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I know exactly where that is.... Welp, looks like my afternoon is now booked solid.

[deleted] 08/20/2012

Damn it. Why not PCH and Main, or PCH and Newport (55)?

On a side note: I always thought MacArthur ended at Campus.

hp4e28 08/20/2012

Wait wait wait, in front of The Crow Bar? Or the Civic Center? THIS IS IMPORTANT, I need the best angle to view it from... I'll walk down from Muldoon's when it's happening.

R_Jeeves 08/20/2012

I fucking hate these fb posts


rastapasta808 08/20/2012

Fuck I love OC. Everytime I visit, hotties everywhere. And the few I dated were actually pretty down to Earth

Cynikal818 08/20/2012

That is the most intelligent response I have ever seen. You win today.

MrMorganTaylor 08/20/2012

So where is this?

Kyle_Crafty 08/20/2012

You'd like that, wouldn't you OP?

drawingdead0 08/20/2012

Please, please stop with the facebook posts.

flagbearer223 08/20/2012

I want to see the video of this

iheartcardigans 08/20/2012

pics or it didn't happen. for science. not for my spank bank or anything. haha. of course not.

disckbiscuit 08/20/2012

Do it; you won't. You won't do it.

johnny_Hurricane 08/20/2012

I'm keeping an eye out in Newport.

bblutz 08/20/2012

For a track to explode on? Can I stunt if I want and not have my ass get rolled on?

daltyy 08/20/2012

see you at newpppsss

dr_re_rack 08/20/2012

This. This is not funny.

rewindyourmind321 08/20/2012

I really wished I lived near here so I could feel included...

Joegabe 08/20/2012

So, did you guys get a free show?

emh1389 08/20/2012

Wow, this is the first of any of your posts that I've seen that doesn't seem to be a repost.

ConstipatedNinja 08/20/2012

Wow... right down the street from me! CDM represent!

I_Date_Dads 08/20/2012

About 10 minutes away from there. I'm going to need a date.

Crossfox17 08/20/2012

I wish I had seen this when it was posted, it would have given me something to go do today. Please tell me they actually did it.

tjean 08/20/2012

Dear god i live right down the street now I'm am going to sit there and wait.

lebidicus13 08/20/2012

so close to home...

newtoncar 08/20/2012

google maps, im there

bsmithisgreat 08/20/2012

you guys must live in the weird borderline cities of OC, in Yorba Linda I believe we have 2 1/2 black families, and 6 mexican families(the lawns are huge here)

buell_boy 08/21/2012

Afterwards we could all go shopping at ~~Fashion~~ Fascist Island!

readyaimkill 08/20/2012

that will be epic when that happens

conley46 08/20/2012

I'd love to see that in a video, in the safety of my home.

PakPak96 08/20/2012

Ummmm ur really close to me

SokkasInstincts 08/20/2012

Steve Kardynal can.

whosyourbaddy 08/20/2012

Bet you can't not do it.

[deleted] 08/20/2012

you're getting me to buy a plane ticket home to watch this

throwawaymyanus 08/20/2012

I am really hoping that there will be some sort of evidence of this.

athenam927 08/20/2012

plz live live over there dont ruin my drive home

da_pumpkin_king13 08/20/2012

I live so close to there.... And now we wait

theviolentrose 08/20/2012

Dont tell me what i cant do!

DevouringZombie 08/20/2012

I think I would have found this funnier if the 1st guy had said 'you bet your fucking ass I can and will'. He has no obligation to actually do any of that shit based on his original comment.

keesh 08/20/2012

why must i be busy at camp Pendleton!!!!! pics or it didn't happen :'(

elmugtheman0 08/20/2012

If only the person who mocked this up had picked the correct font...

ColloquiaIism 08/20/2012

My mom literally lives rite there.... no one cares :(

Jonny1394 08/20/2012

Parkway Central!!!!!!!!!!2013

TimelessTimo 08/20/2012

ha! I grew up right there. I would fly from nyc back to oc just to witness this.

hotwaxcat 08/20/2012

anteater alum checking-in

rachelzane 08/20/2012

I came here hopping to see, a picture of her, dissapointed redditer here....

yoRifRaf 08/20/2012

hah. I know where this is. If it's going down, I will go and take a pic for proof.

willeesmalls 08/20/2012


bigbluefluffydog 08/20/2012

I guess I'm not the only person from Newport who saw this...

colinduffy 08/20/2012

good thing i didn't see this earlier or my day would've been gone waiting for this to happen

emurph086 08/20/2012

I came to the comment section for a link to the video. Where is it?!

KingDingALing1 08/20/2012

Stay in Newport. We don't want you down here in Laguna.

Shoola 08/20/2012

Hey, I did U turn there today

Upset_Wookie 08/21/2012

Orange county redditors unite!

Gonza200 08/21/2012

Give me 30 minutes and I'll knock over that fucking card stand.

Bellstrom 08/21/2012

I know where that is!

venku122 08/21/2012

Where's my invite? I live 10 miles from there haha

HBZ415 08/21/2012

ooooo, get burned :D

iEatTimbits 08/21/2012

I live right in santa ana, hopefully i didnt miss the show..

th3th3ory 08/21/2012

That's why you should take a picture of him doing it instead of posting a picture of a stupid Facebook conversation.

ThaWalrus2 08/21/2012

You can't kiss your elbow, prove me wrong

Pav0n 08/21/2012

I'll bring a lounge chair.

Aisuru 08/21/2012