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This quote from his tweet is especially idiotic:

>Those people should definitely get with the times and get the internet. It's awesome.

He makes it sound like the only reason people don't get internet or fast internet is because they are behind the times.

Fuck this guy.

InHarmsWay 04/04/2013

Did they just kill the new Xbox before even revealing it?

Flemtality 04/04/2013

Somewhere at Microsoft, a PR rep has dispatched a hit squad.

MosifD 04/04/2013

If Microsoft insists on an "always on" console, it will make the purchase of a next gen console easy.

nicbot 04/04/2013

Here's a tweet he has gone on to make private so nobody can see it.

yeah I'll "deal with it" by not buying your product and buy the one that doesn't have always online. This guy really comes off as a smug asshole.

rusty_chipmunk 04/04/2013

Wow, what a dick. I have crummy internet myself, but I'm not going to move from my otherwise fantastic place just to play their crummy console. I'll get the PS4 instead. (Current 360 owner)

mrcandyman 04/04/2013

I think you mean soon to be former creative director.

daddylo21 04/04/2013 I wonder if he realizes how bad this looks.

MrWill4466 04/04/2013

You know what I get sick of? People opposing this based on the 1% of the time it may not work.

I want every insufferable fleck like Adam Orthy to know that there's a principle to resenting this: these are fucking video games. They're supposed to entertain, and companies like Microsoft have manufactured one nuisance after another in pursuit of a fatter bottom line.

Why do I hate the prospect ...

i010011010 04/04/2013

His twitter is now set to private, and his last tweet tried to play it all off as him trolling one of his buddies. Bullshit, this guy is an entitled ass.

Jacyth 04/04/2013

I worked with this guy when he was at Fox Interactive. He was easily the biggest douche I've ever worked with in any industry.

He demanded people call him by his nickname : "Sweet Billy". Literally would ignore you and be a total dick if you called him by his first name.

I was wondering why the PR for the new Xbox from both dev and fan perspective is in the shit until I read this post. This ...

squirrelmasterzero 04/04/2013

> Why would I live there?

What. A. Retard.

Coitastic 04/04/2013

Confirmed on twitter. Twitter Conversation Link

So yeah, what a dick.

AxiomNor 04/04/2013

You simply do not talk to people like that, period. There have been so many examples over the last year of some of the most blatant unprofessionalism from people in positions that should clearly fucking know better. This is the Year of PR Nightmare employees.

MungTongue 04/04/2013

Guess what the soldiers deployed all around the world will buy, not the Xbox. People are not locked into a console if they mess up by leaving the Always On Connection; people will avoid the console. We must learn from history as not to repeat it.

IndifferentAssertion 04/04/2013

I put him on blast and linked him to this comment thread. Just sent an email to a buddy of mine who works at campus 1 who is also an engineer in the Xbox department. Told him to get this to who it needs to go to. Karma, it's a biznatch.

UPDATE: His tweets are now protected. Not sure if my buddy or another redditors friend spoke to someone. But I'm guessing he's in Twitter jail permanently.

addman1405 04/04/2013

He should be fired.

33koala 04/04/2013

And it looks like i'll be getting a PS4 and not the new Microsoft console.

Cmcnichol 04/04/2013

As an Xbox fan who doesn't give his Playstation consoles much love anymore, I really don't want to touch the new Xbox if even a fraction of the rumours are true.

NeonLime 04/04/2013

His responses really strike me as just flawed in logic.

>Sometimes the electricity goes out. I will not purchase a vacuum cleaner.

>The mobile reception in the area I live in is spotty and unreliable. I will not buy a mobile phone.

For someone as seemingly cocky and condescending as this guy, he really should take a look at his own arguments. His analogies do not even apply to the ...

SOAR21 04/04/2013

'Always on' means having an internet connection on to play a game, right?

dr_pepper_35 04/04/2013

Hey now, what's wrong with Blacksbu--<looks outside at the April blizzard, watches power flicker>

Oh. Right.

narelie 04/04/2013

Say it with me people... The biggest problem with always online isn't when there's a problem with our internet, it's when there's a problem with your servers.

soulblade64 04/04/2013

I'm pretty sure that this guy worked for EA as well.

