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I guess since the shark had a serious mental illness, it was the only possible solution.

MrsBBirthday 07/30/2013


Kenpochad 07/30/2013

No not "shart" I said shark!

73GTX440 07/30/2013

Insane? Are we just doing style titles now?

SheogorathTheSane 07/30/2013

Not baby shark. Adult dogfish shark.

Orexian 07/31/2013

Found at Breezy Point Beach Club at Rockaway Beach June 23rd 2013. The shark was dead, but I snapped the photograph, came back 3 hours later and it was gone! Feel sorry for the person who cleaned it up!

Agardnahh 07/30/2013

You need more fiber man. Your poop is looking quite fishy.

Ironeagle98 07/30/2013

Plecostomus from a fish tank. It died and someone tried to flush it but it was too big.

brain_offline 07/31/2013

Why didn't you flush your shit first?

trahelehcim 07/30/2013

If you do this. Fuck you.

Burgers_yum 07/31/2013

All water leads to the ocean... I guess the reverse is also true!

indipit 07/30/2013

Well... Some lady has some explaining to do....

P00nSl4y3r 07/31/2013

This is like a big fear I had as a child if I saw this swimming out of a toilet hole. With an unclear vision of what it is I would have thought my poop was fighting its way back to get its revenge and go back where it came from.

16Bellz 07/31/2013

How do you know it's insane?

LogicWizard 07/31/2013

Take a squat

AyameKatayama7 07/31/2013

OMG!!!! so glad we don't get sharks in the toilet over here in the UK. If we did i would never use it again lol

slw30 07/31/2013


bettformore 07/31/2013

Baby shark do do, do do duh do! ...Everybody!

so_much_judy 07/31/2013

Sure it was a shark and not a Dogfish?

linksus 07/31/2013

We did this in the bathrooms as a senior prank in high school but we put live lobsters in

mesolen 07/31/2013

Why doesn't it have a fricken laser on its head?? Do I have to do everything myself??

BitterNAlone 07/31/2013

I thought it was a turd

Liftology 08/01/2013

What??? How?

rexorblade 07/30/2013

that stall wall is way to high off the ground. It must be awkward for the person pooping.

SirBurp 07/31/2013