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champer 08/18/2012

It's sad that they only gave you a month of Live.

tdn 08/18/2012


Congrats and all that

Krypt0night 08/18/2012

To be honest, I have not watched or read Game of Thrones. Is it really good?

Very awesome xbox, by the way! I'm happy for your win!

Ross_the_Foxx 08/18/2012

dont forget, you beat out millions of sperm

McGilatine 08/18/2012

Congrats! That is one amazing looking Xbox.

Kaspanova 08/18/2012

I'm starting to get Walder Frey jealous about now, Heh.

Hung_like_Hodor 08/18/2012

Congrats dude, that's awesome. This makes us Xbox 360 contest winner brothers.

SiliconC 08/18/2012

1 month.. those cheap fucks.

Dubzil 08/18/2012

Here are some more pics

downfallgenetix 08/18/2012

You got a free month of Xbox live? Congrats!

WTFICantFapToThis 08/18/2012

That is my hand holding the crown. It's cool to see it being used in so many different applications.

the_funk_era 08/18/2012

You won a giant xbox?

Numlocks 08/18/2012

Now you have to play the shitty Game of Thrones game.

Happyjacker 08/18/2012

I'll give you 20 bucks for it.

bloodflart 08/18/2012

I swear I looked at that for a minute thinking it was a Giant Styrofoam mock-up of an XBox (like they'd use for a display at a Game store) before I realized it was just the way the pic was shot. Looked almost like it was hitting the light fixture on the ceiling, and sitting on your marble floor-

Poxx 08/18/2012

Here is a link to the contest. The controller in the pic is NOT what I actually received, but it's a damn nice looking Xbox.

downfallgenetix 08/18/2012

Congrats! I remember registering to win this. It was at the Wired cafe at Comic Con last month. Were you there? Though it's completely possible they gave multiple ones of these away at different places

EDIT: See! I have a pic from my phone of (what could possibly be) your Xbox! :D

hancocklg 08/18/2012

Did you pay the iron price for that, or the gold price?

buckeyes75 08/18/2012

Wow they gave you one month of gold, that's just sad.

americanpsycho08 08/18/2012

What'd you do to win it?

chasechase44 08/18/2012

too bad xbox live is a jipp :/

hankhankhank 08/18/2012

Haha, you're on the front page. Why didn't I think of posting this first and steal all your karma?

btw, is it my turn on the 9 o'clock shift Monday?

DropNLodes 08/18/2012

Pretty awesome!!

NunoM 08/18/2012

The fact that you exist proves that you won atleast once.

ThatStromboli 08/18/2012

Glad your a part of reddit at least :D why not post on /r/gameofthrones

Nafarious 08/18/2012

All of my want, also where do you live and what times are you at work or out of the house

jackfs95 08/18/2012

Winner is coming....

TXMount 08/18/2012

whoa, direwolf biting the dragon, interesting.

i'm on AFFC, don't spoil anything please

Brasso26 08/18/2012

Brace yourself, jealously is coming..

Valestrum 08/18/2012

I've seen every themed 360 and I have to say that is one of the sexiest ones I've seen.

Livecrazyjoe 08/18/2012

Lol they gave you that awesome console and only 1 month Xbox Live. dafuq?

cjtulowiecki 08/18/2012

I have to ask - Does the console have any special sound bytes when you press the power button, or open the disk tray? Most of the Ltd-Ed consoles I've seen have related sounds, and it would be awesome if there were some kind of sound bytes every time you opened the disk tray... ^_^

afrododger 08/18/2012

Only thing I ever won was an issue of Nintendo Power in a Cheese String contest.

Season6Episode8 08/18/2012

You have won my respect.

nicksatdown 08/18/2012

The only thing I've ever won was a metallic Naruto headband from back when it was on.

potatoguy21 08/18/2012

now I know how I'd like to paint my xbox. thanks man!

twowhitewolves 08/18/2012

Game of Thrones: responsible for DMCA infringement notices around the globe.

