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Located in room 404

boogeytent 08/21/2012

Good ol' GVSU.

thewhiterussian 08/21/2012

Pretty sure that's at Grand Valley State University in west Michigan. Nice to see my school mentioned somewhere besides /r/gvsu.

pyrosterilizer 08/22/2012

"conspicuously wealthy Lacks kids"? Not Henrietta Lacks? She of the book, "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks"?

Good book, by the way. Totally interesting.

alewis14151 08/22/2012

sounds like my high school computer lab.

whildcat 08/21/2012

Plot twist: It's not a computer lab!

thritr3 08/21/2012

My school has a computer lab still comprised of entirely G3 iMacs.

gigashadowwolf 08/21/2012

My favorite is the one at Guelph University. It's an HP sponsored lab with the logo and such outside, then there are Dells inside.

Canadarocker 08/21/2012

My workplace set up a computer lab, the director likes astronomy so he called it Mercury Lab. When we opened another computer lab, he naturally called it Venus lab. Each time we upgraded the computers we went to the next planet outwards - Earth, Mars, etc.

We were too mature to see any problem with eventually setting up Uranus lab. Our users are not too mature to see the amusement value in ...

firelock_ny 08/21/2012

Head upstairs. The Mac labs are much better. GVSU FTW.

echo8877 08/21/2012

Ive laughed everytime I passed this sign.

derFelsblock 08/21/2012

Well yeah, the center is basically stone age, but the edges are running Windows 7, at least.

Legitamte 08/21/2012

They have an almost identical sign at Lacks' Cancer Center in Grand Rapids. Just the patient's IT room at the hospital.

simjanes2k 08/22/2012

It's the Lacks Family of Lacks Enterprises, Inc. in Grand Rapids, MI. Source: I went to high school with one of the very conspicuously wealthy Lacks kids.

beardedrugby 08/22/2012

Welcome to grand valley state university.

skeeder 08/22/2012

Must be filled with apple computers.

aoner1 08/21/2012

Just an empty room?

ArseAssault 08/21/2012

Sounds like my college. It has "tech" in the title, teaches great engineering and science classes.

Has one 7Mbit line for the whole school.

CrayonOfDoom 08/22/2012

Maybe its the Library

iminsideabox 08/22/2012