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She's a keeper. You must hit that. Tonight. Potentially with a wrench...

k1ngofhartz 07/27/2012

So what's your roommate really good at if not deductive reasoning?

HappyPandaSadDuck 07/27/2012

Did you explain the differences between England, the United Kingdom, and Great Britain? And how to tell if a Union Jack is right side up?

acceptableusername 07/27/2012

umm... why did the industrial revolution come up in the opening ceremony?

p.s. i didnt watch it and there are some other statements in your post that confuse me (probably because i didnt watch the opening ceremony)

dogbreath101 07/27/2012

I feel you should do her a kindness and euthanize her tonight.

DuckMeHarder 07/27/2012

So, umm... What is the point of the opening ceremony?

craigory83 07/27/2012

Sweet picture of text.

quazimoto69 07/27/2012

Its going to be a long couple of weeks for you!

agreezalot 07/27/2012

Is she single?

dougtehgreat 07/27/2012

When they were singing 'God Save The Queen', I mentioned to my girlfriend that many Americans are right now confused wondering why they were copying an American song.

sparky2212 07/28/2012

This did not need to be a picture.

Shomud 07/27/2012

Hello from W. Foster, fellow Chicagian!

Yoshi_Girl 07/27/2012

Even an idiot should understand why the Queen gets to sit in the front row.

psycho_pirate 07/27/2012

Haha, yes good chap. Tis a dear shame that those bloody cowhoppers learned to use our rooty-tooty point-n-shooties against our noble people.

Ragnalypse 07/27/2012

My roommate is quite an idiot, too, so I was wondering if you could post the answers to all these questions. For my friend, of course.

SolKool 07/28/2012

I didn't have it that bad, but I had to explain the royal family to my gf.

zeug666 07/27/2012

wait. they didnt steal the song 'industrial revolution' from us?

thisishow 07/27/2012

What are the Olympics?

Throwawaychica 07/27/2012

Wow dude. I feel terrible you had to go through that. I really hope you follow the advice here and hit her head with a wrench. It may jostle enough neurons to make her brain do something.

mario0318 07/28/2012

Shit, I actually thought the Queen jumped out of a helicopter. Perhaps it's because Obama is cool enough I could see him doing something like that.

BigBrotherBacon 07/28/2012

Is she single? Send her my way, she sounds like a keeper!

DoctorKazefa 07/27/2012

So,when is gymnastics on? You know...because I want to support my country.

NoSarcasmHere 07/27/2012

by roommate, do you mean your child?

mayimayi 07/27/2012

Yes, I believe all of this. There are enough quotes in there to make this 100% factual and hilarious at the same time.

I am being sarcastic. I hate you. :(

omgihateredditsomuch 07/28/2012

Kill her before she can breed.

Amosral 07/29/2012

the "queen" who jumped out of the helicopter was actually a dude.

goodluckbrian 07/31/2012

#9? Wasn't stolen....

Rizlaaa 07/27/2012