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byronite 10/27/2012

It's a circumzenithal arc (google if you're curious, im on mobile). Someone else just posted a similar picture at /r/weather, I presume in the same place. They can be seen in certain circumstances where the sun is approximately 20 degrees above the horizon and there are thin cirrus clouds overhead.

Incidentally, since it is caused by sunlight traveling through ice clouds rather than raindrops, ...

wazoheat 10/27/2012

Go home rainbow you're drunk

hoochdic 10/27/2012

so rainbows are in wtf now?

thecotager 10/27/2012

It's not upside down, it's just that the sun is in front of you instead of behind you. The center of the circle is always on the line along the sun and your head.

Edit: Read wazoheat's comment, turns out I'm wrong. It's actually a circumzenithal arc. Because it forms via ice ...

pyvlad 10/27/2012

What does this meannnnnn wahhhhh

valerie__ 10/27/2012

How is this WTF worthy?

Durpadur 10/27/2012 No rain in sight. It's was a sun smile

lukass4grass 10/27/2012

This isnt/r/idontgiveashit gtfo

Captian_Cocksmith 10/27/2012

DOUBLE upside down rainbow. It's so beautiful :,)

MzSn0 10/27/2012

97 people upvoted this ? What is wtf coming to? A god damn upside down rainbow?

Luckystrike84 10/27/2012

Oh damn shits about to go down xD

Funnyman818 10/27/2012

The only thing WTF about this is that you thought this was interesting enough to post.

jeblis 10/27/2012

i also saw it, it was 2 rainbows not just one

karatejman 10/27/2012

Was this near Boston ? Because a friend saw THIS and I posted it but someone else said it was a lense flare and it got downvoted HERE

Moldybooks 10/27/2012

Saw the same thing in New Jersey

awesomesause69 10/28/2012

Heeyyy I saw that near my house. Where do you live?

Sommerfaq 10/27/2012

Here, have an upvote for not putting "go home rainbow, you're drunk" in the title.

SpecklePattern 10/28/2012

I bet that leprechaun is laughing his ass off right now

soccerplayah 10/28/2012

I saw the same rainbow!

shaun413 10/27/2012

thought i was on /r/pics

InternationalFuck 10/27/2012

How do you know it's upside down. The tree could be upside sown in the sky. Checkmate atheists.

asmo97 10/28/2012

looks more like a rightside up bowrain to me

ferrhis 10/27/2012

I saw this one today too, there were actually three including one making a ring around the sun. It was pretty awesome.

chunky47 10/27/2012

That rainbow was supposed to go to Australia.

Bacon_Generator 10/27/2012

Where were you? I saw something exactly like this in Alexandria, VA yesterday... my fiance didn't find it nearly as interesting as I did, lol.

smobear 10/28/2012

Is this near Boston by any chance?

bestresponse 10/28/2012

It's a happy storm :)

gersfan8 10/28/2012

I saw the same thing while at work yesterday! There were three rainbows, actually. One upside-down, another sort of reflecting it, and a third was off to the side. Couldn't capture all three in the same shot though. Sorry it is hard to see, I only had my phone with me at the time.

x13emma13x 10/28/2012

They're watching.

mecrosis 10/28/2012

If this stuff floats your boat, Atmospheric Optics is a great site.

Zebidee 10/28/2012

Dafuq i was at a farm in RI that had a corn maze yesterday and i saw the same thing...

P0larized 10/28/2012

holy shit! i saw that today too. u in NJ?

smuffins1 10/27/2012

Oh shit you know what that means God's about to break his promise and flood the entire earth again

Archaeoculus 10/27/2012

Where are you? we had the same thing over where I am. There were like 4 of them

Thurgen 10/27/2012

I saw this as well! You don't happen to be from Natick, MA do you?

Razrz 10/27/2012

Fuck your logic

Graphicz 10/27/2012

And the most out-of-place WTF image title today goes to a rainbow.

deivijs 10/28/2012

Can a physicist explain this, please?

