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10/10 blew air out of their nose upon reading that.

RedditorBacon 04/08/2013

This is defiantly in the top ten most re-posted thing in this subreddit.

aleccim15 04/08/2013

How I judge which reposts deserve an upvote.. Oh wait.


Mooselol 04/08/2013

Maybe if less people would upvote barely funny things, the front page might not be so shitty everyday. Just saying.

PinkLenny 04/08/2013

Upvoting Obama



^^These ^^captions ^^aren't ^^guaranteed ^^to ^^be ^^correct

CaptionBot 04/08/2013

yours didnt. downvote

AMitch123 04/08/2013

Yours didn't, have a downvote.

chabanais 04/08/2013

I'm with you. A small chortle gets an automatic upvote. A repost/spelling error gets an automatic downvote. Because that's how the world should be.

jotate 04/08/2013

You reposted? Fuck it have a downvote.

heisenberg69 04/08/2013

Your post is a repost?

Fuck it. Downvote

FireIce31 04/08/2013

that's called breathing

max93093 04/08/2013

This i reposted so god damn much and always creeps its way to front page.

sh0ckw4v3 04/08/2013

I just don't even bother upvoting or downvoting anything, ever. Unless a comment really perturbs me.

sea_otter 04/08/2013

this post did absolutely nothing of the sort for me.. and shows how everyone on reddit is 8 years old.. downvote

[deleted] 04/08/2013

Its impulsive like snickering but less enthusiastic

cgraybz 04/08/2013

Upvote, based on what the post said. Win.

jakerivett 04/08/2013

Oh you posted a repost? Have a down vote

Joshuamichaelg 04/08/2013

Then next thing you know this happens.

Skeeter_206 04/08/2013

I have you tagged as "This guy is amazing." I wonder why....

NoLoveForYouHa 04/09/2013

A repost? Fuck it, downvote.

Fawoosh 04/08/2013

This is perhaps the most accurate thing on reddit. Upvote for nose air.

thrillho10 04/08/2013

I made this same thing about 2 days ago....

ProassASSin216 04/08/2013

At first I was like, "What does he mean, blow air out my nose?" Then I realized it, then involuntarily did the 'blow air out of my nose' laugh, then laughed hard as I up-voted.

reebee7 04/08/2013

upvote tu you.

Feyo777 04/08/2013

It's a trap! -i'm not upvoting

ikilledkenny5 04/08/2013

10/10 would blow air out of nose at this again.

schobangman 04/08/2013

I realized I blew air out of my nose as I read the last line.

Fuck it. Upvote.

TK421isAFK 04/08/2013

LOL'd. Oh, the irony.

Charlieeeeee 04/08/2013

Someone posted this in a comment so... not original.

ComedicFailure 04/08/2013

Yes. This. True.

mesarocket 04/08/2013

I was like 'do I do this?' so I blew air out of my nose. welp guess what I have to do

NikWillOrStuff 04/09/2013

Dammit! Upvoted...

molefuze 04/08/2013

You posted an meme about a dead horse style, unoriginal phenomenon... fuck you. Downvote.

MIKEoxinurface 04/08/2013

I call it a "finff" because that's the noise it makes.

Glazed_BEagle 04/09/2013

20/10 blew air out of nose, did again 5 seconds later.

MrCodeSmith 04/09/2013

I totally just did that on this post! >_<

kittenjuggling 04/09/2013

"DAMNIT IT WAS SOOOOO OBVIOUS WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT" -Everyone after reading this post

the__itis 04/08/2013

By following this law, you have received an upvote.

StinginPlatypus 04/08/2013

god dam repost

mdpatelz 04/08/2013

Now I can't stop noticing my breathing. It's just there. SOMEONE MAKE IT STOP!

zoom25 04/08/2013

Well played op. Well played.

InTheCheifWeTrust 04/08/2013

I looked thin for a second, alot of air came out.

wtftrollol 04/08/2013

This hits close to home

BlackStarLine 04/08/2013

This used to be me until I saw this meme so much. I literally caught myself making this face and then upvoting today.

TreyviusAurelius 04/08/2013

I blew air from my nose three times, however, you still get only one upvote.

Jack-Casper 04/08/2013

That's exactly how it happens.

Specialblend6464 04/08/2013

I'm sick -> Downvotes for all.

gkx 04/08/2013

I remember blowing air out of my nose about this joke the first couple times I heard it.

Havel_the_Rock 04/09/2013

I only upvote when I find something truly informative, or genuinely hilarious. If I am rendered unable to breathe for a few minutes, you have earned it.

MindlessSpark 04/09/2013

Damn it now I'm conscious of it!

ppgclone 04/09/2013

I never Rarely Downvote... Today You Tommorow ME!

balamory 04/09/2013

Everytime this comes around, I blow air out of my nose to check if i really do that when I enjoy a post.

Please_dont_go_there 04/09/2013

i wasn't aware I did this, now I am hyper-aware.

PastyNoob 04/09/2013

Upvoted for making me blow air and coffee out my nose. WHAT?!? I'm easily amused.

leesqueaks 04/09/2013


thetsmitty 04/09/2013

This is how I'm going to live the rest of my life

SquirrellyWrath2 04/09/2013

i blew air from my nose twice. First when i read the post, and another time when i realized i actually blew air from my nose reading that after what i immediately identify myself to the character which slightly amused me.

nameless___ 04/09/2013

Phhhhhhhhhh phhhh phhhhhhhh

CoknZambies 04/09/2013

and now I have a system...

ArmandoMiguel 04/09/2013

Blew air out my nos reading this: blowception!

Sjoerd3514 04/09/2013

Considering I blew a little bit of air out of my nose reading that, I'm pretty sure I'm legally obligated to upvote you.

I_Buck_Fuffaloes 04/18/2013

You mean you can't breathe unless the post makes you?

badguy28 04/21/2013

How are these posts even to receive upvote?

DPRK_Supreme 04/08/2013

My roommate actually laughs out loud, I can hear him from my room. Just waiting for him to kill me

friskygiblets 04/08/2013

You guys act like you have a set amount of upvotes.

[deleted] 04/08/2013

Made me do same, followed your lead

xjayroox 04/08/2013


I got a little excited after I typed it, thought it might be an acronym for OBAMA :-(

Megatrqn 04/08/2013

Came here to confession bear that I blew air out of my nose.

pilotlicense 04/08/2013

Sooooo good

Veejones 04/08/2013

I literally did that and realized you deserved the upvote.

[deleted] 04/08/2013

Well, fuck. I just did exactly what the first part of the meme says so I may as well just follow up with with the last part of it also, so...fuck it, upvote.

Master_Wawa 04/09/2013

I downvoted only because of Obama

MavUSA19 04/09/2013

snort: (intransitive verb) to make an explosive sound by forcing air quickly up or down the nose.

^(Definition of snort verb from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

BarelyRelevantFact 04/08/2013

My mind is this close to exploding.

Tetrakka 04/08/2013

That guy's shirt in the background totally looks like a Metapod.

my8thchannel 04/08/2013

By the power of this standard, I GIVE AN UPVOTE.

solosuite 04/08/2013

You are now breathing manually.

SinnerOfAttention 04/08/2013

truer words have never been spoken

decoy321 04/08/2013

I got a bit of a chuckle with the air, that calls for gold.

aredditorsgf 04/08/2013

Anyone baffled by the wolves, or do I just not upvote comments enough?

Atalacus 04/08/2013