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The same one who realized astronomers was an anagram for moon starers.

nastyhamburger 10/30/2012

it was probably the same dick nozzle who decided to call the asshole doctor a proctologist instead of an astronaut!!!!

johndeaux588 10/30/2012


DancesWithDaleks 10/30/2012

They're not studying the sky, they're studying the universe that exists beyond it. Meteorologists would be more apt but it just sounds like a stupid shitty thing a retard would say anyway so fuck you.

AnglesOnYourBodice 10/30/2012

Same thing with Jet Skis.

BOATERCYCLES is the better name.

Raynes355 10/30/2012

Reddit: Facebook posts, fake iphone conversations, cats, and reposts.

Glad we can finally add tumbler screen shots to that list!

rustid 10/30/2012

astronomy is older than the word sky.

startlinglyrealistic 10/30/2012

C'mon, guys you're above this!

ILL_Show_Myself_Out 10/30/2012


that's a terrible name

Iamadinocopter 10/30/2012

Same guy who decided to call retarded redneck assfuckers politicians.

[deleted] 10/30/2012

tofurkey should clearly have been called Turk-ish

Arawnrua 10/30/2012

Same guy who passed up calling astrology, skyentology.

blackdutch 10/30/2012

because they are scientists doing astronomy science.

Astronomy + Scientists = Astronomers

Also, calling sky is a wrong way to call "space", so i don´t think astronomers would accept this word to name them.

goodbyesolo 10/30/2012

Seems that it'd be more suiting for meteorologists to be called this...

ceenee 10/31/2012

After quickly reading this i had to double take as i read it as "Skytities" now I don't know what to think..

Zespoony 10/30/2012

Its not too late, as astronomer makes no fucking sense whatsoever.

kobekramer1 10/30/2012

Probably whoever invented Latin... he must have been a dumbass

YourFavoriteMartyr 10/30/2012

The guy who insisted on naming everything after a dead language that doesn't exist anymore.

He also had no sense of humor.

tenduril 10/30/2012

Because it means "star" "law", which to me is cooler

flyingfox12 10/30/2012

This will be re-posted as that awful '10' guy meme tomorrow. Mark my words...

Davey_Disapproves 10/30/2012

Probably the same guy who called 'em jetskis instead of boatercycles.

FuturamaSucksBalls 10/30/2012

i love everything about this, including but not limited to:

title of post

username of poster

the number 6999


karkat-esque writing style

and content of comment.

lightningrod14 10/31/2012

Skyentists has the word sky. Apple have iCloud, the sky has clouds.


CammTheMuss 10/31/2012

As an astronomer, allow me to say this:


[deleted] 10/30/2012

You know that 'skyentist' means 'really weird dude' in my Flemish dialect :D

Breokz 10/30/2012


diddlerorc 10/30/2012

because they study stars not skies.

phoenix7700 10/30/2012

That'd be the Greeks... can't do naming or economics.

akkahwoop 10/30/2012

its not about the sky its about beyond the sky

SupraPseudo 10/30/2012

Mature people who take their job seriously and aren't idiots.

BigTuna_103 10/30/2012

I think it was Galileo, or somebody around that particular time frame.

Senacharim 10/30/2012

The term astronomer predates scientist.

historyisveryserious 10/30/2012

How is this funny? And it's also from Tumblr -.-


because, that would be stupid..

[deleted] 10/31/2012


MaddyWasHere 10/31/2012

Rename animal doctors to Peterinarians too....

Victory33 10/30/2012

or even ski-do's instead of boatercycles

AdriansVFX 10/30/2012

i can't pronounce that word... im more confused than anything.

seekfear 10/30/2012

the same idiot who came up with "boxes" instead of "boxen"

smokinmud 10/30/2012

Yep. If i can't be an 'imagineer' then I def want to be into 'Sky-Fi'

N3wtral 10/30/2012

I hear black folks say skientist all the time

djereezy 10/30/2012

If atmospheric scientists couldn't have it, no one gets it.

wrath_of_con 10/30/2012

Because there's no such thing as Skyence!

