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Nobody cared who I was until I put on the mask

mang3lo 04/22/2013

As someone who lived this lifestyle at that age, all I can say is this.

robertpeacock22 04/22/2013

Fine breeding stock. You've chosen well.

pantysmarts 04/22/2013

Looks like a midget fighter pilot....

Saturn13 04/22/2013

Good thing he got some raisins on toothpicks. He looks pretty undernourished.

andshewas_45 04/22/2013

Per his approval here is the recent picture of my bf and his brother in Mexico.

I know I am opening a Pandora's box with this one cause as you can see he doesn't burn like most gingers. He is a MexiGinger (yes he already confirmed that he is not adopted with his parents).

[Also picture of him when he wasn't on the nebulizer! SUPER ...

holyhesus 04/22/2013

What's he look like now?

snarkishark 04/22/2013

So that's how Bane eats... huh.

ILiveInYourSkull 04/22/2013

As someone who's asthmatic those thing are the best sedative

rancher1 04/22/2013

That awkward moment when you thought it said autistic.

jwdewald 04/22/2013

said it on another post but i'll say here

"Are you my mummy?"

MagicBats 04/22/2013

Ahh I miss my nebulizer !

Spongetron300 04/22/2013

Isn't he a bit young for you?

Edwardian 04/22/2013

Doesn't look like he needs anymore raisins haha

bananaboatbuyer 04/22/2013

The Ginger is strong with this one.

Sylxian 04/22/2013

So much cool in one picture

xxOMEGA77xx 04/22/2013

mexi ginger here, but i still burn like f'n crazy

bigboij 04/22/2013

This isn't remotely funny. This is actually really sad.

Icomefromb 04/22/2013

I thought you only wore the mask when you were inside the bacta tank?

black296tuuk 04/22/2013

That must have taken a lot of raisins!

meepstah 04/22/2013

That machine is actually the soul harvester. They use it to take back and return all the souls a ginger has stolen.

Koaxe 04/22/2013

Holy cow that's gotta be embarrassing lol

JediRevenant 04/22/2013

Thought I was in /r/circlejerk

Thepasswordwas1234 04/22/2013

What can we do for our ginger child with a nebulizer mask to feel more at ease around the other kids? "Neon clothes and bowling shoes"

[deleted] 04/22/2013

Reminds me of the midnight nebulizer sessions I had to do as a child. So shitty.

cojafoji 04/22/2013

that is seriously the cutest thing ever LMAO

annapooop 04/22/2013

That title escalated quickly until I couldn't breathe for laughing. I hadn't even seen the picture yet.

immadownvoteyou 04/22/2013

Best thing I ever did was pick up weight lifting and cardio, got rid of my asthma completely in my late teens. I don't remember any of my doctors ever recommending more serious exercise, which seemed to be the actual cure for me anyway.

Anus_master 04/22/2013

i bet you were expensive

doubledip10 04/22/2013

But you merely adopted the ginger. I was born in it, moulded by it.

scottoro 04/22/2013

He came from outer space didn't he. Don't lie. He came from outer space.

comcamman 04/22/2013

Pick of him now?

14Gracie15 04/22/2013

You sure know how to pick your boyfriends out...

sankagee 04/22/2013

I totally had that same bat.

Third_Party_Opinion 04/22/2013

Myy asthmarrrrr

GeneralJohnnyRico 04/22/2013

Sorry, didn't realize that cake day whoring was no longer acceptable.. I was so excited this was the first cake day in 2 years I actually remember :(

holyhesus 04/22/2013

Downvoted for feeling the need to mention your cake day.

duchovny 04/22/2013

Family portraits by H.R. Geiger.

Oznog99 04/22/2013

That's so sad, he's a ginger.

jimmyjoejimbob 04/22/2013