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Dude. The correct spelling is right there in the picture.

FISSION_CHIPS 05/27/2013

OR. Father-in-law EXACTLY gets the point of a Keurig, and he's satirizing its innate elitist, eco-killing BS system.

throw667 05/27/2013

I don't drink coffee... Can someone explain what is going on here?

Chambec 05/27/2013

After a week visiting a friend with a keurig I went home and made sweet love to my coffee press.

Spooooooooooooon 05/27/2013

Keurig owner here. He totally gets it. What he's discovered is that the keurig is completely lame if you ever want multiple or large cups of coffee. Its pretty cool for the "omg late to work need a cup of coffee" style coffee drinker, but there's something missing if you're really looking for fresh pots. Which I am. Fuck this keurig.

Axelrad 05/27/2013

Did you by chance marry an Amish girl?

naguirre081 05/27/2013

"30 fucking cups and the pot still ain't full!"

infection212 05/27/2013

Oh he gets it. He just doesn't want to deal with your cockaminney bullshit.

dondox 05/27/2013

Those things are a rip off anyway.

ringu68 05/27/2013

keurig's are a huge waste of money, bad for the environment, and an embarrassment to coffee.

delusiona7 05/28/2013


[deleted] 05/28/2013

Atually, I think he's just used to drinking more coffee than Keriug can offer.

spcbackacker 05/27/2013

These things make terrible coffee.

Indetermination 05/28/2013


[deleted] 05/28/2013

He may be using my wife's strategy. She runs each cup twice into the same receptacle because once is too strong for her, and also really expensive.

splinkymishmash 05/27/2013

Does he do multiple cups at a time so everyone can be served at once without having to wait?

Warlizard 05/27/2013

'Keurig' is also Dutch for neat/orderly. Which I find ironic considering the surroundings of the coffeemaker. ;-)

qense 05/28/2013

Get a BUNN you fucking coffee press and kuerig using hipsters.

Trudy_Wiegel 05/28/2013

—Picard gesture—



Shelverman 05/28/2013

that is freaking messy kitchen

timmyowns 05/28/2013

I'm interested in the number of items in this image that seem to have their tops off. Is it just me or does it feel like there are more than normal?

aniafaery 05/28/2013

Looks like he also hasn't picked up the concepts of organization/dishwasher/general neat and tidiness. Clean up that kitchen, man!

pharmabeast 05/28/2013

Wow. So that's what a $50 pot of coffee looks like!

ecsegar 05/28/2013

'the fuck's a keruig?

Lunatcharsky 05/28/2013

It's cheaper to make a pot of coffee and throw 5 bucks out the window each time.

pantysmarts 05/28/2013

My parents have one of those things. I love it. It can make a hot cup of water in seconds, and then I put my tea bag in. Very convenient.

[deleted] 05/28/2013

Are no containers closed in your household?

SmoothRiver 05/28/2013

What is a keurig and why does reddit love it so much??

Beeni30 05/28/2013

ITT: coffee lovers and coffee haters

At the datacenter where we store our equipment they give away free coffee in a starbucks machine that grinds the beans and brews single cups of coffee. They use the starbucks house blend and for whatever reason it tastes 10000% better than any starbucks i've ever gotten from a keurig or from an actual starbucks shop. The surface of the coffee even has all ...

carsontl 05/28/2013

How exactly do you pronounce that?

Trollaxinumad 05/27/2013

Keurig means neat in dutch.

reefun 05/27/2013

This counter is a fucking disaster

Tcanada 05/28/2013

or maybe he's getting the point of a keurig exactly...

alastor136 05/28/2013

I like his style. Anyone making a single cup doesn't get the point of coffee.

code_monkey_001 05/28/2013

He is onto something.

Sweetpi22 05/28/2013

We sure do love individual packaging.

Kroof 05/28/2013

Somehow they've managed to take crappy vending machine coffee from the 80s, put it in a crappy cup thing that you have to load into the machine yourself, charge you more than the 50cents it used to cost for a cup of that trash -and- miraculously convince people that it tastes good and is worth paying for.

tl;dr - The coffee from these things is garbage. It's quicker, cheaper and tastier to just ...

crashline 05/28/2013

Which is to what? Make a small mountain of garbage every time you want a cup of mediocre coffee?

zakk_atkk 05/28/2013

Or, he could be drinking the entire pot as one cup like a man.

HeartlessAtAFuneral 05/28/2013

such a father-in-law maneuver

awall526 05/28/2013

Ah TELL ya SOOOnnn this coffEE is DARN stRONG

CriminalMacabre 05/28/2013

Stdavids mug! Do you work there?

renagade916 05/28/2013

I do this with mine- the point is to make a single cup of coffee, not a pathetically small one.

Yggdrasilia 05/28/2013

Old habits are hard to unlearn.

beyond_repair 05/28/2013

ik vind het best keurig.

gamesharkguy 05/28/2013

honestly how bad was that misspelling though

robyank88 05/28/2013

My girlfriend just bought like 20 or 30 cups for mine. They are the wrong size.

0to60in2minutes 05/28/2013

French press or GTFO.

Kar98_Byf42 05/28/2013

Unless you're doing the reusable cups, these things have always seemed like a joke out of Futurama to me.

imakevoicesformycats 05/28/2013

You not understanding your manly father-in-law's idea of a single cup of coffee.

GetRidOfSlimygirlS 05/28/2013

No you don't get it. He fills that up and then returns it to the old coffee maker to stay warm. Don't knock ingenuity, whipper-snapper!

Tb1969 05/28/2013

doesn't get the point of space either...mad clutter.

TruStory2426 05/28/2013

It's called a personal cup of coffee.

CokeRobot 05/28/2013

This is actually a brilliant idea.

captainpoopantsVII 05/28/2013

That counter is toooo cluttered! Drive me crazy some more.

Shayenur 05/28/2013

There are few things that infuriate me more than when my parents own something and either use it incorrectly or "don't have time to set it up"

That_One_Guy_Inc 05/28/2013

We bought my grandfather a Keurig and he did the same thing. He went through a whole box of K-Cups (which aren't cheap) that morning. He doesn't really have a grasp on modern technology.

hobowithashotgun2990 05/28/2013

Clean your house

NobleDigger 05/28/2013