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In Pulp Fiction,, "Christopher Walken as Captain Koons:"

Might be related?

Nathsies 12/29/2012

In the actual movie his parole officer is named Seymour Scagnetti. Wonder why it was changed from the script

Joeymo23 12/29/2012

Seymour Scagnetti was in the movie. He's related to Jack Scagnetti in Natural Born Killers. Maybe Tarantino put Craig Koons in Django to see the who could point it out and prove himself to be a hardcore fan.

alecbattle 12/29/2012

I always hoped that Bruce Willis' grandfather from Pulp Fiction would show up in Inglorious Basterds.

jivester 12/29/2012

Also Gerald Nash might be related to the cop who gets captured and tortured by Mr White...his name was Marvin Nash if I rember correctly.

RandallGraves 12/29/2012