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FYI, you don't need 64 of dye :c

Miguli 05/10/2013

Lol, this is kinda funny. Months ago I suggested this on /r/minecraftsuggestions and got downvoted, despite a well made self post explaining how it would be nice so have some softer colors to work with instead of wool. Then just last month, someone suggests the very same thing on the same sub-reddit, and woahly shit, upvoted in the hundreds.

Don't get me wrong, I love that it's been put in, ...

[deleted] 05/10/2013

Wait, is this a thing now?

leponder 05/10/2013

Amazing, then we do not have to use 1 dye for each of the Clayblocks

Frankie_Jay 05/10/2013

Thanks for this! Was looking for it!

Sayiber 05/10/2013

They should make this work with wool now. And they should be able to be cleaned in a caldron. Just for consistency.

BurgerOptic 05/10/2013

Coloring the already baked clay I think is stupid. Dying the normal clay blocks and then baking them is a better idea. Also this just has the default 16 colors? I wish you could dye them like armor...

xvicarious 05/10/2013

Why can't the colored clay be the same as dying armor and have many different colors?

edwillier 05/10/2013