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~ ~ ~ you are a beautiful strong black woman ~ ~ ~ ~

~~~~~~~who don’t need no ants ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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saj1jr 08/06/2012

I guess you guys don't have fire ants where you live...

ImperviousJack 08/06/2012

Ants kill more people than lions and sharks.

andrewsmith1986 08/06/2012

and it made her stronger

rathead 08/06/2012

You guys are really ignorant. Fire ants are 3 times more likely to attack black people.

gugulo 08/06/2012

Who needs Starcraft when you have ants coming out of flowers? Dropship this.

Brentyfresh 08/06/2012

So the pikmin are real...

hsoj48 08/06/2012

The ants... Are NOT the father!

Carg72 08/06/2012

Fire ants are no fun.

On another topic, I once went to class and must have stepped in a ninja ant hill on campus. Sat down and started getting bitten several times by some sort of small black ant. Looked down and saw my legs slightly covered in them and I was late to class to begin with so I didn't want to disturb class again. Kept trying to subtly get them off me and my teacher thought I was ...

[deleted] 08/06/2012

I have a clear memory of my sister and I picking up pinecones in the yard for my parents (a penny a pinecone, a good way to make $2 when you are 5 years old.)

My sister picked one out of a red ant hill, and froze. The ants slowly spread over her body. She stared at me in fear. I screamed over and over for her to run, then fled to get my parents.

Funny thing, this memory is not real. I was ...

jemyr 08/06/2012

Why is this on tv?

yevb 08/06/2012

I remember when i was little, i picked up a red rose to give to a girl i liked. To my dismay, lying dormant inside the flower were around 50 -70 pincher bugs... totally sucked

cosby_sweatshirt 08/06/2012


[deleted] 08/06/2012

Thank God! She could have turned out like this poor guy

BackOfTheLine 08/06/2012

Black people problems.

MrMoustachio 08/06/2012

Thanks for making me wipe the coffee off my monitor

denocturne 08/06/2012

I was unaware that you could run out of O's on a program that adds captions

Willem_Dafuq 08/06/2012

Fucking peonies, man.

Amesly 08/06/2012

This has happened to me a few years ago at a home depot. I picked up a potted plant to put in my moms shopping cart. As I was walking my hand started burning and I looked down and my hand was covered in fire ants. I threw the plant down and it erupted in fire ants. They mustve made a nest in the plant soil that you would never tell by looking at it.

SuperStepside 08/06/2012

Damn nature, you scary!

5illy_billy 08/06/2012

by flower they mean her vagina

helloboy 08/06/2012

Those flower ants will fuck. you. up.

MJZMan 08/06/2012

LSD is a hell of a drug.

makemeking706 08/06/2012

1,000 yard stare

Dagless 08/06/2012

The poor soul! By the look of things, she probably only survived by the skin of her teeth.

iAmRoger 08/06/2012

It's too bad she won't live!! But then again...who does??!

HeCardsReadsGood 08/06/2012

have you not seen indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull? those ants mean business

shampwn 08/06/2012

Her name is Brinkley?

gahathat 08/06/2012

What the hell is up with this show? Is it just some massive joke, and all the shit's made up? Or is it meant to be taken seriously, and in that case, what the flying fuck is wrong with people?

[deleted] 08/06/2012

Please tell me this is photo shopped.

Sleepwalker18 08/06/2012

u sure they didnt come out her weave instead?

smooth80 08/06/2012

First world problem right there.

MrPaladin1176 08/06/2012

Laugh all you want, but once MacGyver fought killer ants.

You've got to respect them.

FabroMQ 08/06/2012

She shouldn't be alive~

beth321 08/06/2012

Ha! Ohhhh dear. Oh dear.

IDlOT 08/06/2012

I just want to light her on fire

Sectornein 08/06/2012

They don't think it be like it is

[deleted] 08/06/2012

Hey look - OMNI 1.

denMAR 08/07/2012