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My biggest horror story was when I bought mass effect 2 used, I was late to the series and was catching up. Got in the car and the second disc wasn't in there. Take it back in and dude apologized and gave me an N7 shirt as well as the second disc. GG GameStop manager exceeding customer expectations.

brokensaint82 03/09/2013

Idk. I've never had any problems at my local GameStop. If I've ever had something that wouldn't work, they've replaced it for free. The employees and managers are cooler than shit too!

StormDweller 03/09/2013

I once bought Uncharted 3 the day it came out. The Gamestop cashier thought I was pretty cool and gave me a preorder poster that came with it. Thinking it was gonna be a generic poster, I open it and notice it's made by none other than Penny Arcade. Hanging on my wall proudly ever since.

Record307 03/09/2013

Wanna preorder this game? What about this game? Want a magazine subscription? What about game guard? Did you know that game guard protects your disc so even if you break it, we will replace it for free?

Me:"No, just the game"

Okay, your total is $47.59

Me: "Thats a lot of tax for a $40 game. Can I see the recept?"

Oh whoops, I accidentally put on the game guard to the purchase....


EvrythingISayIsRight 03/09/2013

This makes me smile. As an employee I get very overwhelmed by the amount of hate Gamestop recieves, most of it focused towards the employees. We are just doing our jobs and trying to not hang ourselves in the backroom.

iGametooMuch 03/09/2013

Pretty bad horror story here, I went to buy Resident Evil 6 (horrible mistake) and they gave me the special edition for free.

HoochyM 03/09/2013

Go to GameStop

Buy Sim City

Go home

Play sim city

Can't play sim city

Unkdoom 03/09/2013

Went into a GameStop by me once to get InFamous 2, and when I brought the box up to the counter, the manager asked if I wanted the Hero Edition for the same price. Obviously I said yes, and thanked him. He was a good guy.

IcySwag 03/09/2013

Not gamestop, but GAME.

One time, I went to get a trade in for some games. I was told I could get 40 in store credit, or 30 cash in hand.

Instead of crying about it on the internet, I went next door to HMV, got 80 in store credit, bought starfox, pilotwings and an iron maiden mug.

[deleted] 03/09/2013

I have found that the Gamestop bullshit really varies between stores. I live around a military base; there is a Gamestop on it and one in the surrounding town. The one in town is shit, it has three or four employees who are your stereotypical Gamestop assholes. Then there is the one on base. Never had a problem there. The employees are really nice and don't act like dicks.

Scholarly_Koala 03/09/2013

Was a manager at GameStop for just under three years. Corporate sucks, but most employees live for the awesome customer base. Loved that job until corporate screwed me over.

dubblechrisp 03/09/2013

Pretty typical of all my experiences at GameStop.

is45toooldforreddit 03/09/2013

Personally, I don't have any horror stories from GameStop, but I think that the two things that get all the hate are -

When corporate/central gamestop/whatever has quotas for pre-orders and subscriptions and fires good managers/employees for not pushing/deceiving customers enough for it.

Because they were one of the first places to do the "pre order from XYZ place and get ABC bonus DLC in ...

squeakyL 03/09/2013

Well what did you expect?

on average they arent that bad, its just a few reactionary morons acting like them trying to get you to preorder stuff once in a while is the end of the world.

knighmare 03/09/2013

the only horror stories i have involving gamestop are regarding the smell

i dont know if its just the one near me or if it's a nation-wide ordeal but that place fucking reeks.

like, if you could buy a scented candle that smells like body odor, they bought a thousand.

I don't think it's the staff either because they seem to understand how to operate a bar of soap. I think it's just the ...

lankist 03/09/2013

I pre ordered black ops 2 (big mistake). I never picked it up there since I wasn't in the mood to go across town to pick up the game so I walked to the nearby target and got it there. Went back 2 days ago, guy was polite, nice, complemented me with my taste of games, jokes a little. Played games with the customers in the kiosks, didn't try to sell you stupid shit. Warned my uncle about how wii's ...

BackHandLegend 03/09/2013

Only problem I have is being asked if I want a rewards card every visit. I know they're required to ask though, so I don't hold it against them.

Gard7 03/09/2013

Clearly none of you have ever tried to return games there.

NattyDaddySplatties 03/09/2013


[deleted] 03/09/2013

The local gamestop, the clerks always talk to my girlfriend and are really friendly to her (she's the one shopping there, not me). They try to steer her to games that even i think she'd like, and generally offer useful commentary.

I don't like a lot of game stops pricing, but i can't say their staff isn't nice and friendly.

dethb0y 03/09/2013

One of my many experiences with Gamestop was when I went in to organise buying games with a cheque for College Game society, but Store policy is not to accept cheques. Meet manager he's helpful and will accept all cheques for us because he's a cool man and knows hey bend some rules make some money. Letterkenny Gamestop best in Ireland that was one of many reasons for it.

Kirix_ 03/09/2013

Went with my friend to get him a 360 HD. Dude there tells us we can trade in the current 360 and get a new one with a HD for like $40 off. He also was able to tell me about load times on a game when running from a disk vs HD. I like that the employees there have knowledge of random stupid shit nobody else would care about.

[deleted] 03/09/2013

I've never had a problem at Game or gamestation in the UK. In fact, the only thing I find offensive is the amount of fat parents buying their kids crappy games. They're always fat. And stupid.

coghosty 03/09/2013

Went into gamestop to buy madden 11, shot the shit with the manager he asked if I wanted a free copy of madden 05 for the gamecube they were gonna throw out, I played it way more than madden 11.

thesixth 03/09/2013

I have a fond memory of when my local GameStop was an Electronics Boutique. I went in to get my GameCube when they first came out (I was around 11) The cute goth girl I had a crush on was working that day. I went up to the counter and asked "H-hi, can I get a black GameCube?" She went up the ladder and teased "You wanted the purple one, right?" "N-no, the black one..." I replied, blushing as I ...

Jin_Gitaxias 03/09/2013

I pre ordered cod WAw then went in on the release day to pick it up approx 4 hours after they opened, asked for my game,I got the most disgusting look and the guy told me as if I was mentally challenged " the game isn't here" I asked if I had the wrong day.he simply said no its the release day today we will phone you later, so I left no call that day went in the next and magically the game was ...

Juliuscesear1990 03/09/2013