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[deleted] 08/05/2012

Christopher Walken?

[deleted] 08/05/2012

bruce jenner?

dastja9289 08/05/2012

I used to teach CPR and one of our dummies had a crack in its head so we replaced it and I took home the old head, painted its eyes black and mouth red and it's hanging upside down in my bedroom haha

[deleted] 08/05/2012

looks like that woman from stranger than fiction

lebobathan 08/05/2012

Tilda Swinton.. On a good day..

adnilllig 08/05/2012

hmm... looks like David Bowie

lionnel 08/05/2012

It looks like Bruce Jenner.

apsharnhorst 08/05/2012

Bruce Jenner?

TessieLane 08/05/2012

"Sup, bro?"

samambro 08/05/2012


Azabutt 08/05/2012


irishpapi 08/05/2012

CPR version of 10 guy...

[deleted] 08/05/2012

Feels good, man?

Cabbages-and-Queens 08/05/2012

She wants it

lindsey216 08/05/2012

Phil Spector hair!

madktdisease 08/05/2012

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, Williem Dafoe, and I rip your fucking arms off!

hamburgerfred 08/05/2012

It looks like it has been used for more than just a CPR dummy O_O

tnsaidr 08/05/2012

the hair reminds me of michael myers

lilybelle73 08/05/2012

Christopher Walken?

BaboonEnglish 08/05/2012

"What? No, no, uh, I'm unconscious still, you just go right in for the mouth to mouth, mmm..."

bobbieluvsya 08/05/2012

Kevin Bacon? Is that you??

Somd_Derpins 08/05/2012

"He" looks like a decomposing Carrot Top.

Joeyjojojunior1794 08/05/2012

Ermahgerd, lerfgerd.

2_shourt 08/06/2012

Looks like David Bowie to me.

callipygos 08/06/2012

those dummies always scare the shit out of me

award07 08/06/2012

I'm glad Clay Aiken is finding work these days

inwardsinging 08/06/2012

I was expecting one of those damn dummies with their mouth hanging open.

00kirby 08/06/2012

Resusci Annie is looking a little worn...

retrobologna 08/06/2012

Emphasis on the dummy AM I RIGHT AM I RIGHT?

jpflagg 08/06/2012

Ahhhh ole dead eye ay?

fakelife2 08/06/2012


cheezewizz2000 08/06/2012