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Aren't trees like, super-mega-uber illegal in Saudi Arabia?

trabajadora 05/16/2013

REALLY? Not one joke about getting "stoned"? I thought I knew you guys.

VladiMatt 05/16/2013

OP, dont land your ass in /r/morbidreality over trees man. Stay safe.

mistahwaffles 05/16/2013

hahah i made a similar post like 2 days ago

Hash in kuwait, here, man!

Same black sticky, too

selectyour 05/16/2013

stay safe bud

mchungo 05/16/2013

Squidgy Black as we call it, is rather hard to come by round these parts. enjoy

MrRams 05/16/2013

It r/trees written in hash?

domanator299 05/16/2013

سالام So while it is very illegal in Arabia don't judge those whom uphold those laws, even in such a corrupt government ran by the Sauds it's still a center of Muslims, and speaking as a muslim trees cannot be justified but and is not nessacary, but those who do it is of their own risk between then and God, I don't know the exact sharia ruling of it but the saud ruling is awhile in jail or death.

Iheartfisebillilah 05/16/2013

Looks mumtaaz! I've always wanted to try

MeredithofArabia 05/16/2013

Anytime I see a post from the Middle East it's usually weird brown playdoh looking stuff. What the heck is it?

Caleamabob 05/16/2013

are those pure hash joints..?

Dragontitz 05/16/2013

My neighbors are Saudi exchange students and hashish was there thc of choice in the desert. "The best hashish in the world, my friend" followed by a coughing attack for no reason. It's some good shit

studdmuffin9140 05/16/2013

Please dont get caught

budjuana 05/16/2013

The love of trees knows no boarder.

wearethey 05/16/2013

Upvoted for courage. Be careful :)

BBSkane 05/16/2013

Salaam brohammed, I prefer to sip on kiwi lime or some al rabi orange drink. Dakhen on.

rooparoop 05/16/2013

I want that lighter. What's it called? Does anyone know where I can get it?

selectyour 05/16/2013

Could you elaborate more on the topic of 'drug/trees' in saoudi countries. Is the repression that ha(r)sh and do many people smoke some trees, or just a very select group of ents?

Engelmann_a 05/16/2013


Ollieboots 05/16/2013

Smoke on my arabic ent

TheChicagoEnts 05/16/2013

What up fellow ent from middle east

banglatoker 05/16/2013

Can you buy your way out of being caught? Some weed in the dessert or looking at shy scrapers seem awesome.

incestuous_vampire 05/16/2013

you sir, are very courageous. just don't get caught, that will literally be the death of you.

Katikar 05/16/2013

Much love from the west friENT.

ciaicide 05/16/2013

Come on, you have all that hash but you're only at a [5]?


goaman 05/16/2013


dethroneallkings 05/16/2013


sdegroote 05/16/2013

How's the bud over there?

King420fly 05/16/2013

Why is the pineapple juice green?! 0_o

SatoriGlass 05/16/2013

Weed isn't that great man, you are a fucking moron to risk it

BitchinTechnology 05/16/2013

mmm pineapple juice :)

Jaxzhel 05/16/2013

Unspeakable things would be done to get my hands on some nice Moroccan black, I fell out with my old dealer :(

g-breh 05/16/2013

Hala Wala! (Y)

nahin123 05/16/2013

I lived in Kuwait for 6 months, so I am fully aware that takes some balls to smoke trees in a country that still is in limbo about allowing women to drive cars.

beardedbear1 05/16/2013

BADASS seriously you are dancing with fire...

trickyrizzo 05/16/2013


mcharb13 05/16/2013

Im traveling to Jordan this summer, hoping to find some! Be safe man.

sand_jigga 05/16/2013

Nice man, can't wait til they just legalize this sh!t everywhere

watanabefleischer 05/16/2013

you better be fuckin' careful bro

milehibroncoguy 05/16/2013

that lighter is sweet man

chiefice 05/16/2013

this guy knows how to get Karma(pineapple drink, trees on trees, some doublets, and some nice hash) nicely done

Bibbus 05/16/2013

Fuck me sideways I need some pineapple juice.

bkh 05/16/2013

ah yes, I guess you could say it's....kush.

BlueberryButts 05/17/2013

Maybe he is a high standing male? They overlook most shit done by men with money ha ha

abergham 05/17/2013

Death Sentence

DarthGrader 05/16/2013