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Never noticed that, but it's also weird on the handprints on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

NYCMax 10/08/2012

Denzel: "Can I be in this movie!?!?" Director: "NO! For the last time NO!!!" Denzel: "Fine. I didn't want to so this but.. LOOK AT THE FINGER!!!" Director: "Oh fuck! What is that!? God damn!!! You're in, you're in!!! Just put that thing away!!!"

AAA1374 10/08/2012

my only regret is that i have boneitis

jeremybryce 10/08/2012

Another pic.

I also found this picture obviously from the same photoshoot to be fucking hilariously cropped, given this info.

salisburymistake 10/08/2012

''Two in the pink, one in the... ''

demnted 10/08/2012

He and Shawn Marion are finger buddies!

ClenchedCheeks 10/08/2012

my opinion about him has changed now. He's a fuckin shitty actor....with his stupid hand!

Careb 10/08/2012

Major pain ?

MonsterDogg 10/08/2012

It's a shame he can't afford a surgery to get it fixed... Oh, wait. The DVD sales of Man on Fire could've bought him a whole new fucking hand with lasers on each digit! That's the biggest wtf to me is WHY-TF is it still like that?!

inkymcstapleface 10/09/2012

I have crooked pinkies, too! Neither of mine are bad as his, though (the pic is of the more crooked one)

baruch_shahi 10/09/2012

TIL I learned about two black men, and the things of them which are bent at 45 degrees angles.

farawaycircus 10/08/2012

Denzel is awesome either way.

Purdle 10/08/2012

An AFL player by the name of Quinten Lynch has the same thing, he has to wear a glove and strap his fingers together when he plays. He said after his football career he will have it operated on

Goeagles 10/09/2012

He knows from experience that if Damon Wayans offers to "take your mind off that pain" you should say no.

whattothewhonow 10/09/2012

"what?" googles Denzel Washington's Pinky

RYKAhowRAD 10/08/2012

In palmistry a crooked finger indicates a liar- not sure if redditors are into palm reading.

[deleted] 10/09/2012

Bringing new meaning to "pinkies out".

BigEasyBobcat 10/08/2012

The finger just dislocates easily. Source

Ridiciliculous 10/09/2012

How do i hear this for the first time?

smokyexe 10/09/2012

Our governor (TN-Haslam) has a pinkie like that. His bends downward. He came to our school to talk to us teachers this. It was in the library so we were all kind of close together. He's a "hand talker" and was standing pretty much right over me. I have no idea what he was saying...all I could see was that strange pinkie waving around. If I knew how to put a picture in here, I'd do it.

duckdelicious 10/09/2012

My pinky looks like that too. "Viking's Disease," abnormal scarring on a tendon as a result of an injury, generally rendering the digit useless.

Are you only interested because it's Denzel's pinky? Can I finally benefit from my muffed up baby finger?

[deleted] 10/09/2012

hahahah his finger is fuckin fucked up!

pwnyoface 10/09/2012

nice shoop

blue_thorns 10/09/2012


GodEmperor 10/08/2012

He might have a crooked finger, but the pictures looked shopped to make it look worse than it is.

prittypink 10/09/2012

Eew! Now I don't want to have sex with him.

ne99ne 10/09/2012

Star magazine is really struggling for cover stories..

tagard04 10/09/2012

How many other unknown celebrity deformities are out there?

seanberry 10/09/2012

His pimp hand has pinky swagger

Snappy_the_croc 10/09/2012

That's a fucked up finger

Chris14252 10/09/2012

please, someone has to snap it back into place

jimstr 10/09/2012

He's Denzel Washington, can't he just drop a couple hundred thousand and get it fixed?

Castigar2000 10/09/2012

Larry Maccarren, of Green Bay Packer fame, has something similar...

MiddleAgedWhiteGuy 10/09/2012


serajene00 10/09/2012