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You asked for a Gabe Newell birthday cake?

DeathAngelNick 02/04/2013

your parents did not do this. It was yourself, since you're a sad fuck

[deleted] 02/04/2013

>I asked my parents for a Gabe Newell birthday cake

yankke 02/04/2013

Has Reddit's obsession not gone far enough?

AnteSim 02/04/2013

That's kinda fucked up. On a few levels.

mjallemand 02/04/2013

Does anyone else wonder if Gabe Newell sits in his house just feeling weird about his quasi-celebrity?

"God, I hope I'm forgotten as quickly as John Romero."

"I just want to watch a movie, but they're always out there, watching, waiting."

"A cake with me dressed as some kind of Saint-Monarch? Let's use Google to see just how much plastic surgery can change me. How difficult is it to disappear ...

pretendent 02/04/2013

r/cringe is that way....

[deleted] 02/04/2013

This was posted the day before the last summer sale. One of the best videos on YouTube.

brandonw00 02/04/2013

You know what? He's a 15 year old kid who wanted a funny fucking cake. I'm pretty sure there's 15 year olds that get One Direction cakes or Justin Bieber cakes or Glee cakes or Selena Gomez cakes or even Halo cakes. So why the fuck is getting Gabe Newell any different? Because he's a real dude that's done some actually cool shit? Because it was done in a funny manner?

You neckbeards are just ...

misstetra 02/04/2013

You totally just got this cake for the karma. And it's probably gonna work.

thetit 02/04/2013

do you pray to it?

Sneaky-Snakey 02/04/2013

wow, that's fucking weird.

jskater17 02/04/2013

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one on r/gaming who doesn't care about Gabe Newell.

Vihzel 02/04/2013

I've seen some shit... but this is too much.

piclemaniscool 02/04/2013

My god.... This will either be loved or hated here.

Pretty epic cake though no doubt about it.

jflores2821 02/04/2013

Ok, this gabe stuff has gone too far.

Midgetfinger 02/04/2013

That's going to be hard to cut into.

bigrivertea 02/04/2013

Your 15...and your parents care enough to do something like this? I approve carry on.

Mega_pooh_bear 02/04/2013

It look sacridelicious!

KountChocula 02/04/2013

Well guys, pack it up half life 3 is all but confirmed now.

3 candles above his head, 3 fingers being held up...

Now I will wait for the game, any minute now.

SCREW-IT 02/04/2013

Checkmate, atheists.

gbuuun 02/04/2013

Your parents are amazing.

inquizz 02/04/2013

Im not a big Gabe Newell fan nor do I care if he did it himself and posted it for karma or however it came about, but I just about shit myself and choked on my water at the same time when I saw it...hilarious

K4TCondemned 02/04/2013

Your parents are amazing, you better marry them.

Electrofox 02/04/2013

Gabe Newell and Christian imagery in the same post? Reddit must be so confused right now.

HeyCarpy 02/04/2013

When I was 16 I asked my mom for a hooker for my birthday. She didn't get me a prostitute, but she did get me a cake with a half naked chick on it.

Zomby_Jezuz 02/04/2013

Very interesting choice of cake decoration. But hell, who am I to judge? When I was six or seven I had a Yoshi birthday cake.

AppealPlay 02/04/2013

The people denying this and saying he made it himself makes me a little sad.

People just assume everything the SLIGHTEST bit interesting is just bullshit.

According to Reddit, nobody ever does anything of any interest in their lives. They just make things up for Reddit. That's what everyone's fucking life is about...

I genuinely feel bad for you if you're life is so dull that someone doing ...

Lawlor 02/05/2013

So they put a picture on top of a cake? Couldn't even get it printed on the cake? Not very impressive or cool. Your parents photoshopped a picture and put the piece of paper on top of a cake. Whoo hoo.....

noonotthat 02/05/2013

The major religion of /r/gaming...


Hotglue89 02/04/2013

I'm asking for a John Romero meatloaf for my birthday.

stevesonaplane 02/05/2013

WOw... I thought my birthdays sucked but this guy got a photoshop of a cake

[deleted] 02/05/2013

This kid was 6 going on 7 when Half Life 2 came out. He's spent most of his life seeing people joke about GabeN being the messiah. I wonder if this is how religions start?

Grizdango 02/05/2013

This is getting out of hand...

jubbing 02/05/2013

I considered unsubscribing from this subreddit because the love for Gabe Newell is ridiculous but this just takes the cake.

Button clicked. Hard.

(ooookay, are the subscribe buttons on Reddit not touch sensitive yet?? What is this, Atari 2600??)

Benders_brick 02/05/2013

Cake, Gabe Newell, and making fun of Christianity in one post?

This just might be the textbook example of a perfect Reddit submission.

mushroom_mario 02/05/2013

Well I guess that was worth the weight...

Fredstar64 02/05/2013

I hope I can be like your parents one day

[deleted] 02/05/2013

This cake will be nice to look back on when you finally get to play Half-Life 3 in ten years

njrhall 02/04/2013

There is really no other option. Man up, OP. You have to marry your parents.

OsakaJack 02/05/2013

You must be the biggest nerd on the face of the Earth.

MrDoctorSmartyPants 02/05/2013

I'm, at once, fascinated and disgusted by /r/gaming's obsession with Gabe.

bsta 02/05/2013

Still a cool cake regardless of who made it and for what reason.

Vogey 02/05/2013