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I zoomed in to get a closer look because I thought that was a dildo, boy was I mistaken.

adamgent 03/01/2013

looks like she had a shitty night

Paulthekid10-4 03/01/2013

At least it poured out of her ass into a small, manageable puddle, instead of spraying out all over the damn place.

^^^^I've ^^^^seen ^^^^some ^^^^things...

schniggens 03/01/2013

Get the hose, id still do er.

Sokonomi 03/01/2013

That's the hottest girl I've seen (in this category) on reddit this week.

cunt_whistle_fucks 03/01/2013

Yes, even more so.

Offensive_Statement 03/01/2013

th front half and mouth are still good.

bonerquestions 03/01/2013

Photoshopped, girls don't poop.

l0_0I 03/01/2013

Yes.... Wait no. Yes..... Maybe?

Wraithbane01 03/01/2013


[deleted] 03/01/2013

That would be a good opportunity to pee on her, then she would think it was her own pee when she woke up...just sayin'.

oldjack 03/01/2013

Anyone here that hasn't pooped themselves totally sober? Yes? You're lying, just ask your mom.

KambioN 03/01/2013

The next morning when you show her the picture.

fonzy12345 03/01/2013


If it was a friend of mine (and I've done this previously) I'd strip them nekid, give them a shower and clean everything up and put them to bed. I'd then threaten everyone who was there to keep their gobs shut.

They wake up clean and don't have a clue about the previous night. Of course you have to be a propper friend (one that I could rely on to hurry a body type friend) and not some ...

ColdHotCool 03/01/2013

I am 42. I've been drunk a lot...a LOT of times.

I've never, ever, been close to that. I am so curious, morbidly curious, as to what happens.

And, part of me feels so sorry for that girl. How embarrassing.

lolapops 03/01/2013

As long as it's her bedroom and not yours .. It could be worse.

ffrookie 03/01/2013

No... No not really.

CakeShitFeet 03/01/2013

That bed is also soaked.

Findrin 03/01/2013

Im guessing she has alcohol poisoning. Someone might wanna wrap her in plastic and dump her at a hospital lol.

kottonmouthqueen 03/01/2013

I hate when this happens. You get her totally wasted so you have a chance at fucking her, she passes out before you do, and pays you back by pissing your bed and shitting the floor. But still better than the bitch accusing you of slipping her a roofie.

Barack-OJimmy 03/01/2013

I farted so i could imagine that smell while watching that picture.

tschauber1and 03/01/2013

Do we like anyone who shits themselves?

munch112000 03/01/2013

this is not so much wtf, but fucking hilarious! This girl is such a party pooper! And to answer your question....


cobra500 03/01/2013

The bed's wet too..

goodeyesniperr 03/01/2013

I like drunk girls in short skirts that don't over drink themselves into shitting in the loose fetal position on the ground still?

SentryTheDefiant2013 03/01/2013

Judging by the bed she's a squirter

buttonnz 03/01/2013

Nice legs, minus the poo...

SomeFakeInternetName 03/01/2013

mmmm I would lick that all up, slosh it around my teeth and suck the juice out of it.

HeyFunkyPianist 03/01/2013

Really? How fucked up do you have to be to shit yourself like this?

tagard04 03/01/2013

I feel like I can smell it just by looking at the picture

BrettZfuture 03/01/2013

Getting her sober reaction to seeing this image for the first time online would be priceless.

beyond_repair 03/01/2013

Nice recovery position too!

obamabarrack 03/01/2013

seriously looks like she's beaten.

hsvan08 03/01/2013

Id still fill tank on her. Is that wrong? Am i wierd?

Mike982 03/01/2013

Alcohol will make you humble.

JAKEBRADLEY 03/01/2013

Clearly fake, chicks don't shit.

Tyrannosaurus-Moogan 03/01/2013

oh man, she crushed my snack pack.

warped_verse 03/01/2013

Being a female with not so great legs... goddamn she has some great legs.

I noticed her legs almost before the hershey squirt between her legs.

MuNotEpsilonNot 03/01/2013

is that piss on the mattress?

OlderAndAngrier 03/01/2013

That's some funny shit there

reverndh8syou 03/01/2013

Too bad. That's a nice set of legs otherwise.

U2_is_gay 03/01/2013

Bed is also wet. All she has to do now is puke to get the triple crown of shame.

dummystupid 03/01/2013

Red Lion poop girl strikes again

schmitzel88 03/01/2013

Ahhh... just like i like 'em primed, lubed & ready to go!

s33dp0d 03/01/2013

Mmmmm I'd sift thought it for corn yummy!

cttouch 03/01/2013

That bake brownies while they sleep? suuuuuure...

edubinthehills 03/01/2013