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"Hey, is that steak do-" "FUCK YOU I WILL MURDERAPE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY." Sometimes...I miss working in the kitchen ...

arandomfox 06/07/2013

I had always thought the movie "...Waiting" was completely exaggerated, but then I started working in a pizza shop.

whtcheddar12 06/07/2013

Ahh I miss working in a restaurant. One of the only jobs where you can tell coworkers to go fuck themselves during a rush and still be able to get drinks after work as if nothing happened. If I tried that now I'd probably be forced into counseling and suspended/ or fired.

Shamatts 06/07/2013

I hate when people try to be nice and hand you all their dishes, plates, cups and just keep handing them to you until the whole table is clear. Bringing that back to the kitchen is like a really fucked up game of Jenga.

Another thing that comes to mind that I really hate is when a customer introduces themselves by saying "Hi, I'm Steve. I'm an elite member on Yelp." Fuck you Steve. Eat a bowl ...

Collision21 06/07/2013

I'll have you know, I was the dishwasher for a restaurant and I only burnt my hands 27 times.

ragingsuppository 06/07/2013

Thank you to all the servers workers out here! (Sorry I can't tip you over the internet!)

[deleted] 06/07/2013

Coming home from a hard nights work at a super busy restaurant, it's nice to see someone feels the same way.

PaleIsTheNewBlack 06/07/2013

I say "I hate everyone" at least 5 times per day...

Moxxie5 06/07/2013

And I only threatened to quit 5 times

KeeperDan 06/07/2013

The best part about working in a restaurant is-Ah who am I kidding, all I look forward to is going home and drinking.

Definitelynotasloth 06/07/2013

That feel man. Anyone who want's a life experience, work in the service industry, specifically food and you will really see how people are. I never realize how rude people are and how just batshit insane people can be until you work in an industry where people look down upon you.

Nothing is worse than old New Yorkers who are also extremely Jewish and entitled. It sounds racist, however you need ...

Ptawm 06/07/2013

What's that? Hostess called out? We're outta what? Everything but straws? No dishwasher and the manager locked himself in the office because he's dope sick? Fuck it, show must go on.

oneof10 06/07/2013

Worked my last day in a restaurant on Tuesday. I have never felt a better feel than my first weekend off in 7 years. There is a light at the end of the food service tunnel of hell.

tfilooklike 06/07/2013

This happens at my work but it's hard to understand because it's in spanish

irishkid46 06/07/2013

I have run a kitchen for about a decade now. A busy, cramped, hot, understaffed kitchen. There is no freaking out allowed. You just handle it, and make jokes, it's all a joke. If one of the servers starts tripping out, or one of my cooks gets to whining about stuff, I will bark at them in quasi English with a growl that I can't even reproduce outside of the moment. They will either shut up, ...

bluntmasterflash 06/07/2013

"Excuse me, why is my meal taking so long?"

"You've ordered three well done steaks, a well done burger, and three orders of boneless wings."

"I feel like it's been a while now though."

"I'll check it out for you"

Go to the back of the kitchen and chat with co-workers, because they ordered their food five minutes ago. Come back out shortly

"Sorry for the wait, the kitchen is doing their ...

cheerleader4thedead 06/07/2013

Worst I ever got was this rude couple. The man had a stack of ones on the table and was blankly staring at me as I came up to greet them. The woman said to me before I could go through my "steps of service" "you see those ones? Those are yours, there's $20 worth of one dollar bills. If you don't bring refills out in a timely manner he takes a dollar, if you forget something he takes two. Get me ...

El_Tejon 06/07/2013

Am I the only fucking person in the world who delivers my order clearly, without conflict and is patient?

Fuck on a stick. Also, I tip very well. How come you dudes never dedicate a threat to Good Guy Customer.

Fallout3NPC 06/07/2013

I work at a frozen custard shop, I get the rush right after you and everyone is fat from their meal and more likely to be bitchy because they want their desert.

DoGzRuLe99 06/07/2013

And I only threatened to burn the place down 13 times...

PurplePeopleEaterToo 06/07/2013

20 minutes before closing, milkshake machine was already washed (took about 45 minutes), when 2 busloads of kids came in and of course everyone wanted milkshakes. Buses always want milkshakes. Why? Do they decide where to go by considering where would be most inconvenient for the staff - and then decide the one thing everyone should order to make the staff go REALLY crazy?

We ended up staying ...

jadenray64 06/07/2013

I never go crazy on lunch rushes, its the fucking people that come in with five minutes to go. I would never spit in anything but sometimes i wish someone would talk shit so it could justify why i kicked their ass.

PalletTownSoulja 06/07/2013

A friend of mine I work with in the kitchen can go to some dark, dark places when we get rushed. So late in the night we get bone rushed by an Elementary Talent Show or something of that nature. You can see the front of the store from the kitchen, so I look at the rush, and then back to him. He has the most grim look on his face and says, "I hope these kids get Newtowned." I was in kind of a ...

[deleted] 06/07/2013

"Excuse me. How many pieces are in your twelve piece meal?"

"May I have that Quesadilla with no cheese?"

"I would like six individual chips with that."

