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I don't think the bible says anything about that....

LOLztrickster477 08/26/2013

Old people can do/say whatever they want. They've earned it. Sometimes wise, sometimes funny, sometimes racist... often a combination.

shwoogin 08/26/2013

this comic is so biased i think my brain froze

PinkPortrait 08/26/2013

Is this actually what was said, or are you embellishing their racism to appeal to the Hive Mind?

TheyAreOnlyGods 08/26/2013

Sounds like somebody's parents aren't really Christian. And, yes, believe it or not, most liberal professors DO brainwash their students into being communist, or far left in general. Trust me, it happened to my brother, Thankfully my father was able to turn him back. Edit: Yet another reason why my father won't let me go to any college that accepts federal funding...

lukesterboi1 08/26/2013

Sad to say she is right, black crime was less back then.

sociopathicpatissier 08/26/2013

Just begin shouting at them. Shouting always helps.

Dimensional13 08/26/2013

While the KKK in many, many ways was extremely wrong in their methods and how they ultimately lead to goals of white supremacy (which is bad, I cannot express this enough,) most people who signed on during the first "Clan" were there to restore order in a very awkward time after the Confederate States were in a state of lawlessness and disorder. Initially when they started there was violence ...

TheJeselnik 08/27/2013


mickio1 08/26/2013

This comic sucks no offence

Mrrockyoass 08/26/2013


mathgod 08/27/2013