Bidonet 10/30/2012

First boatercycle and now this? FUCK! I think we need to vote on what to call shit from now on.

KittenPics 10/30/2012

The ppl who prefered using the "Law of stars" as a name. From the greek "αστρο" for star and "νόμος" for law.

Arsenalmania 10/30/2012

Shouldn't it be "Spacentists" ?

reflect25 10/30/2012

I will now tell people I am a Skyentist.

SheIsSpacedust 10/30/2012

The word astronomy comes from much earlier human languages :P courtesy of wikipedia: The word astronomy (from the Greek words astron (ἄστρον), "star" and -nomy from nomos (νόμος), "law" or "culture") literally means "law of the stars"

law of the stars =), that would make astronomers lawyers of the stars?

PeruvianSkies 10/30/2012

Scientist is better then heretic and blasphemer and burned at a stake I guess.

anonymoustom 10/30/2012

I'm not in a band or anything, but I'm going to start one just so we can be called Skyentists.

hoganloaf 10/30/2012

Skyentists sounds kind of dumb

sps26 10/30/2012

Now when anyone says astronomers ill just say "Did you mean skyentists?"

Reddit-4-Eva 10/30/2012

At least they're NOT called Skyentologists, or practice Skyentology.

tominscv 10/30/2012

Astronomers sounds way cooler.

markman71122 10/30/2012

The same guy who decided motor boats shouldn't be called boatercycles.

bichiliad 10/30/2012

And seasickness should be called nautiousness. BUT NO...

P9J0S6 10/30/2012

What website are these comments from?

omfgkittiez 10/30/2012

Can someone please name the site from where these captions keep coming from?

seitgeist 10/30/2012

Some meteorologist who figured if he couldn't be a skyentist, nobody can!

starfirex 10/31/2012

Thousands of people who aren't fucking morons.

PotatoDonki 10/31/2012

I'm sorry, but that sounds retarded.

Cromiell 10/31/2012

Astonomer is a pretty cool word in itself, namer of the stars!

Spockticus 10/31/2012

Technically it should have been "astrologers" (star-studiers) rather than "astronomers" (star-namers), but, sadly, that was already taken.

stillnotking 10/31/2012

scumbag brain strikes again ?

Hish1 10/31/2012

Probably a meteorologist who was mad for the exact same reason.

scoutingtacos 10/31/2012

If I was an astronomer, I would tell everyone I was a skyentist.

soapman5 10/31/2012

The meteorologists

prototato 10/31/2012

My astrophysicist roommate would like you all to know that this would be a more appropriate name for astronomers.

kasittig 10/31/2012

What website are these from? I always see screen grabs but don't know the origin

mags87 10/31/2012

Because not everybody speaks English, and that words derives from either Greek or Latin

[deleted] 10/31/2012

I think people in that field have long since disabused themselves of the perspective that outer space is the Earth's "sky".

KingEllis 11/01/2012

now im wondering if his name refers to nightmare eps or is just the plural of mareeps that crawl out at night to haunt johto

scumbaggrandparent 10/30/2012

The same guy who didn't name jet skis as boatercycles.

riverstarbuck 10/30/2012

All it takes is for everyone to start calling them that. Let's make it happen.

juxtaposition21 10/30/2012

I bet it was the same idiot who decided to call "jet skis" jet skis instead of boatercycles.

bestresponse 10/30/2012

You can even still spell it scientists.

wagedomain 10/30/2012

skyentists are those guys who smoke a lot of weed and look at clouds aren't they?

Dynamo-Hum 10/30/2012

The same idiot who decided to call frozen yogurt "froyo" instead of "frogurt."

CunningDefenestrator 10/30/2012

let's take it one more level further: Sky[ent]ists.

OldGobbo 10/30/2012