizos 06/01/2013

Don't you mean from Estar Guars?

arsizio 06/01/2013

My brother in law from Guatemala thought this same thing.

vainamo- 06/01/2013

I knew i was not the only one

PrinceOfLocust 06/01/2013

No seas naco y no mames wey!

THE_PUN_STOPS_NOW 06/01/2013

In the classic trilogy it's called C1-P8 here in Italy, honestly I don't know why.

Lore86 06/01/2013

I'm really bothered by that L bracket locking his arm to his bottom.

dicer 06/01/2013


mrshagzsf 06/01/2013

My sons name is Arturo, but white. I never would have connected this. Than you.

ErinRB 06/01/2013

I had actually never heard of that people thinking of pronouncing his name like that till I saw this video.

ElementalFox 06/01/2013

Creo que no eras el unico con ese problema :)

tophertrejo 06/01/2013

If you watch star wars withe the spanish subtitles on, they really do say arturito. I guess it makes more sense than saying "ere dos de dos"

saved_link 06/01/2013

R2D2 would sound like Arturitu, not Arturito (which would sound like R2DO).

Berfaderf 06/01/2013

okay, this is fucking hilarious

AsTheWorldTurns 06/01/2013

That is what i assumed as well, since they didn't translate it,they left it on the way I'm Argentinian.

LoveThyPooch 06/01/2013

This is fucking great shit.

bellahlugosi 06/01/2013

Hahahaha that's too funny

whenwillitendhuh 06/02/2013

Im a Mexican too....

My whole life has been a lie...

HaroldTheSpineFucker 06/01/2013