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Uuuugghhhh i hope someone disinfects the fuck outta those things after each use.

[deleted] 07/20/2012

Congrats on the release.

saywut 07/20/2012


[deleted] 07/20/2012

I go to Chilis like all the time and I've never seen games there :/

StarFrog 07/20/2012

I thought this game would be dumb but its really fun! Keep Up the good work!

ohyeallways 07/20/2012

The only time I saw these table kiosks was at Red Robin. Maybe you can branch out to them?

nerdwarden 07/20/2012

I don't mean to pry but I am curious. How much money do you make from this. Or is it a lump sum kind of thing?

Squandarlo_Bombito 07/20/2012

Good for you bro, did they pay you or just dl the swf? Also, if im ever in that resturant, i ask them to take that thing off the table. Just gets in the way.

supergtt 07/20/2012

I loved it! Got up to 14 and felt so proud :')

4zero4 07/20/2012

Too bad they closed down all the chilis in my area

lockwolf 07/20/2012

That's totally a "ziosk", dude.

Arwin915 07/20/2012

Games at tables so you can play while you wait for your food. F**king genius.

LittleBigKid2000 07/21/2012