[deleted] 08/18/2012

That's awesome!

FMM08 08/18/2012

Well I guess you were due for something great.

rebelreligion 08/18/2012

What does the small text say?

JaredPotter 08/18/2012

That's a beautiful xbox.

Smileylol 08/18/2012

Yeah i won a little globe, while on a field trip. We had to write our name on a little piece of paper, and put it in a bowl. As the man pulled the paper out i could see my name through the paper. I was already freaking out and jumping up and down. Oh and the mini globe was filled with chocolate goodness.

TL:DR won a mini globe filled with chocolate as an 8 year old.

DAVIDcorn 08/18/2012

Lucky bastard. Congrats!

DrKillingsworth 08/18/2012

Man that looks SICK! Nice pick up :)

Contrabland 08/18/2012

Congrats and all but I hate you right now.

logcabinsyrup 08/18/2012

No. Way.

hneeor 08/18/2012

I know that feel bro... except for the finally winning part. Congrats, that's a badass xbox.

Arvresit 08/18/2012

WaitWaitWait. So, that's a picture of a direwolf killing a lion? Freaking. Awesome!

kifn2 08/18/2012

The only thing I ever won was $12 on the Tyson/Holyfield fight.

tiyx 08/18/2012

You have the coolest Xbox I’ve ever seen, Ser.

Kahnbrochill 08/18/2012

Aren't they making this into a Game of Thrones into a RTS game?

blarg_dino 08/18/2012

i don't even game but I would watch the fuck out of some hbo go on that thing. congratulations bruh bruh

billiammacD 08/18/2012

Nice, congrats!

Trouterspayce 08/18/2012

I entered this too.

TheThingy 08/18/2012

Was it just me that thought that was an 8-foot tall xbox for a second?

Stevenator1 08/18/2012

well you were the fastest sperm so you won the most important race ever

thederpsta 08/18/2012


diz-z 08/18/2012

holy freaking fuck! That is awesome.

Showtyme 08/18/2012

Congrats! It looks awesome!

BarbaRuiva 08/18/2012

You won The Game of Thrones!

That means everyone else who played must die! :O

Wulfenbach 08/18/2012

That's a lovely table, congratulations. Is the marble top real marble, or is it a coating over particle board?

I'd be able to tell better if your xbox weren't on top.

Gedrean 08/18/2012

My eyes registered the photo as a GIANT 360 sitting in the middle of an empty living room.

giantjerk 08/18/2012

Gonna sell the XBOX? Should fetch at least 1k+ on eBay as a Limited Edition.

Sph1nx 08/18/2012

From the Comic Con GoT party?

ruckus7s 08/18/2012

I have also never won anything before. Might I ask, how old are you? This way I can gauge if my win is on its way or long overdue.

androidchrist 08/18/2012

I apparently won a Pokemon Gold copy from some Kellogg contest years ago, but sold it due to already owning Pokemon Gold.

BKDX 08/18/2012

Lucky, bastard!

jackovasaurusrex 08/18/2012

Congrats on winning the 1 month of Xbox Live!

verytallent 08/18/2012

You won that race as a sperm.

JFrizz0424 08/18/2012

Man that's fucking SICK

SaintlyPineapple 08/18/2012

No matter what it is still worth the say on eBay! Sell it and buy something you want and BAM you are a winner.

meebs86 08/18/2012

how'd you get that giant Xbox through your door

exacube 08/18/2012

That is awesome. I'd offer to buy it but... student loans...

Snoyarc 08/18/2012

Was this from the WIRED Cafe at Comic Con? I was there, lucky man

amnesiacnacho 08/18/2012

All you won is a 1 month Xbox live membership? Cheap bastards.

wortime 08/18/2012

That's a major award!

brew_master 08/18/2012

Omg awesome!

Daveandrew 08/18/2012

You won the race to the egg! Congratulations!

myredarmour 08/18/2012