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so it's suggesting to brush the inside of your ass with celery?

.... or just to eat it? um. what

da_cake_eatur 10/15/2012

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lunchboxg4 10/15/2012

did anyone else notice "ribbed for pleasure?" wtf

bc4 10/15/2012

And the celery had to be french.

Guboj 10/15/2012

I'm pretty sure your cheeks separate the other direction.

If your butt opens like this, you probably have some serious form of birth-defect.

do_hickey 10/15/2012

Are they saying that gamers like celery stick to brush inside their asses?

maeljw 10/15/2012

ribbed for extra pleasure O.O

klh7390 10/15/2012

All I could think of was this scene from MacGruber NSFW

[deleted] 10/15/2012

So, that guy's asshole opens up like the top of a funnel about about 8 inches into his pelvis...

RealityIsMyReligion 10/15/2012

He look like he's having a prostate orgasm.

Chachoregard 10/15/2012

I think this should be on /r/WTF

Sn0wzor 10/15/2012

I think I would be more scared of the talking celery that is trying to brush my colon, rather than the toothbrush itself.

shibbyman342 10/15/2012

Stopped buying toilet paper. Guests ask me why there are shit covered celery stocks clogged in my toilet. Better rethink this.

Nodaki 10/15/2012

His ass looks like Crush from finding nemo

LtlAnalDwlngButtMnky 10/15/2012

Well that celery stalk is rattling his g-spot. Can't say I blame him.

doodoo_brown 10/15/2012

He kinda looks like Ricky Gervais.

Bless_Me_Bagpipes 10/15/2012

For some reason, that fucked me up more then most shit on r/WTF

dat-reddit 10/15/2012

They could have just put a CENSORED bar there...but noooo. Let's go on a magical journey inside the colon!

AmpleWarning 10/15/2012

I don't know who drew this but that is NOT how butt cheeks work.

Racheldkane 10/15/2012

This seems more like something that came from Ren and Stempy

FlyingApple31 10/15/2012

does no one else see the happy little dino that is his ass? kinda a smirky dino pac man

lawrensj 10/15/2012

i feel like this belongs in the WTF sub reddit...

gun_toting_pothead 10/15/2012

My mom walked by right as I opened this page... how do I explain?

DaFitz 10/15/2012

Ribbed for xtra pleasure... This is not nutrition tip, this is porn tip.

[deleted] 10/15/2012

why does his ass open upwards ಠ_ಠ

S0ulRayne 10/15/2012

my ass doesn't open that way

Burtonboy96 10/15/2012

The way he holds his ass open freaks me's just not right

zepsuta 10/15/2012

Now that's fucked up.

Pookas 10/15/2012

I hope that's not my fucking toothbrush, Celery

fred_dawg 10/15/2012

some things... just cant be unseen

cannon4747 10/15/2012

Why does his ass open like pacman's mouth. I don't think I've ever seen a person with a horizontal ass crack .

CreepyWindows 10/16/2012

I have a horrible deformity - I don't have teeth in my colon.

ninereeds314 10/15/2012

Oops! i'v been doing it wrong all this time!! o.O

brelgno1 10/15/2012

His arse can open pretty far, it makes me clench my cheeks looking at it.

iarron 10/15/2012

That is a big asshole.

studmuffffffin 10/15/2012

"Ribbed for xtra pleasure" haha wtf

mcreeves 10/15/2012

I like the part where it says "RIBBED FOR EXTRA PLEASURE"

lol.. wtf

Max_Beezly 10/15/2012

And it's ribbed for extra pleasure. :)

boardin1 10/15/2012

the most disturbing thing is "ribbed for xtra pleasure"

coltraine 10/15/2012


abiridaught 10/15/2012

I think he has more than colon problems if his ass opens up like that.

Radirondacks 10/15/2012

Celery, You stay the hell away from me.

sirdrizzzle 10/15/2012

I think more importantly we need to notice that his butt looks like Pac-Man!

DrKaptain 10/15/2012

toothbrush for your colon? if you have teeth in your colon, fiber is the least of your worries

myeverymovment 10/15/2012


[deleted] 10/15/2012

I posted this a long time ago on my old account. Daniel Tosh posted it on his website. For one day, I was internet famous.

uniwizard 10/15/2012

Apparently I've been eating celery wrong my entire life.

chuckles2013 10/15/2012

Ooh lala!

Qurayami 10/15/2012

I know it seems counter intuitive, but you are going to want to go with the thick end first... now hear me out. You can go skinny end first, but it is just going to keep slipping out.

YoureMyBoyBloo 10/15/2012

What in the actual hell.

Dboy3sixty 10/15/2012


KiiLZ 10/15/2012

Brush :( Colby 2012

shuhari 10/15/2012

My ass doesn't open that way.

Taorero_Sakanade 10/15/2012

So that's why the fifth Doctor was a fan of celery...

correcthorsestapler 10/15/2012

What the fuckity fuck

Jessieher 10/15/2012

so... thats a stalk of celery scrubbing a guys colon with a tooth brush? is this right? am i confused somehow?

adzug 10/15/2012

Is that true? God I would love to never use an enema again.

kevter80085 10/15/2012

im not sure i can trust anything recommend by the "Devil Chef"

1261849 10/15/2012

That "Ooh LaLa" will haunt me in me nightmares.

__d-_-b__ 10/15/2012


warholslittledreamer 10/15/2012

Which one? They both do.

Iminurcomputer 10/15/2012

Why did I have to see this while eating celery?

mfskarphedin 10/15/2012

anybody else get reminded of this? http://thepasswordisswordfish....

hkuffel 10/15/2012

I read that "ooh lala" in Marty McFly's voice.

_aron_ 10/15/2012

Celery, Celery If she don't come, I'll tickle her bum with a lump of celery

superpastaaisle 10/15/2012

Ooh lalaa!

zombiej3sus 10/16/2012

Anyone else notice that his buttocks need a realignment?

Wellinformedvoter 10/16/2012

What the FUCK did I just click on.

Nousernamerage 10/16/2012

Duhhh. That's because it's "ribbed for extra pleasure"!

ryandg 10/15/2012

"ribbed for extra pleasure"

sarabonne 10/15/2012