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If I recall correctly, its by a really old church. I went on a city tour when I was there a couple years ago and they said it basically just appeared overnight back in the olden days and was believed to be some sort of silent protest against the church's stand on prostitution. No one even knows who's boob the cast is made from, and they didn't take it out because of the mystery of it.

manguzo 06/12/2013

Is it a man touching a boob or is my mind just corrupt?

corster88 06/11/2013

This is one of a series of bronze statues/public art around Amsterdam, of which the maker is officially unknown and which "appeared" overnight. Some say it is our former Queen Beatrix, others say that is bullshit. She does have a certain fondness for making sculptures, so it could be true.

Other art in the series are the "Hurried Man" at Tweede Marnixplantsoen and the "Guy cutting Tree Branch" ...

fagot_hobo 06/12/2013

Where in Amsterdam did you find this? Do you remember the street? I'll seek it out when I go there with my girlfriend in July. I'm sure she'll be thrilled when I'm searching for a boob being groped on the ground haha.

psikinesis01 06/12/2013

Touching a boob or face palm?

ProperGrammarBitch 06/11/2013

What was attached to the other end of that chain?

thiiisssmonkey 06/11/2013


[deleted] 06/11/2013

It's a little-known side effect of the "Philadelphia experiment".

pants6000 06/11/2013

How many stubbed toes/trip and falls has this caused I wonder?

arglebargle2 06/12/2013

What I thought of

Care2989 06/11/2013

Post this to whatsthisthing because wtf.

AirWhale1 06/11/2013

And the bronze award for best unwanted groping in a public setting goes to...

wrongful_ignorance 06/11/2013

The only thing that comes to mind right now is that episode of Dr. Who with the girl who was stuck in the sidewalk.

allicov 06/12/2013

I will be back here soon! :D My Fav city in the world

Haavrk 06/12/2013

anyone think of what a bitch this would be to trip over?

Jereguy 06/12/2013

"How do I find the red-light district?"

Kalbuddy 06/11/2013

There is some serious symbolism in that sculpture.

vawdit 06/11/2013

I saw this when i saw there... good times.

Petit_Caca 06/11/2013

I remember walking by this and thought it was odd that not more than a few feet from the church walls were red light prostitutes.

TatuLover 06/12/2013

I remember seeing that when I was REALLY high the last time I was in Amsterdam. I think I stared at it for about 20 minutes before moving on and getting some delicious shawarma.

blazinazn007 06/12/2013

I too, had a tour guide point this out to me.

chanbrochill17 06/12/2013

This is AWESOME!!! Annnnnd Where can i find something like this to put in my walkway

KNOTyourSPOT 06/12/2013

This looks like a deathtrap for drunk people, i walk into parked cars when i am drunk, this kida humps in the road would give me a "Concrete Kiss".

WideGamer 06/12/2013

Tits out for the boys

radicaldave 06/12/2013

I have this picture in my collection from my Europe trip. A lof of the walking tours there bring you to this spot.

wildcard_bitches 06/12/2013

I know where this is! Its exactly in front of the westerkerk I think right behind the red light district. Awesome place Amsterdam.

ixora7 07/14/2013

I thought petting a dog not groping a boob.

[deleted] 06/12/2013

The road has boobs

Genus-of-Liliaceae 06/12/2013