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karma_alert10 07/06/2013

Ah we have come to this part of the day I see.

keeok 07/06/2013

The circle is complete.

thclvr1 07/06/2013

Nobody cares about your disinterest. Pipe the fuck down.

ElephantLauncher 07/06/2013

Well, you gave enough of a shit to make a post about it.

OurBladesAreSharp 07/06/2013

I "blacked-out" by going on a Morgan freeman movie marathon!

pickle_inspector 07/06/2013

The circle jerk is complete

xFADE48x 07/06/2013

You can not "not give a shit." You will always give some level of shit.

l30 07/06/2013

neckbeard is upset he doesn't have anyone to black out with.

Jymzjameson 07/06/2013

blah blah blah something about smoothest gif I've ever seen.

Anton338 07/06/2013