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DDs Discount Employee here(we are a branch of Ross but more cheaper/ghetto). We get a bunch of random shirts like this. Most likely it was moved from the men's section to the boys bc customer/employee put it there. I've seen a lot of inappropriate shirts with drugs,half naked women, and similar ones like OP has.

EnWORM 09/01/2013

Who thought that this was a good idea for a shirt?

no_more_usernames_ 09/01/2013

It was the heyyy. The extra y's are a dead giveaway. Dead giveaway.

QuimLiquor 09/01/2013

If only they had it in adult sizes, I've been searching everywhere for the perfect birthday present for my grandma.

dummystupid 09/01/2013

God dammit Ross!

jimbobhas 09/01/2013

That doesn't look like a child's size. I call bullshit.

lolzergrush 09/01/2013

Ross employee here. That should be in the young men's section of clothes, right next to men's. My store actually got an email saying to take those specific shirts off the floor and destroy them. There were some others, but the store I work at only had one design that we had to get rid of that said, "Your girlfriend is rated E for everyone." with the ESRB E rating picture in the middle.

catchthefoxes 09/01/2013

It's ok guys, clearly they just mean Sunny D.

white618 09/01/2013

This saying is getting on my last nerve

[deleted] 09/01/2013

It's weird, you took the exact same photograph with your phone as everyone else who found this shirt in the children's section.

Poitertoip 09/01/2013

Am I the only one who isn't amazed that disaffected minimum wage retail workers sometimes put shit in the wrong sections of stores?

SavageMutilation 09/01/2013

Fucking Ross, first the leather pants, now a bad children's shirt, WHAT IS WRONG WITH PALEONTOLOGISTS?

Second_Foundationeer 09/01/2013

Goddammit Ross!

Acebulf 09/01/2013

I hate internet catch phrases. Reddit uses them way too much, and it's leaking into real life. It's so damn annoying.

brachiation 09/01/2013

Probably got misplaced there, I saw them recently, but they where for the men section I work at Ross it's chaos .

Veeminusbear 09/01/2013

I work at Ross. And the ticket color leads me to believe that this is a young man's shirt, we gave different ticket colors to let us know where the item goes on the floor, and that is the young men's color. Somebody most likely placed it in the children's section because they were about to get it and decided against it. Or thought it was stupid and had to laugh about it. People leave really ...

mustachewax 09/01/2013

Chillen... really? It's already slang, don't have to mangle it more.

sweetacidophilus 09/01/2013

I work at Ross. This is actually "Young Men's" and we were banned from putting these out.

giveemhellstace 09/01/2013

goddamnit ross

applesandgrapes 09/01/2013


sleeper141 09/01/2013

Boy, that escalated quickly.

Ozzyinmyeyes 09/01/2013

Well, she's not going to get an A if she blows off studying to hang out with a boy.

growling_owl 09/01/2013

Everyone likes to play good defense.

akasyap 09/01/2013

I hate to be the one to say this but,

Its a repost.

smittymane13 09/01/2013


psychotits 09/01/2013

Wow fuck all of you guys, never seen such a concentrated thread of assholes before

LongLiveTheSloth 09/01/2013

mommy, what's the d

cccpcharm 09/01/2013

Please tell me you bought it.

kryptick 09/01/2013

DAMNIT! is this in tulsa? man, I would have uploaded this months ago...

playazle 09/01/2013

[You might want to clarify that you aren't the one who found ...

iwatchyoupee 09/01/2013

That's not a children's sized shirt. You can tell by the proportions. Quit trying to be so dramatic. It's an adult men's shirt that someone placed in the children's section (if you even found it there at all, which I doubt).

gloomdoom 09/01/2013

Change title to "Bought this shirt in Children's section at a Ross".

[deleted] 09/01/2013

ive actually seem someone wearing this. it looks more ridiculous on a person

PsykoticNinja 09/01/2013


VinDieselsBraces 09/01/2013

Please explain.

zzing 09/01/2013

Since they carry irregular clothing, I choose to believe they meant "she wants the DS"

Huitzilopostlian 09/01/2013

A misplaced shirt? WHAT THE FUUCK!

skarfix 09/01/2013

The Sunny D that is!

