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Thats pausing the music not stopping.

krejcitheking 07/16/2012

This is the opposite of funny. I was laughing before I saw this post. Now I'm sitting here in silence, wondering why I live in a little apartment in Missouri. I'm contemplating the seemingly random series of events and decisions that lead me to move across the country and how easily it could all be different. I could have stayed in California. I could have married that beautiful redhead, or at ...

epickeychange 07/16/2012

/r/firstworldanarchists would love to have you!

wjuggl 07/16/2012

You bastard. She even said please.

mrdrpanda 07/16/2012

We've got a badass over here

savanner 07/16/2012

I use to work at a bar that still had some god-awful 50 disc changer. The GM would get tired of trying to make up-to-date mix CDs to keep on rotation, so he would ask employees occasionally to bring in what they thought would be appropriate mix CDs to play. So we would, and occasionally the damn thing would start skipping and become a real pain in the ass.

One busy dinner/late night shift (where ...

BiggsDB 07/16/2012


Bencool 07/16/2012

I've never seen this album cover. She looks like she's masturbating.

mkszilla 07/16/2012

Fuck the system!

ChickenMcFail 07/16/2012

Truly living life on the edge.

tavius02 07/16/2012

It looks like she's farting out track info.

ZombeeAndroid 07/16/2012

Rianna is gonna Chris Brown your ass

Wec350 07/16/2012

Goddamn Rihanna has a nice ass

[deleted] 07/16/2012

Whatever happened to Rock music?

JamesTrivettesHat 07/16/2012

I'm a loner, Dottie. A rebel. You don't want to get mixed up with a guy like me.

KCTim 07/16/2012

This is the worst link I think iv ever seen of /r/funny. How the fuck did you make it to the front page?

inblense 07/16/2012

I would enjoy this more had you not tried to take credit for someone else's picture from r/firstworldanarchists that was on the front page yesterday.

tesnakeinurboot 07/16/2012

She even said please.

Lawltman 07/17/2012

Why would you listen to that?

SexyGreenAndGold 07/16/2012

Jokes on you. You listened to Rihanna.

purebishop 07/17/2012

must take you hours to get through the song. edit: my comment is bad and I feel bad.jpg

WestsideStorybro 07/16/2012

No you're not. And listen to better music.

sheeshSGL 07/16/2012


gmnitsua 07/16/2012

Why are you listening to that shit?

NewdTayne 07/16/2012

No, not a rebel. More of a desperado. Desperately trying to be funny. And failing splendidly, I might add.

ThusSpokeZagahorn 07/16/2012

Well you did just pause it. It's obvious you don't have the courage to actually stop it!

eydryan 07/16/2012

This song was on while we were celebrating the fourth of july and the cops showed up . They paused the music when this song was playing. Ironic.

Hankpymp562 07/16/2012

But she said please....asshole

jfl82892 07/16/2012

I think you'd see more karma if you had titled this "FUCK THE POLICE".

AlvinTostig 07/16/2012

Nothing says rebellious like having the top pop artists of the day ready to go on your personal listening device.

vaclavhavelsmustache 07/16/2012

I'm just gonna leave this here.

cbhaga01 07/16/2012

weirdest thing for me is right now that song is playing on my pandora station

degged 07/16/2012

false: you did not stop the music, you paused the music.

CodyDon2 07/17/2012

Oooo You're bad. ppsssschhh.. you're really bad.

Fucking rebel alliance wants your number, told them they're a bunch of goody two shoes.

Fucking bad ass.

Evilsmako 07/17/2012

she said please you son of a bitch

RedditAdministration 07/17/2012

now at 764, 6,848 up votes 6,084 down votes

tgrgy1107 07/17/2012

"skin" is that shit

PassionateFlatulence 07/17/2012

She asked you not to stop it. She said nothing about pausing it indefinitely.

nssone 07/17/2012

As corny as that was, I have to admit it gave me a nice belly-laugh.

FecalTaco 07/17/2012

What app is that?

immatellyouwhat 07/17/2012

Sticking it to the man.

MONDARIZ 07/17/2012


twinshk2 07/16/2012