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[deleted] 11/07/2012

Japan has single payer health care, a tiny army, and few xtians, so its not exactly a republican paradise.

blackflag415 11/07/2012

If you voted for Romney, we don't want you in Canada. Thx though.

NeglectedMind 11/08/2012

Japan has one of the smallest wealth gaps between rich and poor anywhere in the 1st World. In many ways it is an extremely socialist country. It's also largely Atheist and Buddhist.

japonica-rustica 11/08/2012

Whenever I hear some right wing Bible thumper scream about how they shouldn't be paying higher taxes for someone else's medical coverage I can't help but think, "That's mighty Christian of you. "

Loreat 11/08/2012

Actually Japan has a decent amount of socialism.

elbruce 11/08/2012

Guys, Japan is actually pretty socialist.

moonstripe11 11/08/2012

Absolutely love this! I'm a type 1 diabetic, and that's why I side with Obamacare!

aeren944 11/07/2012

Also, Canadians don't want people who voted for Romney/Ryan. They're going to start spreading their crazy up here.

TOCalling 11/08/2012

Did Jesus say that? I thought Cain smart mouthed God when God asked where his brother was he said, "am I my brother's keeper?"

Mr_Monster 11/08/2012

Obamacare is not universal healthcare. It is not government funded. It is not government provided. It is a compulsory requirement of individuals and businesses to purchase private insurance for themselves.

It eliminates the choice. It increases the cost for every single person in America without increasing the care provided.

Sure, the minority of folks like your brother, or my ex's or ...

JollyO 11/08/2012

I call horseshit on the 22% tax rate. I make quite a bit more (but not a ton more) than 40k and my average tax rate is 21%, marginal is 30something. Not to mention a family income of 40k would be taxed much much less.

EDIT: Ontario

ZombieRonReagan 11/08/2012

No it was Cain who said that. Replying "AM I MY BROTHERS KEEPER?" as God interrogated him after he murdered Abel. Something got lost in translation there.

diecunts 11/08/2012

Actually, The Japanese Communist Party is one of the largest parties. I think they get something like 15 or 20% of the vote.

nikolaoured 11/08/2012

I hope his brother dies.

[deleted] 11/08/2012

Japan has universal healthcare.

According to this 6.6% of Japanese have depression, compared to 10% in the USA.

Japanese culture simply doesn't stigmatize suicide as much as American culture, and also has is more demographically shifted toward the elderly. [This age standardized ...

Smackaroonee 11/08/2012

But japan still has socialized/subsidized health care.

They should move to somalia.

[deleted] 11/08/2012

I have said this to several fundies on facebook. I have noted how hateful and selfish their rants against welfare sound and how un-jesus like they appear.

They always have an answer that claims the bible was against using the government to redistribute wealth and that government socialism never works...blah blah blah.

I don't know the answer myself, I know that paying 27% of our income in ...

dogcrazyjen 11/08/2012

Reddit has degenerated into what killed DIG, nobody worries about the facts just there version to match their beliefs

freebigwillie 11/08/2012

don't worry we don't want them up north either LOL

cousinroman 11/08/2012

Jesus did not say anything about "brother's keeper." That comes from the story of Cain and Abel.

Roderick111 11/08/2012

My Grandmother was a farmer in Japan, and the only reason she could afford any treatment for her cancer was because of the socialized healthcare system in Japan.

I'm also so fucking tired of the suicidal Japanese stereotype. Every time I was bummed about anything as a kid, stupid white kids would tell me not to go kill myself over it. Stereotypes are stupid enough, but basing them all on ...

HappaVet 11/08/2012

Would like to add about national health care...

If you pay for your own, I have no say in how you live. You want to smoke, drink, overeat, or be unsafely promiscuous then have at it.

If I pay for your health care, I have a stake in how you live. I have to pay when you choose to smoke, drink, overeat, or randomly have unprotected sex. So I should have some say in how my money is spent. And if ...

dogcrazyjen 11/08/2012

I'm sorry but doesn't it make perfect sense that your brother wouldn't be able to get insurance? Insurance is about covering yourself against a risk, if he already has diabetes there's a 100% chance the insurance company will have to pay out for medical expenses so naturally they wouldn't want to cover him.

conorv93 11/08/2012

Is it really written that jesus said "Go 'sell' your possessions to the poor?

Changoleo 11/08/2012

There are so many places this person could have used other than Japan. Japan has high tax rates that lead to rampant government waste, a great national health care system, and a pension system that is ripping money out of the pockets of most of its younger population to pay for its massive elderly population.

Hong Kong, on the other hand, is a free-market paradise.

ConstruKction 11/08/2012

PSPPS - It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man enter the kingdom of God.

astromets 11/08/2012

Type 1 Diabetic here. You got THAT right. However, I am scared for my 26th birthday (8 months away) when I can no longer utilize my parents' insurance.

m4dlik4bull 11/08/2012

Most conservatives are not like this in anyway shape or form and hate the people who are that make their party look bad.

WONT_CAPITALIZE_i 11/08/2012

15% income tax? Ha! I pay close to 40%

_moist_ 11/08/2012

If Christians knew their Beatitudes as well as they knew their Ten Commandments, they'd be much more benevolent.

science_diction 11/08/2012

Move to China. You will never be disappointed with the outcome of the election. They don't have elections. They don't have public health care either.

Opium_War_victim 11/08/2012

The quote from Jesus was taken out of context to fit. In context it was a call to on of the disciples to LITERALLY follow him. But from a Christian who lean neither left nor right... that whole thing was pretty well written.

MtnManMike 11/09/2012

I've always liked that Jesus quote and how closely it relates to the idea of Buddhism.

hmmmm.... perhaps.

spartansheep 11/09/2012

this is exactly what Ive been telling everyone. i live in Texas and am just surrounded by ignorance! i literally heard a group of my teachers saying that we should sicced.....

thecreator666 11/08/2012

I don't know if it's about the democratic policies as much as it is about living in a country that is mathematically hopelessly in debt. I don't want to be here when it all comes crashing down, but I will be, because I love this country no matter who is in charge.

tmassey110 11/08/2012

Don't know why Jesus quote bashing the GOP is in /r/atheism.

M1rough 11/08/2012

As a type 1 diabetic, I lie awake at night, unable to sleep because I worry about my 26th birthday, 10ish months away, when I will no longer be covered under my dad's insurance (yes, I know being employed can solve this dilemma, but finding a full-time job that offers good, affordable health insurance in this economy is no easy feat). I have a diabetic friend (whose parents who disowned him ...

diabeatles 11/08/2012

I'm sure this is very well written and interesting and stuff, but I don't think I feel like taking the time to read that wall of text

timberwolfe 11/08/2012