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That's called assault.

tachybrady 09/09/2012

We need a picture. . . . For Science Of Course!!!

Shadns 09/09/2012

I had large boobs then as well, but nobody noticed since I was a year younger than everyone else. They just seemed normal.

2fingersuplightbrown 09/09/2012

I feel your pain sister:( or having some creep watch your tits jiggle every step you take-.-

christinereddy685 09/09/2012


Seventh grader here, nobody is like that. Especially not in sixth grade.

EDIT: I think it would be better to say every seventh grader I know isn't like that.

rqaa3721 09/09/2012

I had large boobs when I was in year six, and I was very tall...

Lotsofyummypringles1 09/09/2012

Damn i am having a boner

izutaisa 09/09/2012

I to have experienced this in sixth grade and fifth :/ its kind of creepy when guys ask if they can touch your boobs or ask for a hug every five minutes.

derpina5942 09/09/2012

Do an AMA!

Flaba44 09/09/2012

is your name Tommilynn?

DerpHerpson123 09/09/2012

so you just let someone who asked to touch your boobs 5 times to hug you ?

amrtonsy 09/09/2012

>:D I did the same when I was little I was evil

Sammy346 09/09/2012

When you are old enough go to gonewild :D

SeKomentaja 09/10/2012