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They do this in an absolutely last ditch effort to KEEP the patient alive, not kill them. It's called an Escharotomy ( When a body comes in contact with a flame and 3rd degree burns are formed, all three layers of the skin (dermis, hypodermis, and epidermis) are burned away. This patient is almost certainly ...

[deleted] 11/26/2012

Here's some info about this guy:

deadbeareyes 11/26/2012

That nipple ring......

monstermash51 11/26/2012

My husband's dad died from a house fire. He was in a coma and this was the next step as an attempt to keep him alive. It was either this or take him off the life support as there was only about a 5% chance he would live, and he would have been a vegetable. They ended up pulling the plug and I'm thankful in the sense that my husband never had to see his father cut up like this.

coocoocachoooo 11/26/2012

"i asked for well done! this is still medium rare!"

ithinkimacat 11/26/2012

Think of me what you may, I'd just want to die.

Quacky_ 11/26/2012


andsheis 11/26/2012

the little toasty nipples crack me up (in a sad way)

mrsgrouchomarx 11/26/2012

It looks like he's been blanched.

LoLingSoHard 11/27/2012

This is an escharotomy, used to relieve the tension formed by circumferential severe burns that will compress the thorax, leading to an inability to breathe. Circumferential burns may also lead to compartment syndrome in the extremities, and escharotomies may be done on them as well.

thisisathrowawaytwo 11/26/2012

Those scars are gonna make that tattoo look kinda silly now

ROK247 11/26/2012

My grandmother was the victim of a boat explosion when she was in her 20s and was charred black (think Alessa from the Silent Hill film) but somehow lived.

Also, I swear I've seen this same guy in an r/WTF accident before. The bearded guy tattoo

[deleted] 11/26/2012

I kinda felt the urge to grab the chest part and see if it comes off in 1 piece. But I'd never touch that...

MEAN_MUG_SHOT 11/26/2012


thenameszeb 11/26/2012

I'm leaving this article about Dax

If you ever get a chance to see the documentary Dax's Story, I suggest it. Basically, this guy kept telling the doctors to let him die, and they put him through a ton of pain, and he survived. He is one of the reasons that autonomy is a big part of Patient's Rights now.

If anyone was wondering, its Autonomy, ...

TheUltimateSalesman 11/26/2012

I just wanna peel it all off

clean_plate_club 11/26/2012

There's no fucking way he's alive

michaelmike_ 11/26/2012

And that is why you don't wear nipple rings, you become a lightning rod.

thedersy1 11/26/2012

> + cuts to relieve the skin

mmm...dat relief

mavol 11/26/2012

I'm looking at that and to me it doesn't really seem that bad but I'm guessing most of that skin is dead?

Kinda wondering if this guy made it, any back story?

iMADEthis2post 11/26/2012

Well that's the worst thing I've seen today.

CellyAllDay 11/26/2012

House fire caused this if anyone is wondering. From a link someone posted way below.

Halsfield 11/26/2012

Huh, I always thought that happened naturally because the skin just splits the fuck out or something. Did he survive? Any post-op/recovery pics?

Ryugi 11/26/2012

Mmmmmmm chicharrĂ³n!

thommie 11/26/2012

How many consecutive days would someone like that stay medicated on pain killers? Are you subsequently addicted to pain killers after something like this because it was so traumatic?

rojlewis 11/26/2012

I really hope they have him under when this pic was taken. I'd lose it if I looked down and saw how they cut me up

lulzzors 11/26/2012

Done to prevent compartments syndrome which is where there is a severe injury which causes an increased pressure within a muscle compartment that leads to muscle and nerve damage related to decreased blood supply. As OP said, they make these cuts to relieve the pressure, but it does increase the risk of infection

Towlybear 11/27/2012


Cb1976 11/26/2012

Nipple rings and tats rendered 100 percent useless!

shaunfrederick 11/26/2012

how does that not get infected?

purplepicklepicker 11/26/2012

This was posted a month ago here on WTF, as well.

In addition, when beginning the surgery, only small incisions are made around the circumference of the abdominal area. Pressure has built up in the eschar (burnt tissue) due to the loss of elasticity of ...

xashyy 11/26/2012

that guy is alive?

t3gatus 11/27/2012

He had nipple piercings... Hot metal on your nipples must feel terrible.

coian764 11/27/2012

I can't tell why I had to click back on that to have another look...

HombreEspanol 11/26/2012

Chest escharotomy to minimize the chances of compartment syndrome once the subsurface tissues begin to retain water and swell again.

Ascetiq 11/27/2012

The cuts are to prevent compartment syndrome.

You know when you burn a plastic bag? It turns into a small ball.

That's what essentially happens to burn victims. Their skin contracts, compresses and compromises the blood vessels and their blood flow and also suffocates the victim.

Slicing them up like this allows for proper blood flow and allows them to breathe.

Ikinhaszkarmakplx2 11/27/2012

Kaiser Soze!

TheFeverFrenzy 11/27/2012

i wonder, was it the dragon he has on his arm that burned him?

lurkenstine 11/26/2012

This is a repost. Seen this here a few months ago.

LehmannDaHero 11/27/2012

At least the managed to save his sweet tattoo

-ogre- 11/26/2012

Nice tatoo though.

Beast_and_the_harlot 11/26/2012

so unfortunate

ohsteveoh 11/26/2012

I know how tight my skin feels from a slight sun burn, I can't imagine how bad it is from 3rd degree burns.

kmcbride 11/26/2012

Just kill me.

[deleted] 11/26/2012

That's gonna leave a scar...

-Yngin- 11/27/2012

how to they keep someone like this sedated? or is still thru an IV? im only asking bc i dont see it possible to stick a needle in someone so badly burn AND hit a vein.

MonjStrz 11/27/2012

That poor fucking guy...

UncleHouse 11/27/2012

The most disgusting thing is, it probably wouldn't smell half bad. Unless his hair got burnt too.

Corrupt_T 11/27/2012

Why is the nipple piercing still there?

Daddypimp 11/27/2012


millre01 11/27/2012

The severity of the burn is what will guide the decision to go ahead with an escharotomy. I should have been more specific knowing that someone would say "not all......" You didn't meet the criteria.

joerockhard321 11/27/2012

Are the cuts as deep as they look or is this because of how bad the burns are?

easy2kill 11/27/2012

I would eat a fucking bullet

Gludius 11/27/2012

First it was tattoos, then a nipple ring... body modification is really getting out of hand.

Flomo420 11/27/2012

Well, that's one way to remove a tatoo...

OPKatten 11/27/2012

Was eating pork rinds when this came up; kept eating.

[deleted] 11/27/2012

are there enough pain killers for something like this?

skitso 11/27/2012

That looks fucking delicious.


brightddarkness 11/27/2012

where'd you get your ink done?

lettersmakewords 11/26/2012

Damn poor guy that's like 500 dollars worth of tattoos ruined.

Valtocupi 11/26/2012

Fucked up his tat too :-(

TalkingBackAgain 11/26/2012

If it were me I'd be pissed at all the money I wasted on that ink.

brooklyn11218 11/26/2012

Sweet nipple piercing

sti2pow 11/26/2012

Does he have a nipple ring?

jchy13 11/27/2012

Is the the part where I post up a smartass comment making fun of something about this guy to make everyone think I'm so cool and hardcore that I didn't have to stare at pictures of kittens for awhile after?

Hokido 11/27/2012

Anyone else notice the nipple ring?

Obeeeee 11/27/2012

Well thats one way to get rid of those shitty tattoos

dancingkats 11/27/2012


1kky 11/27/2012