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more like, he won't recognize your jokes, so you'll be the funniest human he knows!

thesnowflake 10/23/2012

op are you retarded

otgdeathpenalty 10/23/2012

Why would you ever include 9gag in that comic

wannalatte 10/23/2012

You are cancer.

goaless 10/23/2012

I cringed hard for you.

EdJim 10/23/2012

The last panel shouldn't have the I lied face

jtthegr8 10/23/2012

He'll look up Reddit now that you mentioned it and you'll never see him again.

SilentHipster 10/23/2012

Haaaaaa that's hilarious. My husband didn't know what reddit was when we started dating, and he thought I was some sort of wizard who is awesome at funny things on the internet. I would text him rage faces from the app as a response to random things he said, and thought I was super funny and creative.

inquiringmindsfap 10/23/2012

downvoted cuz 9gag

OrcarinaOfTrees 10/23/2012

Reddit female dating non redditor...

I am not amused...

Veadro 10/23/2012

this is the comic that made me unsuscribe from /r/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu

onlyblackguyonreddit 10/23/2012

Do you know what memes are? FTFY

luminehall 10/23/2012

The I lied face works Tho... I feel like that sometimes.

rawkerstatus 10/23/2012

If someone doesn't spend much time on the internet/know internet jokes, I no longer see a potential for a close relationship. I can still be your friend, but we will never be close. It's pretty pathetic.

melanie086 10/23/2012

We don't take kindly to your folk 'round here.

paperclich3 10/23/2012

also boyfriends are equipped with a appendage called a penis, you should also use that as well.

SoulPoleSuperstar 10/23/2012

bitch, he has life, you don't

somethingyousee 10/23/2012

Use him as the karma-whore he is, pimpette!

New spin on karma whoring??

Rambi 10/23/2012

Well looks like you already have a ton of karma from this.

chewpacoopa 10/23/2012

Just to make things clear:

  • I do not use 9gag.
  • I try to keep my real-life separate from Reddit as I like remaining anonymous, and so I asked if he used either Reddit or 9gag because if he used either I would avoid making comics or posts about him so that he wouldn't see them on either site.
  • Aside from him not using Reddit, he and I share many interests. I likely won't try to turn him ...

guignoleyes 10/23/2012

Until he goes to Google and types in "Reddit."

Onzez 10/23/2012

OP can't spell opportunity

le_squiggle 10/23/2012

OP is a 9fag

damnittkyle 10/23/2012

I read her voice in Ellie's voice from Borderlands 2 for some reason.

unholyrage 10/23/2012

hon? are you from the baltimore area?

samsonsimpson9 10/23/2012

Good thing he doesn't know what 9gag is, then you'd have to leave him.

jcpearce 10/23/2012