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We only see it fall from above, as he drops to the ground. This isn't to say anyone had to throw it to him, it could've come off from air rushing up while he was dropping down. Put a hat on and drop down while an airblower blows up, and the hat'll do the same thing. Where's the gust of wind coming from, you ask? The rapidly-decreasing-in-size doorway in from of him

/useless nitpicking

girafa 12/11/2012

Na, it fell off.

Kespen 12/12/2012

lol, this is dumb. Why would there be a camera in an old temple like that?

JPresEFnet 12/12/2012

Indiana Jones' hat DID fall off, Harrison Ford had a hat thrown at him. It's the movies dog

bbaglien 12/12/2012

"WE ARE GOING TO DIE!" followed by the most puzzling sad face in all of film making. Watch again closely

sarcasm_machine 12/12/2012

delete this

joeraccoon 12/12/2012

That pretty much looks like it fell off him right before he came on screen and fell forward from momentum.

SvenHudson 12/12/2012

well. fuck you.

Schlong_Gobbler 12/12/2012


DonKingsHair 12/12/2012

You have never worn a hat before eh? The wind caused from the downward motion of his head caused it to fall off someone could very the speed or acceleration of the hat to verify the height at which the hat initially fell from.

wiserKeiser 12/12/2012

Wait, movies aren't real?

ecordell 12/12/2012

I'm not convinced.

I'm also not convinced you've worn a loosely-fitting hat before.

voltaek 12/12/2012

Did anybody else watch this gif more times than any other they've seen?

hawkey1993 12/12/2012

Technically, it could have fallen off the back of his head while he was running and then hit over him by his heel. We both know someone thru it, but you cannot determine with certainty.

bedazio 12/12/2012

Every time I see that scene I'm thinking, "fuck that big thing is gonna crush his arrrmmmmmmm ahh ok". Doesn't matter how many times I see it, still have that same reaction.

nizo505 12/12/2012

I don't remember this scene too much but I thought there were only two people in it. If that's the case what is up with the third person in the door way with the button up shirt? It looks like the first person jumps through the door and is pulled to the side by a dude with a big belly wearing a button up shirt. Was that guy in the movie?

litdimly 12/12/2012

Why did you show me this :(

Ilovepancakes55 12/12/2012

Can't tell from the GIF but is that Indy (Ford) or a stunt double reaching back for the hat?

Kiliki99 12/12/2012

The thing that bothers me more is that you can tell its not Harrison Ford grabbing the hat. It's a stuntman.

kevonicus 12/12/2012

It doesn't look like Harrison Ford is in this shot.

ShayPhia 12/12/2012

It seems like he shot first.

fiplefip 12/12/2012

From this clip you can clearly see that he is wearing his hat and already in the crouching position in the previous shot. It is true. :( thanks.

Foreveralone42875 12/12/2012


rubs90 12/12/2012

The more I watch it, the less it even looks like Harrison Ford.

rhod0psin 12/12/2012

completely irrelevant to this conversation Once again I am so happy that I am able to just enjoy movies and give the director the benefit of the doubt to entertain me

johanspot 12/12/2012

He was running so fast that the wind blew it off his head.

WITWON 12/12/2012

Indy: "ooh free hat"

SethKadoodles 12/12/2012

it's not even indie , it's the stunt double

flesheater42 12/12/2012

Thanks for destroying my childhood, jerk

AnglesandAurochs 12/12/2012

in the frame before that you can see him knock his hat up a bit as he dives, they had someone throw it for continuity

EDIT: frame in question isn't in this gif

Amsterdom 12/12/2012

whatever it totally fell off before he came into view. He was simply moving faster than the hat.

beseriousplease 12/12/2012

You son of a bitch.

Cujospup 12/12/2012

It's not even Harrison Ford retrieving the hat either?! check that hairline...

Thanks for ruining christmas fucko..

(I keed, I keed)

kokothebozo 12/12/2012

That doesn't even look like Harrison Ford reaching for it at the end.

Patches67 12/12/2012

I always thought Indiana Jones was a documentary.

SitnaltaPhix 12/12/2012

This hat was only returning to him after he threw it.

Rodgers4 12/12/2012

Well for all of the other times it stayed on it was because it was stapled to his head.

rough_terrain 12/12/2012

Also, stunt double.

ZombieGadaffi 12/12/2012

This is just further proof that the entire Indiana Jones series was merely the dreams Han Solo had while frozen in carbonite.

eccles30 12/12/2012


kylemite 12/12/2012

After watching this 12 times i am convinced that...wait hold on one more time

jreis56 12/12/2012

Having never seen a single second on an Indiana Jones movie I can but only guess this is a big part of his mythology?

bambi_legs 12/12/2012

Whats to say he wasn't falling at a downward decline where his hat already blew off and was trailing close behind him?
This is highly debatable.

akaJimothy 12/12/2012

I don't see how this is in any way proof that it didn't fall off by itself.

[deleted] 12/12/2012

...I'm starting to wonder if he's even a real Archeologist.

Anon_91 12/12/2012

It caught the air currents as he ducked. It fell off.

[deleted] 12/12/2012

You missed the part where it fell straight down.

Clearly this was a gift bestowed by Ceiling Cat, who provides head gear in times of great need.

_phobic 12/12/2012