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Urgh, me too. I fail to see what it achieves.

We need a new verse: We are called to be on Facebook, but not of Facebook!

FuzzyToaster 09/19/2012

Jesus died for our sins.

And likes on Facebook.

Crazy_And_Me 09/19/2012

You are the one using a stupid platform associating yourself with stupid immature people, not us.

EvOllj 09/19/2012

The trend of "Like if you ________ . Share if you ________ ." is getting so old. Worse than the email chain letters they replaced, and when it involves religion.. it's pretty discrediting.

Devoidus 09/20/2012

Well at least they only want one and a half likes.

foolin 09/19/2012

It would be so fun to control that facebook account.

jjduhamer 09/19/2012

This should be the test to see who has to pay for facebook. They should pay so the rest of us have no ads

Thendofreason 09/27/2012