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Tell me about it. I'm afraid I'll look weird unless I do nothing, or shave off every hair on my body.

CaptainLoser 10/05/2012

Not sure where pubic hair/leg hair stops and ass hair starts.

Onzez 10/05/2012

The foot hair is connected to the... LEG HAIR! The leg hair is connect to the... PUBIC HAIR! The pubic hair is connected to the... ASS HAIR! The ass hair is connected to BACK HAIR! The back hair is connect to the... NAPE HAIR! The nape hair is connected to the... SCALP HAIR! And so on, and so forth...

[deleted] 10/06/2012

Can we get a hairy man hug going on here? I too feel your pains! I too, feel them!

mycorrectname 10/05/2012

The hair on the top of my head connects to my feet hair.. I feel ya.

angry_smurf 10/05/2012

Un/luckily mine is colour-coded for my convenience.

chaos_switch 10/06/2012

Not sure where the hair is starting since it doesn't stop anywhere... (indians man, the hair is fucking everywhere)

sykoman21 10/05/2012

I know that feel bro.

roosterillusion 10/05/2012

When it begins to curl you have hit pubes.

Cerveza_por_favor 10/06/2012

Either way, the razor needs to start some where... as a guy, trust me, clean up the bush, your girl friend will thank you with her mouth.

Volcris 10/05/2012

Here is what the linked Quickmeme image says in case the site goes down or you can't reach it:

>Title: Being a hairy man...

>Meme: Futurama Fry


>^[Direct] ^[Background] ...

qkme_transcriber 10/05/2012

The worst of it is how are you supposed to present that? Just shave one awkward patch? It'd be like hair -> dick -> hair. That's not attractive. So do you try to trim it and kinda blend it all together? I... I just don't know. At this point I just let it grow, but how long can I keep that up for? There will come a time when I need to reduce the bulk of my pubic hair by at least 90% and I ...

ProlificAlias 10/05/2012

Weirdly I've a fuck ton of hair from the waist down, but from there up there is very little. It would take me a long time to muster up anything resembling a beard. Maybe it's slowly creeping up my body, until one day it consumes me.

EJ88 10/06/2012

Ha! Try not knowing where your hair on your head stops, and your hair on your ass ends. That's much more traumatizing.

supermegafuerte 10/05/2012

I've never understood why I was given "head, shoulders, knees and toes" body hair, and I can't grow a fucking mustache.

hemingwaybing 10/06/2012

Being a not-so-hairy man, "Do you shave your legs?!" ಠ_ಠ

mal9000 10/06/2012

Leg hair starts when I stop shaving!

V3RTiG0 10/05/2012

Hairy butt leggs and balls ... and no beard fml

FreaXoMatic 10/06/2012

That is a problem for the ladies as well sometimes.

D-Cat 10/06/2012

This touches my heart.

TheBigHairy 10/06/2012

Solution: Nair your entire body. It stings a bit and you'll have to keep it away from sensitive zones. (Balls, shaft, ass crack. Or you can do it anyway, and feel the burn for a couple days or so)

Kelsadar 10/06/2012

My girlfriend and I have this exact conversation every time I manscape.

xanthus12 10/06/2012

Also, not sure where beard ends and chest hair begins.

[deleted] 10/06/2012

they used to call me chewbacca (i didnt mind chewbacca is awesome) in the army, i feel you

Ragnathegreat 10/06/2012

not sure where beard stop and pubic hair starts

linsoft69 10/06/2012

I have shaved my legs before because I didn't know where to stop.

ohpuic 10/06/2012

This is a borderline r/WTF post...

lucybluth 10/06/2012

being a hairy man... and a reposter

Jrook 10/06/2012

I'm only 17 and I have more hair than my dad... I too feel that pain.

I_Only_Care_For_You 10/06/2012

I know that feel.

MR547M4N 10/06/2012

I don't mean to be Dwight Shrute here, but technically it's all pubic hair.

anobodynamedkleyx 10/06/2012

Post Level: RE

SystemDump 10/06/2012

I just shave my pubes and just a little of my leg hair because that's the only place I want hairless, everywhere else is okay

Tyranichomp 10/06/2012

I know that feel.

Just be glad you don't have to count ass hair into the equation.. also, I'm only 16.

Kevince 10/06/2012