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I need to start reading titles.

AadeeMoien 01/22/2013

My dyslexia made me read "Hot 21 year old in bikini". Dammit.

bloopitybloopy 01/22/2013

I'm so fucking sick of these. They aren't even funny, because you know it's either going to be this guy, or that one black gal who says, "Y'all motherfuckers need Jesus." It's been done. Move on.

Gyaruson 01/22/2013

Mobile users can see the thumbnail.

Ravensqueak 01/22/2013

Son of uh BITCH!

myrked 01/22/2013

I really wish they would start doing To Catch a Predator again. That was the funniest show on television.

mastout 01/22/2013

As a reddit enchancement suit user who clicks "view images", it took me 10 seconds or something for me to understand the joke...

Felixizm 01/22/2013

To be fair, it did have 5 upvotes in under 3 minutes. I just wanted to see what was so funny.

NYRfan30 01/22/2013


derfofdeath 01/22/2013

Was expecting a bottle of scoth with a bikini photoshopped on. I guessed wrong

citrus2644 01/22/2013

Where was the hot 12 y/o? Somebody's pants are on fire.

PinkDevil 01/22/2013

To be fair, I was expecting the 'Y'all need Jesus' lady picture, but close enough.

equilax 01/22/2013

Well I'm tagging you as a liar.

Now I gotta put my pants back on, ugh...

Dalelol 01/22/2013

I was just here to talk...

bgreenough 01/22/2013

Three words. "Reddit Enhancement Suite"

Ch1CKenCHasERR 01/22/2013

for disappointed folks, check out chinasmack's newest post

holysocks 01/22/2013

I'm assuming most people can't see the picture and title at the same time? Or maybe I missed the joke entirety.

rdmusic16 01/22/2013

"nah I didn't bring these hard lemonades for we were just going to watch a movie and hang out..I brought these condoms as a joke ya know? I promise I won't do it again..."..and then 17 sheriff deputies descend upon the house..and he cries.. It's every episode in a nutshell.

scnert 01/22/2013

This has only been done about 5000 times in the past YOU FUCKING FAGGOT OP


A seat over here?

Is she coming out soon?

NecroGod 01/22/2013

Fuck all of you people pretending you read it wrong or didnt see the title I clicked on this full well knowing what I was doing.

Bunyardz 01/22/2013

I was just swiping through pics on my phone, so this confused me

that1bloodyguy 01/22/2013

I read 21. I swear.

Tale_One 01/22/2013

I was expecting an old dog in a bikini or something. I just don't know.

NotSoMichaelangelo 01/22/2013

You need to NSFW this for it to be the slightest bit funny. I clicked the link to see what the thumbnail said.

Bondsy 01/22/2013

Non-nude is ok now, they're prioritizing

[deleted] 01/22/2013

love watching these to catch a predator series hahaha

willyboxc 01/22/2013

I was on my phone I couldn't skip it

JakeHawk16 01/22/2013

Omg, i didn't read the title and then i did and then i felt bad and dirty...

bootiful_ring 01/22/2013

I wanted to watch this show on Sunday night but couldn't find it. I love watching those creeps get busted.

brussels4breakfast 01/22/2013

This is where all the creeps are trapped up, i guess rather like myself.

polarbears3345 01/22/2013

Gross, I clicked this thinking it was going to be awesome, then I saw the number 1 in front of the 2.

creepy_is_what_I_do 01/22/2013

you people need pictures enabled on links...

ThisCorrosion 01/22/2013

I read the comments before opening. I had a serious WTF moment about the title.

jadedargyle333 01/22/2013

I only clicked because it was blue.

ChorroVon 01/22/2013

I swear it was RES!

AscorGames 01/22/2013

I clicked it because RES showed Chris in the thumbnail.

bjjones13 01/22/2013

I was expecting a picture of a dog in a bikini

DoctorWhatson 01/22/2013

I'm not clicking it!

ProjectA1xx 01/22/2013

I thought it said hot 12 year old bikini. Wanted to see the style from 2000ish.

Bacnewarts 01/22/2013

I just come here for the comments

zonker4965 01/22/2013


chaos2011 01/22/2013

lol dind't work I have the watch thumbnails plug in activated

stackering 01/22/2013

I was torn by the fact I know its wrong but like opening a Jack-In-The-Box, I couldn't resist finding out what was inside.

tonboguri 01/22/2013

i love these

angevelon 01/22/2013

I saw the title, thought for a second and guessed it would be a dog or something, not what I was expecting.

Clint_ 01/22/2013

Tro lol lol lol

Bhutch05 01/22/2013

I swear I've never done this before. I learned my lesson. Can I leave now? Oh god, my mom's going to take away my computer.

.... why did you do this?


MitchRomney 01/22/2013

I know reddit too well to fall for these.

robogief 01/22/2013

I don't think I should click on this

anon18 01/22/2013

Sexiest 12 year old ever wearing the least revealing bikini ever.

BuckAFunny 01/22/2013

The link was already purple for me... ಠ_ಠ

scotchlobster 01/22/2013

Read the title. Read it again. Said, there's gotta be something going on here. It's gonna be a dog or a llama or some weird shit. click nope, still funny.

spyhermit 01/22/2013

I swear to God I only clicked on it to write down that I didn't want to click on it.

Ogard 01/22/2013

I read this and thought, ... i want to see how this got past the filters, then i thought... what if "guverment lookin". Yes my mind accented that to southern inbreed speech.

loadanon 01/22/2013

im waiting for the controversy when it comes out hes a pedo

dicksrelated 01/22/2013

I was expecting a dog.

lasdlt 01/22/2013

Jokes on you: I knew it was Chris Hanson's beautiful, beautiful face.

dasredditnoob 01/22/2013

i dont know why i clicked...

A_Buff_Hamster 01/22/2013

RES fucks it up

ivladimir1 01/22/2013

Every time!

mav023 01/22/2013

It's in funny, and hasn't been deleted in the 7 hours since it's been posted. I expected this.

canned_film_festival 01/22/2013

RES...Didn't have a chance to skip or click without reading title, and now I'm a pedophile. great.

JustAMinuteAnHourAgo 01/22/2013

I knew this was gonna happen! I don't usually click on links like this.. but, I 've been lonely....

Am I gonna be in trouble? Can I just leave this thread? They're gonna arrest me, aren't they?

I'm just gonna stay here.

bocephus_huxtable 01/22/2013

I'm uh... not in trouble, am I? I can just leave?

Cereal_Eater 01/22/2013

why did I expect scotch?

xine302 01/22/2013

see imgur.. click.. don't understand... reading title.. throwing pc out of window

svk66 01/22/2013

Was expecting a whisky bottle. Was disappointed.

s-mores 01/22/2013

Oh, have a seat? Great, I needed an extra chair.

[deleted] 01/22/2013

I can kind of see the thumbnail and it ruins the joke.

Plus I have HoverZoom, so I've developed the habit of not ever reading the title.

_Discord_ 01/22/2013

I just figured it would be a cat or something..

mdubc 01/22/2013

In the split second it took for the image to load, I read the title. I was horrified.

1upD 01/22/2013