CaterpillarCrunch 09/01/2013

This explains it, watch and learn.

viciousmojo 09/01/2013

Does anybody have her number?

Wizard_Hats 09/01/2013

I want this shirt.

SeniorChainSaw 09/01/2013

this seems pretty cringepiccy

jackamoxc 09/01/2013

Guys clearly she just wants to hang out with thed

Applejack8645 09/01/2013

Can we talk about the fact that Green said he was "just chillen?" WHO THE HELL CAN'T SPELL "CHILLIN'?"

So offensive.

shapu 09/01/2013

Why the hell did you take a picture of a picture on a screen?

apratsunrthd 09/01/2013

Saw a shirtin junior girls once that had a hot dog riding a dollar coaster. The caption said something like I want a ride.

Dashtrex 09/01/2013

I don't think the shelf-stockers know what that means...

SamKitz 09/01/2013

Fuck it. Let the terrorists kill us.

sometimesijustdont 09/01/2013

So who's this Thed they're talking about?

RedditCube 09/01/2013

My best friend TJ Maxx said this shirt is a travesty and he wouldn't be caught dead in it!

andrejhoward 09/01/2013

I fucking saw a tshirt similar to that at a Marshells or Ross (can't remember) in the tween girl section last month, wtf. (the tween girl section happened to be between the toy section and the door, I was looking for cheap rc helicopters, not a date)

Jokkerb 09/01/2013

this belongs in /r/shutupandtakemymoney

BoobRockets 09/01/2013

Maybe they thought it was the chilens' section.

chiliedogg 09/01/2013

I wouldn't even care if it was at least funny.

Szos 09/01/2013

D for.....discussion?

lexluther4291 09/01/2013

I hate when people write "chillen" instead of "chillin'". It's short for chilling, damn it.

otivito 09/01/2013

Ross employee here, those are from the young mens section of the store and were recalled about 2 months ago along with a few others.

EndlessFlight 09/01/2013

I thought it said children instead of chillin on the shirt.

FuckingSuperSperm 09/01/2013

> She wants the :D.


uracuntm8 09/01/2013

That's not a real phone, I can tell: the time and the carrier logo is all messed up. Nice try OP.

KarbonMarx 09/01/2013

goddamnit ross

lolwatdahek 09/01/2013

Seeing as it is Ross im going to guess it was just nowhere near where it was originally put. I'm actually more surprised that it wasn't found on the floor than the actual shirt itself.

JabberJauw 09/01/2013

No you didn't

esteflo 09/01/2013

Found in the repost section of reddit.


Rusharion 09/01/2013

She wants to chill? Yeah right, oviously she wants tbe D.

the_dying_punk 09/01/2013

Okay FUCK U OP this is my original post ! I found it at Ross in menifee ca u little BIATCH!

psychotits 09/01/2013

/r/cringepics will love this

RapistNextDoor 09/01/2013

This shirt is the epitome of modern internet culture. I want to buy it and frame it on my wall.

Eat_No_Bacon 09/01/2013

Ross employee here.

Can confirm. She wants the D.

oversizedtaint 09/01/2013

Obviously it means she wants the date for which we will both go enjoy a delicious smoothie together on a romantic rendevous. thats what D means.

SasparillaTango 09/01/2013

It's crazy when people don't understand what adult jokes mean. My sister was watching Nickelodeon and some 13 year old was like, "That's riDONGculous". How do the writers not understand that you are replacing an innocent "dick" sound with an intentional analogy for cock.

Bobbyjones0 09/01/2013

Businesses will sell anything that makes them money. No matter how controversial.

SnorlaxSecurity 09/02/2013

This would go great with a fedora.

DJr9515 09/02/2013

I'm ashamed this originally came from my store...

fatuousfarts 09/02/2013

My friend has that shirt the teachers didnt know what it meant lol

briannasanchez 09/02/2013

things like this make me never want to bring children into the world

mesothornye 09/03/2013