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ya..... no, they made it like that.

hawkeyezzz 04/22/2013

How gullible do you have to be ... I don't even ... to heat the glass enough to do that the coke would boil and the whole thing would explode.

eigenvectorseven 04/23/2013

Dude... Make a bong out of that. I know you're all thinking of it

Phyxxation 04/22/2013

did you just take a recent trip to mexico?

bowj 04/22/2013

Except the paper label is untouched and the bottle mysteriously didn't over pressure and explode...

RiseAgainst826 04/23/2013

sure dude

Prose100 04/23/2013

That is not possible, and let me explain why.

1) Glass melts at around 1500C. The coke would have boiled and expanded into steam and blown off the cap and the bottle would have melted into a puddle.

2) Look at the bottle! It's not even charred! If you put the vast majority of things in a fire, it will have carbon deposits on it.

3) There is no way the glass could have heated to a temperature ...

[deleted] 04/23/2013

That's not been through a fire. I have a blue one just like it that I bought in Spain years ago.

murkleton 04/23/2013

make a bong

jamest_420 04/23/2013

You guys are wrong. In Mexico these are found in the markets. The vendor heats them up under fire and stretches the neck while they are still full. The Mexican cokes have thicker glass and the label is painted on not a paper label. Don't believe me? Go to Home Depot and find one. They even have them in Maryland.

crisbot 04/23/2013

Dumbass that's clearly an attempted alien abduction where they quit halfway. Laugh all you want but that's more plausible than the fire scenario.

HallucinoJER 04/23/2013

you can buy those in TJ.

strangepet 04/23/2013

Guys, he said a fire. He didn't mention whether it was controlled or not.

piclemaniscool 04/23/2013

make...make it into a bong

bingabuffalo 04/23/2013

You can find these in souvenir shops in like every town in Mexico...amazing that you were able to duplicate the EXACT ones just by throwing it in a fire...

Sidarius 04/23/2013

Why are people such liars on Reddit?

baloneycologne 04/23/2013

You can buy these bottles. Corona does this as well.

forvayoung 04/23/2013

ITT: idiots

Look, you pop the cap, empty the coke out, get a torch and heat up the glass, yank it around (giggidy), let it cool, pour the coke back in, put the cap back on, then sell it to stoner tourists like OP.

SirDerpingtonThe3rd 04/23/2013

This is getting so many upvotes. I'm surprised at you Reddit. You thought you could solve the Boston Bombings, but overlooked things like, oh.... THIS BOTTLE WAS NEVER IN A FIRE!!

Junior detectives at their finest.

ajustice83 04/23/2013

What kind of coke mongler would do this...

ScaryTown5000 04/23/2013

I love this place make a bong out of it

shovelchin 04/23/2013

That's going to be worth a lot of money at an auction.

panzerdriver 04/23/2013

you can actually buy those...

CH-Rampage 04/23/2013

These were prizes given away at carnivals in the 70's.

just_taste_it 04/23/2013

looks like it could be a cool bong

gstarr03 04/23/2013

man, i don't care where these bottles come from, but if i had one, i would so make a pipe out if it.

hiimjohnny 04/24/2013

Its cheap art.

Buddoser 04/24/2013

Do you have any googly-eyed rocks or some nice local squash candy?

vorpalpillow 04/24/2013

You can get these made at the fair. they stretch the bottle while it's empty. then fill it with colored water, and cap it.

missiinsharo 04/24/2013

This would make quite a bong

bickyrobby 04/25/2013

If you've ever chucked a bottle into a camp fire you'd know that this was impossible because the bottle would be far to fragile to retain the cap or the pressurized liquid contents.

fyiiamaspy 04/23/2013

Mine had dust on it too...

kakeman987 04/23/2013