MasterFrodo 04/04/2013

Oh no. That poor poor man. He has no idea what happens next. :(

Fookimoose 04/04/2013

Orthy ‏@adam_orth 15m @manveerheir Just the normal daily back and forth I have with Manveer. Apologies for offending non-cities. I was trolling him personally.

It's to late to apologize, it's toooo latteeeeeee ohhhh

hashbown 04/04/2013

So this is most likely going to get buried but story time. I'm a firefighter in New Jersey and during Hurricane Sandy we lost power and internet for 11 days at the firehouse. Now my firehouse is fortunate enough to have a back up generator for power, but that didn't do jack shit for the cable wire that was ripped out of our building, but you know what we were able to do during the little down ...

superdude7854 04/04/2013

I think its cool he mentioned that town Janesville i live pretty close to there in a rual area and i have horrible internet thats why im sicking with the ps4

TheRealDean 04/04/2013

As someone who lives in a poor appalachian area I have to say this guy is a poor shaming dick head and I'd live to punch him in the face.

Jesssdfisher 04/04/2013

Time to start saving for a decent PC! That or I'll switch over to the PS4.

Seriously if consoles are going for the "always online" route I would rather have a PS4 where the online service (I'm assuming) will be free or a PC where I would have a near unlimited resource for content... and again free online.

Edit: For the PS4 and PC I would obviously be paying for internet services but you know ...

GanBaRe 04/04/2013

Longtime Xbox player, I will not be buying the next gen Xbox if it is always on. Fuck brand loyalty.

RD_Is_Best_Pony 04/04/2013

What a raging douche dongle.

Slinkyfest2005 04/04/2013

Adam Orthy also said "Fuck Halo", how did he get this job?

turntablism 04/04/2013

This guy is single-handedly lowering sales for the next Microsoft console before its revealing. Thats a feat he should be proud of... I guess.

f4steddy 04/04/2013

Of course, you're Microsoft's creative director. You could leave a space heater on while burning money to stay warm in the other room and you'd still be able to make rent on your mansion. Some of us are forced to use satellite out in the boondocks and FUCK everything about Sim City.

Castigar2000 04/04/2013

I created an account on REDDIT specifically for this topic because I'm so angry. This guy's arrogance is worse than Jay Wilson and I won't purchase another Xbox in my life if this is "always on." Diablo has been miserable. I almost purchased SimCity and then found out it was "always on." We all saw how that went. Terrible decision and horrible service. Stop being greedy business people and just ...

ANGRY_XBOX 04/04/2013

Switching to play station is looking like a better decision everyday...

Harmston44 04/04/2013

As a marketing guy, this just makes me laugh... talk about the worst possible way to communicate with your customers. Worst possible timing, worst possible channel. Its just awe inducing.

As a diehard Xbox guy, its tough to hear. I can't support an ecosystem like this...

ski_or_die 04/04/2013

I agree to some extent (like starting YouTube or i heart radio) but what if I have a bad internet connection and just want to play campaign? I believe this will be the end of Xbox if it is always online.

CurlyComputerGeek 04/04/2013

Yeah.. just insured that I'll be buying a PS4.

And I told him as much. Fuck this shit. You just can't joke about this when the competition has already said that they won't require an internet connection.

This is actually really hard to announce, or accept for me on a personal level. I had previously been and Xbox fan-boy.. Though, you wouldn't get me to admit that a year ago.

[deleted] 04/04/2013

When my internet goes down, I get bored and want to play video games. Oh... wait...

WoollyMittens 04/04/2013

"Sometimes the electricity will go out. I will not purchase a vacuum cleaner."?

Sometimes my Internet goes out, like a regular person. I will purchase a PS4. Fucking douche.

Can you imagine a console that locks you out because your Internet is down?

LetTheAdultsTalk 04/04/2013