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Why does this feel like an ad?

Nar-waffle 10/06/2012

Nobody ever pays me in Halo 4..

mshdptato 10/06/2012

Nice! Congrats!

[deleted] 10/06/2012

Whoa. Mtn dew energy? Where can I acquire such a beverage 0.o

brof313 10/06/2012

Congratulations! The only thing I ever won was a pair of shoes at Champs Sports back in 1996...but I was a damn happy 9 year old!

[deleted] 10/06/2012


[deleted] 10/06/2012

Congrats! The only thing I have ever won in my life was two free tickets and backstage passes to see The Power Rangers live! Worth it!

sporkmynoodle 10/06/2012

Congrats, i managed to win one as well on my second ever entry :P already got the limited edition pre ordered though

gamingpryme 10/06/2012

That is awesome, congrats bro!

Max45a 10/06/2012

Congrats. The only thing I ever won was a giant Dexter's Laboratory poster... that was folded instead of rolled.

gkryo 10/06/2012

Congratulations, YOU SON OF A BITCH

ColdRage 10/06/2012

Nice try, PepsiCo marketing.

yeats26 10/06/2012

Congrats. One if these days i hope to be as lucky as your are.

[deleted] 10/06/2012

What happened to "hitler did nothing wrong" :(

Kokzyl 10/06/2012

I hate Halo, but grats!

Thousand1k 10/06/2012

Did you get the Mountain Dew: Hitler Did Nothing Wrong Edition?

Lasthcompany 10/06/2012

There's a competition like this going on with V in Australia, I'm not gonna win, never win a damn thing, but thought others might like to know :D

DonkeyManda 10/06/2012

Awesome! Congratulations dude.

Americoma 10/06/2012

How is this contest played? Did you just enter a code and were you immediately informed you had won? Just wondering..I often think contests like these never have winners.

Echelon525 10/06/2012

I hate you. I never win shit. Congrats though.

BrickHous3 10/06/2012

Lol ive won lots of stuff but i never really win games

though i do have a very nice signed poster of the dev team for Deus Ex its pretty cool lol

mrpanafonic 10/06/2012

Congrats man! I never win anything either, so this must feel damn good!

[deleted] 10/06/2012

I believe you need a qualifier for that statement--like I 'practically' never win anything--because with this win, that absolute simply isn't true. Or are you a Sith?

monkeyversusrobot 10/06/2012

Congratulations :)

Ladylad72 10/06/2012

I'm sorry =/

Montybrython 10/06/2012

You lucky bastard.

Laz0rCannonZz 10/06/2012

Nice score man, highly anticipated game for me. Was not a huge fan of Reach but this looks great!

Buttfuzz 10/06/2012

Well now I guess I didn't win it... :'( I was so hopeful when I spat out the mountain dew that they would give something...

Maceman25 10/06/2012

What contest is this?

Differlot 10/06/2012

I can't find the red MDE anywhere. Anyone in the UK know where I can find it?

theSituation39 10/06/2012

U lucky bastard

iH8YOLO 10/06/2012

And the only thing I won was this lousy MapQuest for Android T-Shirt

GoldUnknown 10/06/2012

I feel bad for people in the comments here, so I will send you halo when it comes out, just write down you bank information and give me your credit card.

[deleted] 10/06/2012

If this is some form of Gamefuel I am stockpiling this shit, fuckers refuse to keep it on the shelf.

zetversus 10/06/2012

Lucky bastard :/

Well_then_sir 10/06/2012

Why are they using the old logo :S

Bluethulhu 10/06/2012

Wait...Is Game Fuel back!?!?!

CoalTreighn 10/06/2012

Reminds me of when I scored an Xbox 360 (3 days before launch) off of Mountain Dew. It'd be wrong of me not to drink it now.

mfuzzy 10/06/2012

is the new dew any good? what are the flavors?


You were well over-Dew.

SunevaGun 10/06/2012

I like the fact they tell you to edit your details. They are becoming aware of our habits.

sl3ven 10/06/2012

Nothing like a tall glass of Hitler Did Nothing Wrong ^tm

Pelokt 10/06/2012

Good guy contest, expects false personal information, lets you change it when you win.

Shadow8P 10/06/2012

I never eat anything, but I have three meals a day!

hoosiers26 10/06/2012

Congrats sir

March89 10/06/2012

Please introduce your social security number and at least 2 available credit card numbers below to continue!

ukjohndoe 10/06/2012

I don't like seeing other people happy! :D

chainfire95 10/06/2012

TIL that people redeem codes they find on soda and food.

ckugar 10/06/2012


estudiantes19 10/06/2012

Hopefully they keep those flavors instead of getting rid of them like the Halo 3 Mountian Dew.

Gamerchik 10/06/2012

Nice, now you can kick back with a bottle of Hitler Did Nothing Wrong and shoot up some aliens.

ClysmiC 10/06/2012

I won one of these to, Congratulations!

ResidentPenguin 10/06/2012

Congratz dude! :)

IsItTrue 10/06/2012

This sounds like a scammer where they take your details.

HedgehogArcher 10/06/2012

So how much extra body fat did it take to win?

SPESSMEHREN 10/06/2012

You also won diabetes.

YogurtSoda 10/06/2012

Congrats on the diabetes bro, you earned it! That Halo game looks nice as well.

Decyde 10/06/2012

Oh I'm sorry you won that game, maybe next time you get something useful.

Don't ever stop believing!

[deleted] 10/06/2012

Congratulations, you also won DIABEEETUUUUS!

Engessa 10/06/2012

What's your address? So I won't send you a box of dead cats.

Phoneyfredy 10/06/2012

Is this stuff in the u.s? I have not seen it on shelf yet

[deleted] 10/06/2012

I win stuff all the time these days, I don't even have time to collect them all, too bad that some have such long shipping time, still waiting for my 5 ipads I won last month

Calculusbitch 10/06/2012