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David tennant?

slutburgor 10/06/2012

Yay David Tennant! :D

OnlyOneBecks 10/06/2012

no one cares how you feel

wookiesandwich 10/06/2012

Any gif with David Tennant deserves and upvote!

for_once 10/06/2012

r/reactiongifs bro ... It would gold over there man.

splurgeurge 10/06/2012

David Tennant.

deathbuffet1 10/06/2012

Bless this post, and all that comment in her.

reelbigwill 10/06/2012

Only upvoted because David Tennant.

ProperGrammarBitch 10/06/2012


EthenF 10/06/2012

What film/tv show is this gif from?

17Hongo 10/06/2012


fenix_nigger 10/06/2012

/r/HIFW for these pleeeease.

sensors 10/06/2012

Speaking of Casanova, where can you buy the dvd? I've only been able to see the first episode :(

Minkymink 10/06/2012


chikinboy 10/06/2012

I'm glad you posted this in r/funny because I'm laughing so fucking hard.

Anangryman 10/06/2012

Is this Tennent from before or after Doctor Who?

mj5748 10/06/2012

Wait, Doctor, what are you doing here? You're supposed to be dead. You didn't want to go, yeah, I get that, but no need to show up in my gifs.

XavierMendel 10/06/2012

Upvoted solely for Tennant-y goodness.

MordantSupernova 10/06/2012

Hey look it is David Tennant!


Kyle772 10/06/2012

I avoid /r/new like the plague so this never happens to me..

iliveinacave 10/06/2012

I thought the first to upvote a post is usually the OP? :0

derpylurker 10/06/2012

Wow, I thought it was just my crazy mind that seen David Tennant. Apparently everyone in reddit is just as crazy as me.

gmng24 10/06/2012

upvote for tennant.

TanyaNicole 10/06/2012

* insert doctor who David Tennent fan girling here*

zeppelinled99 10/06/2012

Liverpools opponents

CurlyNippleHairs 10/06/2012

I see what you are trying to do here.

callipygian_idealist 10/06/2012

You guys should really get a life, I mean you are using a pic of the man...DT to post some stupid shit about upvotes?!?! Sad sad little guys crack me up, your loneliness and the stupid shit you place value on give me the giggles :)

NapalmBright 10/06/2012