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lol sexism is hilarious why don't you make a sandwich joke while you're at it?

[deleted] 10/28/2012

Sexism...fuck you

fiinsk 10/28/2012

Just because it's a tweet doesn't mean it isn't a shitty forward email joke. OP, you're fucking stupid

riptaway 10/29/2012

This was funnier in 1970 when it was an original thought.

lebirdman 10/28/2012

The only sub this should be getting upvotes from is /r/iam14andthisisfunny. Just ONE more stupid thread like this r/funny, one more and I'm out.

CaffeinatedPony 10/29/2012

Everyone hates it, yet it still has more karma than I've ever gotten. sigh

AltoidNerd 10/29/2012

oh look sexism on a default subreddit. I am now surprised and offended. good job shitty op.

ps. your name is also dumb.

zenazure 10/29/2012

Fuck each and every one of you moralfags who came into the comments just to downvote. Like you've never laughed at an offensive joke in your entire lives. Get off your high horse and check yourselves.

[deleted] 10/29/2012

inb4 the fem nazis... oh wait nevermind. God feminists are the worst type of people...

YouraGay 10/29/2012

Oh, double standards... If the gender roles were switched, there would be no outrage here. Getting bent out of shape for a simple joke prevents moving past the situation. If you don't make it a big deal, it isn't one. Men deal with women constantly berating them and stating how "all guys are they same." It's on both sides, so get down off of your moral high horse and lighten the fuck up.

batkevn 10/29/2012

Can we just skip the feminist outrage this time. Usually how this goes is, guy makes funny sexist joke. Everyone laughs. Feminist pops in and tells us to all go to hell, she gets downvoted and told that this isnt the place for misguided feminism. Blah blah blah the rest is history.

Senious 10/29/2012

This is only ok if a girl said it...there are rules people.

popispro 10/28/2012

Ok guys if reddit has taught me anything: MAKING FUN OF STEREOTYPES IS NOT FUNNY MAKING FUN OF ILLNESS IS NOT FUNNY MAKING FUN OF THINGS YOU DON'T LIKE IS NOT FUNNY Even though this joke is a shitty one your ideas of funny is ruining humor.

BurntTheToast 10/29/2012

Wow, offended much, reddit?

Funny thing is, there are actually some truth in this. Alcohol of any kind increases estrogen (known as the female sex hormone). Just google it.

Gus9 10/29/2012

My version was :

Beer contain female hormones because after drinking :

  • You can't drive
  • You can't say anything coherent
  • You need to pee every five minutes

Some_wanderer 10/29/2012

Mmmm boozies!

pipeanddrum 10/28/2012

can't bleed for five days without dying though...

pseudocynicfiend 10/28/2012

This one was not funny 10 years ago and it its not funny now either.

paumat 10/29/2012


pnettle 10/29/2012

I see we have some haters but I loled pretty hard.

Garnack 10/29/2012


[deleted] 10/29/2012

It gives you tits too

V1z0R 10/29/2012

And chromosomes

Fuck_Your_Squirtle 10/29/2012

jesus christ does this place ever have insecure women.

ActII 10/29/2012

I can say with certainty that I come up with the best sandwich ideas after some beers. Bacon AND peanut butter? Oh hell yes.

[deleted] 10/29/2012