Kalean 06/07/2013

Hah! The rain kept everyone in today for lunch. We only did 15 ppl

HiLaryHH 06/07/2013

I've always been a cynical kinda guy, but the best feeling of the day for me is turning away customers two minutes after close, when we haven't had time to lock the door due to the "Jesus, they're going to close!" rush. The look of dejection on their faces.....priceless!

unocero 06/08/2013

I did not work in a restaurant, but i once worked in a store that had three rushes... The morning omg you're open this early rush, the mid afternoon omg we need food lunch rush and the omg the store is going to close on 5 fecking minutes rush. I know that feeling OP... I know.

The_Doctor_00 06/07/2013

Here is what the linked Quickmeme image says in case the site goes down or you can't reach it:

>Title: If you work in a restaurant you know this feeling

>Meme: Tough Spongebob


>^〘Direct〙 ...

qkme_transcriber 06/07/2013

Line Cook Bonus - Can now remove hot objects from anywhere and not feel a damn thing. Heat-killed nerve endings.

Murslak 06/07/2013

> I hate this place. This place should be burned to the ground. I swear, I'm going to quit, I don't know why I don't. I hate people. It's 2pm! Why are we even busy right now? What's wrong with this city. God my coworkers are shit. Yeah, fuck you too man.

Pretty much what goes through my head all day long during the busy seasons.

Sometimes I feel like I'm a masochist or that I have ...

P4ngurB4n 06/07/2013

Just got done with an 16 hour shift! It is mandatory to threaten someone's life at least once ever 15 minutes. If you don't coworkers start to wonder if today is the day he puts his cock in the mac and cheese and pokes out the FOH manager's eye with a pair of tongs. I love this dam biz!

moobytickler 06/07/2013

Just wait till dinner time.

Lolllerson 06/07/2013

Try the walk-in-refrigerator, you can scream out your frustration in there and the customers won't hear a thing.

Source: Working at a restaurant that is uncomfortably successful.

chenry123 06/07/2013

Mothers Day, aka, Busiest Day of the Restaurant Industry.

We did 500 (guest count) for lunch. That's from 10am to 4pm. We then did 900 for dinner, which is 4pm to 11pm, for a total of 1400 in one day.

Every single co-worker, except one person, was working that day. It was fucking intense. I'm sure the servers made a few hundred that day just in tips. Sometimes, it doesn't pay to work in the ...

P4ngurB4n 06/07/2013

HAE here ever been cleaning in the dining room and basically farted on someone's annoying kid? That's fucking liberating.

Valsartan 06/07/2013

16 years working fine dinning here....

the worst i saw was a line cook shake/ring out his wipe rag over a managers shift meal....then served it to her....if you're rude to someone who serves/cooks your food/drink i hope you enjoy you're spit cocktail/burger....

holonsnow 06/08/2013

Doing better than Amy... Too late? I'll show myself out.

AMBlunt 06/07/2013


[deleted] 06/07/2013

I used to get this mad when I worked at McDonald's

JillGr 06/07/2013

Been working in kitchens for years, and I can confirm this.

Avarice21 06/07/2013

As a waiter, thank you for posting this. Every time someone asks if we have fucking Caesar salad in a Chinese restaurant, I blow the steam outta my head, in the kitchen....

80DD 06/07/2013

Im a closing cook and i fantasize going on a mass killing sprees at least once a week.

i end up scaring my servers but otherwise im a very pleasant guy.

ChinoSanDiego 06/08/2013

story of my life

maowsers93 06/07/2013

I'm a cook at a bar at in a college town (VT). 90% of the time its slow and a chill job. However, on gamedays all three of the cooks working are basically one step away from a murdering rampage. I feel your pain. Although we do get tipped out, so that's something I guess.

MrGrignard 06/07/2013

I seriously just got home from waiting tables for 14 hours straighten a double. Opened the restaurant at 10 AM and closed it at Midnight. I got $2 twice on checks over $50, and I am the best damn server in that place. My table loved me, then left me $2... It's painful. But, It was really nice to see this today. It was a rough day.

LindyLove 06/08/2013

If you're a shitty server who gets in the weeds easily sounds more accurate..

JMC813 06/08/2013

I work at a gas station/grill and I can definitely understand this.

Tech_Fox 06/07/2013

I work in a grocery store and this is me after the "after work rush" at about 5pm ish, except I don't threaten to kill people, I actually kill them... in my head

binbincrackers 06/07/2013

I recently started hosting at a Brewery/Chophouse, About 50 Tables. Lunch ain't shit there, which sucks because no one makes much. but nights can get crazy, and the crap customers Do/complain about blows my mind. but, just gotta smile and do what ya can.

Slayerjr41 06/07/2013

so true sometimes!

amandasalkeld 06/07/2013

I usually threaten to kill everybody BEFORE the dinner rush.

chris92253 06/07/2013

I work at restaurant to and know the feeling! Where do you work at?

Unicorn_charlie 06/07/2013

i feel this everyday. every single fucking day.

Chefgarlicjunky 06/07/2013

Reminds me of reading Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain.

Pit_of_Death 06/07/2013

I work in product demonstration, handing out samples to greedy hungry munchers. Not as bad as my heroes waiting on these same greedy fucks, but I can sympathize a bit. For me it is always that impatient fucker who has nothing to do and no where to be, but damn you for making them wait one second longer than they want.

TL:DR; Fuck people who get impatient for free food!

NovaFlea 06/07/2013

God Damn i work tomorrow and Sundays breakfast rush. Fml

BlueBicycle 06/07/2013


Danyolson87 06/07/2013