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Kinda reminded me of a clean and evil version of this.

Guy_with_superpowers 12/19/2012

Anybody else notice the ribcage?

boneybum 12/19/2012

I'd like to see someone fresh after eating a palmful of magic mushrooms stumble upon this hidden horror.

yyx9 12/19/2012


Hawkno71 12/19/2012

Where's Rick Moranis when you need him?

"Feed me Seymour!"

lowandslowinRR 12/19/2012

Praise the almighty Trash Heap!

Gortonis 12/19/2012


douglas_ 12/19/2012

Oh, Nothing.

moxsox 12/19/2012

Reminds me of ...

realbeans 12/19/2012

Reminds me of George the Volcano. A bit more creepy, though.

Arowid 12/19/2012

Jabba the shrub

brosenfeld 12/19/2012

Don't know why that would bother you. He's clearly there to scare away the evil thingies lurking in the darkness.

Unless they're lurking behind him.

Enjoy your walk!

SpottyNoonerism 12/19/2012

"Feed me sluts!"

SockMonkeyHolocaust 12/19/2012

If you look closely at this picture, you will see a fern just below this face thing, the fern resembles a rib-cage. Creepy.

Slyguy202 12/19/2012

But he looks so peaceful.

likwitsnake 12/19/2012

Jabba the Lawn

ElKaBongX 12/19/2012

dumb dumb want gum gum

niquil3 12/19/2012

Where was this??? I remember walking by a house at night and saw a weird garden with a big pile of something in the front yard... It creeped me out and i tried not to look just for this reason.

Squaky131 12/19/2012

Looks like the principal from Captain Underpants

2brun4u 12/19/2012

He seems friendly. He is smiling.

AnimalLover1 12/19/2012

dat grass

Aaronpatt 12/19/2012

Rape bush says "Can I show you my thickest limb?"

sicktaker2 12/19/2012

You should get some small red battery powered LED's and hide them in its eyes. Bonus points if you can make it remote controlled.

Always_Upvotes 12/19/2012

This reminds me of 3 hedges I live not too far from. They are obviously maintained to look the way they do. I wish I had a pic. For both Halloween and Christmas this year the eyes have been lit up with red lights which makes them a wee bit terrifying.

SneakingSprinkles 12/19/2012


katihathor 12/19/2012

Bring me Solo and the wookie!

Skaft 12/19/2012

You'd hate it even more if he walked past you at night.

CPT_Shiner 12/19/2012

Many do not make it past. Be brave. Run like hell.

DrDebG 12/19/2012

Am I really the only one to make this connection?

dejatoo 12/19/2012

It looks like Kevin Malone from The Office...

dysonator 12/19/2012

Oh man, I'd love to have one of those. Just to dress it up according to holiday.

Bunny ears for Easter, Santa hat for Christmas (or a black tophat and giant carrot nose if it is covered in snow), maybe a giant Batman mask for Halloween...IF THEY ARE NOT PUTTING BATMAN MASKS ON IT THEN THEY ARE NOT USING THIS TO IT'S FULLEST POTENTIAL!

DolceSpezia 12/19/2012

So they finally made a nice statue out of Kevin. Good for him. He is the best accountant in the Office after all.

Aretak 12/19/2012

That's just round the corner from my house.

lumberingJack 12/20/2012

Kind of reminds me of Olmec from Legends of the Hidden Temple.

argylesweater 12/19/2012

Looks like a happy jabba the hutt made of leaves.

Kurtinrox 12/19/2012

If you close your eyes it'll go away... Well hopefully.

CommunistPenguin 12/19/2012

Is that a fucking rib cage? I'd hate walking past a man-eating lump too!

MoonRazer 12/19/2012

Uba wabba knocka habi Solo

QuickEscalation 12/19/2012

Thanks for not posting this in /r/wtf

oberkapo 12/19/2012

na na na na na na na na NUG MAN!!!

stephenmr24 12/19/2012

Little Shop of Hedges

Roshinsky 12/19/2012

I didn't feel I should upvote all of /r/funny, so you can have this picture of a sloth instead

OndePyrat 12/19/2012

I'd love to see what happens to this every Halloween.

pworthi157 12/19/2012

repost this to /r/trees for more karma. Same situation. More weed.

[deleted] 12/19/2012

He's harmless. He only eats babies. Err, I mean berries.

asininesnake 12/19/2012

Pizza the Hut!

Whiterhino77 12/19/2012

Some groundskeeper is a genius. An asshole, but a genius.

Neato 12/19/2012

C'mere you...

SerDelta 12/19/2012

Why? he just wants to eat your rocks.

thesoundofonehandfap 12/19/2012

heheheheh, hope you trip, motherfucker.

ThePartyJesus 12/19/2012

Don't blink!

Zoomerlawns 12/19/2012


iamdanhi 12/19/2012

John McCain, everyone!

UnlikelyParticipant 12/19/2012

You tell him Han Solo sends his regards

[deleted] 12/19/2012

Dat grass

pitts36 12/19/2012

Don't worry. It's just the BFG.

geology_rocks 12/19/2012

Reminds me of the trash heap from fraggle rock.

olemrac 12/19/2012

This is in Vancouver, isn't it?

guybucktastik 12/19/2012

Should be the new mascot for r/trees

Randomness101 12/19/2012

It looks like the ground monster from the music video "Big Time" by Peter Gabriel.

albertenstein22 12/19/2012

Reminds me of a blobfish.. They're terrifying btw.

Wharic 12/19/2012

Bring me solo and the wookie!

Eazer27 12/19/2012

"Its the All knowing, All powerful,Trash Heep's brother. nnnneeaaa!!"

RogerWaterZ 12/20/2012

That looks like a Sontaran! He was a sergeant of an army that wanted to invade earth, from the old BBC version Dr Who, an episode eith Tom Baker! Wikipedia Page Ha! Finally I can prove I know more about doctor who than all of those new agey frauds. David Tenenbaum is Harry Potter with a sonic whistle! Tom Baker Rules!!

Here is a ...

heterozombie 12/20/2012

This Chia Pet thing has gotten way out of hand.

FeculentUtopia 12/20/2012

on your way down to Fraggle Rock?

yeathl 12/20/2012

Why is it a guy...?

I see honey boo boo's mom... wait...

my fault, no difference.

MrHippie90 12/20/2012

Reminds me of Marjory the Trash Heap.

theosguy 12/20/2012

i would install a few red led in his eyes :)

_ralph_ 12/20/2012

Kill a chicken infront of it..just to see what happens

Rasta_Man69 12/20/2012

Reminds me of that awful remake of the Shining they did a bunch of years back for broadcast TV. The only really freaky thing about that was the hedge animals that kept getting closer whenever the guy turned his back on them.

rafuzo2 12/20/2012

Reminded me of Chet from Weird Science

hasnfefr 12/20/2012

Looks like The Mighty Favog, one of the original Muppets.

NHGuy 12/20/2012

Kevin from The Office?

veilofmaya1234 12/20/2012

He just wants some Gum-Gum

jayfalco 12/20/2012