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blonde: 10/10 would still bang

GaikokuJohn 11/01/2012

this is AMAZING. but i do have to ask, how many times tonight did the blonde get hit on by guys thinking he was actually a chick?

who_bah_stank 11/01/2012


[deleted] 11/01/2012

I didn't read the whole title at first and I was genuinely shocked to find the blonde is a male. He's really convincing. Kick ass job all three.

theprettiestjynx 11/01/2012


[deleted] 11/01/2012

Are you sure they are all males?? That blonde's chest looks suspiciously hairless to me.....

hintomint 11/01/2012

dont care, still want to bang the blond

lurkenstine 11/01/2012

Someone, explain this sorcery!

Can we get a before pic of the blonde, pretty please?

CamZillo 11/01/2012

The blonde is a girl. Guy on the left is a friend of a friend. OP stole this. They also had a really rad recreation of Book.

xlation 11/01/2012

still more attractive than Sarah Jessica Parker

crashaddict 11/01/2012


ignoramus012 11/01/2012

Boner, no! Can't you read? Oh Boner.

couldntderp 11/01/2012

The blonde one is looking damn good.

KoreanTerran 11/01/2012

Redhead looks perfect from the movie. Black hairred looks like a man. The blond one is h... ho... sigh ok, he's hot.

ZekeD 11/01/2012


[deleted] 11/01/2012

The blonde makes a gorgeous girl. I'm jealous and I am a woman. :/

grandteton 11/01/2012

The no cleavage on the blonde is freaking me out though. Maybe pencil it in next time? Still amazing job guys.

Bohvey 11/01/2012

They put a spell on you!?

JonnyBrah 11/01/2012

I have the weirdest boner right now.

Meh625 11/01/2012

where did her bewbs go ?

wdafxupgaiz 11/01/2012

Hocus Pocus by Focus?!? ... Nope just Halloween cross dressers. oh well still upvoted.

Orin87 11/01/2012

I'd fuck the short one.

Iamgoingtooffendyou 11/01/2012

The blonde is a girl, I went to college with all three of them. You should see the "book" they made to go with the costumes. It's phenomenal.

dainanator 11/01/2012

Penis, what are you doing? Penis. STAHP.

Bcmonks 11/01/2012

I have the weirdest boner...

georgia10 11/01/2012

the small one is making me question my sexuality. God damn it internet.

the_living 11/01/2012

Amok amok amok

kingeryck 11/01/2012

Yeah the wigs and makeup are impressive but the costumes are awesome. Where'd they get those?

[deleted] 11/01/2012

The one on the left doesn't pass.

The one in the middle... kinda. Maybe.

The one on the right, totally.

ChickinSammich 11/01/2012

Only 1 of the trio looks like a man. That's scary!

corporatemeltdown 11/01/2012

The left one is a guy? He looks so much like a woman!

greyscales 11/01/2012

"Sarah's" cleavage is creepy as hell..

butterfluck 11/01/2012

GRR! I wanted to be Winifred so bad for halloween, but I couldn't find a costume like hers. And I don't know how to sew! Where did this guy get this costume? I'm extremely jealous. : (

K8ers 11/01/2012

Before and after?

[deleted] 11/01/2012

Didn't it hurt to push non-boobs up into that corset?

PastryLove 11/01/2012

Brain: "Why doesn't that blonde have cleava- wh-" sigh

thedude213 11/01/2012

You have to let the blonde know that he can pull serious bank betting people that he can literally get more guys' numbers than an average girl can.

zzaman 11/01/2012

Came for horse-face jokes, stayed for amount of "wait that's a guy?" from blond/blonde.

old_to_me_downvoter 11/01/2012

With the exception of the blonde, I would rather bone these versions than the originals.

Sonendo 11/01/2012

I actually had to do a double take. I didn't read the whole title

veediepoo 11/01/2012

I'm curious to see what the blonde looks like as a guy.

rahrahkid 11/01/2012

Wow a corset really can make anyone look busty

ClockworkINTP 11/01/2012

I'm pretty damn happy that the blonde is actually a female, otherwise I would've had to talk to someone about these feelings I'm having.

smellthyscrote 11/01/2012

Creepy Nostalgia?

DannyGinger 11/01/2012

Why isn't the guy on the left Sarah Jessica Parker's character? I feel like with the pointy chin it would be perfect!

Pdubbs91 11/01/2012

Yea the one on tbe far right fooled me. Would still bang.

Decdsmam 11/01/2012

Fucking awesome, you nailed it

ifihadareason 11/01/2012

I got all excited, and then I saw "All guys."

Ranger_X 11/01/2012

They look far too good. Congrats on a night of shocked gropers!

MoreOatmealScotchies 11/01/2012

I read the tittle as holocaust costumes and was thinking how that would work out for them.

thatguy123456 11/01/2012

That's pretty damn good!! Truthfully I think Winnifred is the best, granted Sarah is hot, Winnifred just looks the most like Bette Midler as the character :)

bnthrdntht 11/01/2012

There is no way the blonde is able to breathe in that corset.

[deleted] 11/01/2012

Their hair looks fabulous!

greensoapbubble 11/01/2012

Guy on the right has nice tits

TimeKross 11/01/2012

This is awesome. Fantastic job.
Is Hocus Pocus a cultural touchstone film for this generation? I'd never really given it much thought before but it does seem like I've seen a lot more referencing of it in the culture on the last year or so.
Just curious.

SenorCardgage 11/01/2012

Maybe OP is the blonde. I don't think he was ready to learn about this power of his.

Maybe-Hypothetically 11/01/2012

I could swear I saw these guys last night.

beerbabe 11/01/2012

Reminds me of the movie Sorority Boys.

HoldmysunnyD 11/01/2012

No way! The blond has to be Scarlett Johansson.

JewelsMonkey 11/01/2012

the blonde is cuter then my last G/F sadly.

AbaddonSF 11/01/2012

you're some very pretty guys.

llcbdavis 11/01/2012

Beware the adam's apple

Mrninjamonkey 11/01/2012

Oh my, Winifred you are the mere sprig of a girl!

j1xwnbsr 11/01/2012

bette midler looks good

burdd 11/01/2012

I love how all comments are about how they are thinking they are gay because the they thought the right one was a guy

demacish 11/01/2012

I put a spell on you and now you're mine!

Aspel 11/01/2012

The blonde's boobs are photoshopped. She has much more defined cleavage in the second picture that is a reply to every comment in this thread.

giraff_guy 11/01/2012

ITT, A redditor fails to whore karma by posting a picture a million god damn times!

Fango20 11/01/2012

Fucking fabulous!

drawmeapicture 11/01/2012

Awesome bette midler pose!

citynights 11/01/2012

I have the weirdest lady boner

apocalypsemobster 11/01/2012

Great costumes, awful movie.

GenkiElite 11/01/2012

r/gonewild request on all three.

butt_soup 11/01/2012

Gun to my head, the redhead.

[deleted] 11/01/2012

That's the best Sara Jessica Parker has ever looked!

Gortonis 11/01/2012

kinda would do the blond one?>!?!?!

Asternine 11/01/2012

All dudes? The one dude pulled of the horse really well.

M7600 11/01/2012

The one on the right looks pretty convincing, something tells me this isn't his first time cross dressing.

f0rcedinducti0n 11/02/2012