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As a Minnesotan... this does not bode well for us...

jennifersalome 04/01/2013

Bull sharks end up in all sorts of wacky water areas. Lakes and rivers. They can survive in both fresh and salt water. During hurricane season a lot of them end up in waters you'd think you'd never see them in. Also they have an extremely high testosterone level which makes them extremely dangerous.

185139 04/01/2013

Being a Minnesotan myself, there are some crazy fish in the Mississippi. What's even crazier is that the shortest distance to the ocean by river from here would be straight down the Mississippi. Over 2000 miles.

camzac08 04/01/2013

Just a pup! Cutie, too!

Elkang 04/02/2013

Not really WTF. Some sharks are fine in fresh water and are found in the damndest places.

DorkJedi 04/01/2013

They usually need to return to the sea because they have salt glands that allow them to live in fresh water that need to be replenished

jamesbecker211 04/01/2013

Bull sharks are mean. Check out the Jersey Shore shark attacks.

There is a lot of disagreement on what did this, but the latest consensus was that a white did the attacks in the ocean, but a bull was responsible for the Matawan creek attacks.

no_dice_grandma 04/02/2013

This was in Lake Pepin(Lake City, MN) a few years ago. They were scuba diving to investigate the site where a truck went through the lake ice and the divers found this little guy nearly dead in the cab. They pulled him out, took pictures, and let him go, because what the fuck else are you going to do with a shark in Minnesota?

This is not new news; Scientists have found fossilized shark teeth in ...

velociraptorfarmer 04/02/2013

That there is a cold-blooded killer. But seriously, why is it in Minnesota?

Jacklebot 04/01/2013

Bull sharks have been found as far as 1705 miles up the Mississippi river, however, this appears to be even further up. Was this shark caught now?

If so, that's extremely bad news as that would appear to make them acclimatized to colder water, something they're not known for.

There's a native population in the Mississippi as well as the Illinois river. A female bull shark was supposedly netted ...

ENRICOs 04/02/2013

As a Minnesotan this actually made me say "what the fuck?!"

OriginalHoneyBadger 04/02/2013

This is an April fools joke from 2006. It clearly says at the bottom "Any resemblance in the above story to actual fact may be coincidental and could be disregarded, depending on your mood. April Fools!"

mohamed_from_somalia 04/02/2013


[deleted] 04/02/2013

I live on the Mississippi in Iowa, we're probably crawling with sharks if they're finding them that far north.

Bejaroo 04/02/2013

As a Minnesotion that's not good...🐬🐳🐋🐙

tinkerwashisname 04/02/2013

I hope they didn't kill it. That shark earned its right to be there.

PUSSY-BOOGER 04/02/2013

Bullshark don't give a fuuuck!

skyjello 04/02/2013

As a person who's been chased onto land by a bullshark, don't get in the water. Ever.

farfromahero 04/02/2013

Come young shark, sit upon my lap. Let me tell you a story"

ttnorac 04/02/2013

As a Minnesotan, I'll just stay in the boat now.

audio_phile0921 04/02/2013

This species is also known as the Zambezi shark in southern Africa where there is a river of the same name. It will swim miles up the river and attack bathing farmers.

They also swim up a local river where I live and will congregate around levies at night to prey on freshwater fish.

WaywardWayfarer 04/01/2013

yo derpderpington, I live right by the river as well... let me come tubeing with you? :D

theloan 04/02/2013

no April fools joke. Bull sharks can live in salt or fresh water.

saltychica 04/02/2013

>Any resemblance in the above story to actual fact may be coincidental and could be disregarded, depending on your mood. April Fools!

hajder 04/02/2013

DNR means "Do Not Resuscitate", right?

dangoodspeed 04/02/2013


insaneHoshi 04/02/2013

I spent a lot of time in my childhood up near hastings and where the St.Croix feed into the Mississippi. Very interested to see where they found the bull shark.

wwlawren 04/01/2013

I once read of a Bull shark attack in lake Michigan around the 1950's..

itisonlyaplant 04/02/2013

Thanks for ruining canoe season. As if it wasn't already scary enough.

SteveMarcus 04/02/2013

Brosky in the matching top/bottom puts his balls in the shark's mouth. It made me cringe.

Bjkimm 04/02/2013

Must be old news... Haven't heard about it in the news...

[deleted] 04/02/2013


Daft_Tyler 04/02/2013