MattyDred1 10/27/2012


sfacets 10/28/2012

A smiley face

Carithian 10/27/2012

Look closely there are two.

xCCHSxICEM4Nx 10/27/2012

Go home rainbow, you are drunk.

tevert 10/28/2012

chem trail rainbow

ItsonFire911 10/27/2012

I think that it's now time for people to hate me because of Japanese culture...

soundwafflez 10/28/2012

Or the trees upside down and picture is flipped. Anyways I thought hurricane season was over..

wRaw 10/28/2012

wow, not only is your post not the least bit wtf, it's kinda stupid, use google, its a new thing that helps you figure out things about the world

malcolmxtacy 10/28/2012

I saw this poking through the clouds was alarming - the weather's so funky there are bright sundogs shining through the clouds? Is this storm going to be nuts?

Vileness_fats 10/27/2012

The beta is broken.

average_gilbert 10/27/2012

Two of them actually

cakemix567 10/27/2012

The gold will fall on your head!!! Aiiiigh!!!

AliasUndercover 10/27/2012

Saw it in middleton ma here!

mem2521 10/27/2012

God is laughing at you.

Shit's 'bout to go down.

LeBossk 10/27/2012

So it begins..

Gateway1012 10/27/2012

Saw this today also I was like stop it rainbow that's not how you're supposed to work

spambot_3000 10/27/2012

"It's as if the natural world has been turned upside down" - Lord Mandrake

Stevedabinsk 10/27/2012

I was there with Lily!

AzuraZora 10/27/2012

Oh, you are fucked

ODBasUcansee 10/27/2012

saw that too..
I was in Yonkers.. there were 2 on either side of the sun.

as a kid I would always notice this phenom and tell my parents, they thought I was making it up.

Tapeball45 10/27/2012

Sixth sense.

houstonUA6 10/28/2012

Good luck finding that pot of gold.

wicole04 10/28/2012

They say everybody sees the upside-down rainbow.

another_old_fart 10/28/2012

The leprechaun is in heaven now... oh crap here come all the atheists run! Its a stampede!!!!!

Zshogan 10/28/2012

A trans-sexual was born today!

THEMCThompson 10/28/2012

We call it a God smile.

towo 10/28/2012

It's god smiling cuz of the sh*t he can cause.

Jessicaks 10/28/2012

Don't worry. Just stand there, and eventually you will flip the right direction and it will all seem normal. :-0

HermesTheMessenger 10/28/2012

WTF are you in connecticut?

KrikkitRabbit 10/28/2012

You must live extremely close to me, cause I saw the same thing when I looked straight up.

xxsuperpyroxx 10/28/2012

Shits about to get fucked....

Waz433268 10/28/2012

I hope u know, its actually double upside down rainbows. Keep looking down and Ull see the second one just faintly.

masahawk 10/28/2012

strange, I saw this exact same ting where i live

dave1223 10/28/2012

Look closely it's a double rainbow

haimekyra 10/28/2012

The Dark Mark... a sign of death.

Absolum 10/27/2012

Jesus is getting ready for some fun times

[deleted] 10/27/2012

I'm sorry, but you're about to die.

IRSoup 10/27/2012

i doth believe there be two in this photo

FueledByTesla 10/27/2012

See that /r/WTF. Rainbows. Rainbows are now considered what the fuck material. Wow.

Larry_The_Lobster 10/27/2012

>' The Almighty Lord proclaimith, "He who gazes uponith thy upside-down rainbow is aboutith to get fucked hardith." Amen.'

StonedSoldier830 10/27/2012

Checkmate, Christians.

josephanthony 10/28/2012

H.A.A.R.P - The capability to destroy cyclones.

scotchdog 10/28/2012


Summerrbrooke 10/28/2012

its called a fuckin Chembow, it is reflecting due to Ice crystals with particulate matter...look the shit up, to nonbelievers...just read

sattaman423 10/28/2012

what the hell i posted the same thing but i didnt get shit

pedobear27 10/28/2012

¿uɐǝɯ ʇı sǝop ʇɐɥʍ

MysteryNipples 10/28/2012

Theres a chemtrail on the left

LittleBear42 10/28/2012

Were there ponies? Pretty and sparkly ones? That would be a nice hurricane to have. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

[deleted] 10/28/2012

bad omen.....

zipparumpazoo 10/27/2012

OMG I JYST SAW ONE OF THESE YESTERDAY! is that normal for hurricanes?

Kyleurmom1 10/28/2012