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Mmmm... I do love women with large frontal lobes... if you know what I mean!

... I mean that smart women are way more attractive than dumb ones.

mildly_competent 07/05/2012

It's a great idea, but those fonts really rustle my jimmies. They make the whole thing look... out of place.

NotSoUncopyrightable 07/05/2012

Reason and logic–tools of the devil.

MadMax891 07/05/2012

She blinded me.. with SCIENCE

ex-PFC_Crunch 07/05/2012

If found and posted, well done. If crafted by OP, VERY well done.

mtnjon 07/05/2012

hahah this subreddit is so fucking gay

do_we_care 07/05/2012

Again, I could swear im browsing r/magicskyfairy

austinisme247 07/05/2012

If you're gonna do this, at least use fonts that would have been used back in the day. Chiller? Really?

severedfinger 07/05/2012

Nice take off of "I married a communist"

baggier 07/05/2012

I can so imagine this being real.

I_Dont_Eat 07/05/2012

All the evidence suggests that we're not as logical or reasonable as we think we are.

But I don't believe that!

championchap 07/05/2012

Well I recognized the dress..

LightyearsEverywere 07/05/2012

An add from the 50s in which a woman is using reason and logic? I call shenanigans

Perrywinklefox 07/05/2012

Hey, I married an atheist! and she seduced me with logic and reason <3

Popcom 07/05/2012

This semi-colorblind guy wants to know what that red-on-blue text says.

ew73 07/05/2012

Reason and logic are the devils tools? Does he also use the scientific method? I'm hopping on the Highway to Hell!

YakiVegas 07/05/2012

I just sent this to my baptist girlfriend and told her to swap the female pronouns for male pronouns.

Tirith45 07/05/2012

I would also be seduced by reason and logic.

spaceboy79 07/05/2012

we all know this isn't real, right? tidbit: Laraine Day was mormon. heh.

SmurferPenguin 07/05/2012

Past experiences with girlfriends, female friends, and just women in general lead me to believe that they might be able to use the tools of the devil...but they misplace their toolboxes....a lot.

bluescape 07/05/2012

I'm so glad I don't have to look at Rowan Atkinson memes. Reddit is way above that shit.

diewrecked 07/06/2012

What kind of nerd do you have to be to be SEDUCED by reason and logic?

Are calculus books the new porn? Is C++ the language of love?

Painwalker 07/06/2012

Did OAG finally get hitched?

rockafella7 07/06/2012

Still a better love story.....

DragonTycoon 07/06/2012

We must protect our children from the devils tools, such as reason, evidence and rationality!

I_is_BEEF 07/05/2012

Priceless. Absolutely priceless.

wayndom 07/05/2012

The guy on the left of this poster almost looks like the guy who played Winston in the movie Nineteen Eighty-Four.

[deleted] 07/05/2012

If only you didn't use such a modern font set I might have thought this could be real.

Shnazzyone 07/05/2012